Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The ICBC Book Cooking Chronicles: Ron Obvious Buries The Lede...

....With His Very Own Lede.


To wit:

You can count on every government that has been booted from office after a long stint in power to leave behind a smoking hot mess or two...


You know....

All of this longterm BC Liberal malfaesence around ICBC is, according to the Ron at least, really just the result of a long term in office.

So, I guess there's really nothing more to see here except maybe for the slight effect it could have in the raw politics arena next week.

Which is where Mr. Mason goes in the kicker to his latest Globe and (NoLongerEmpire) Mail piece:

...It will be interesting to see what, if any, impact this has on the Liberals' leadership convention this weekend. Will delegates feel this matter is another reason to choose someone not tied to the last government?...


Sorry, but I just have to ask...

Why would (or should) the BC Liberal 'delegates' hold their  'leaders' accountable on this count if the fine folks in the local proMedia can't be bothered to do so?


Next, how about we dig a little deeper into the buried guts of Mr. Mason's piece.

Mr. Mason does point out that the BC Liberals ignored reports that this is a situation that needed fixing since at least 2014.

They also refused to consider moving forward with needed fixes to the correct the problem:

...The (independent 2014) report recommended putting firm caps on awards for soft tissue injuries as a way of getting the corporation's costs under control. The Liberals dismissed the suggestion out of hand...


Given that, why will he not connect the dots and ask...

Why didn't the BC Liberals move to correct the identified problem way back when?


Is it possible that the answer to that question might be that correcting (or even acknowledging) the problem years ago would have forced the BC Liberals to stop taking gobs of money out of ICBC that they were using to help float their phony budget surpluses?

So (again), why won't the likes of Mr. Smyth, Mr. Leyne, Mr. Palmer and/or Mr. Mason ask the key question about 'why' the BC Liberals did what they did?

After all it's not like 'why' is not one of the five 'W's' of journalism or anything.


I have a theory on why the 'why' question is not being asked....Feel free to throw in your two cents in the comments if you like.
Now, some amongst you might think I'm being a little too hard on the Globe's left coast political columnist...In response I would ask you to recall that it was this same columnist who was upset that we British Columbians just didn't seem to care about super-secret big money political donations being funnelled into BC Liberal party war chests until that stringer from the NYTimes named Levin made it clear that the problem with all this much, much, much more than just the 'obvious' bad-optics that we kept reading about in pieces in the Globe and Postmedia...In other words, the public opinion needle only moved when a proMedia outlet from far away published pieces that held the BC Liberals accountable for their actions...OK?



Keith. said...

This weekend may be a good time to release the state of finances at BC Hydro, if Mikey Mike can stand yet another shock.

Anonymous said...

Cause they're all a$$holes.
Best financial wizards they kept telling everyone. Business people know how to run business. Well they did a pretty #hitty job in this province didn't they. Bunch of blabbering, idiots.

NDP better smarten up too! Site C could be their downfall. I don't blame them for the ICBD mess, it was Gordo's baby right from the beginning just like hydro. Run them into the ground then sell them off to their "buddies".


RossK said...


I'd take pretty short odds that this won't happen.

I think the Dippers have made the decision to not hang out Hydro's dirty laundry because they reckon they can turn Site C and the resource extraction carrot it could just maybe/kinda/sorta bring into policy/econo/politico triple asset.



Re: Why the 'why' question is not getting asked...

You said "Best financial wizards they kept telling everyone."


Actual Ron Obvious quote to that effect to follow in an upcoming post.



Keith. said...

Good point, didn't think of that Ross.


I'd take pretty short odds that this won't happen.

I think the Dippers have made the decision to not hang out Hydro's dirty laundry because they reckon they can turn Site C and the resource extraction carrot it could just maybe/kinda/sorta bring into policy/econo/politico triple asset."

I guess from this point on we should be looking at anything Hydro through the site c. prism.

RossK said...


Yup. I think so.

In fact, when I read between the lines of the Dean's latest piece I think he's suggesting that the Dippers are pushing harder than they have to on the ICBC thing.

Which, if correct, could be an indication of a little Meggsian deflector spin going down.

Which is, on the face of it, fine by me as long as it doesn't stray into demonstable falsehood/propagannon territory.


Anonymous said...

Who ,in BC is, the scrub delete and shred party.?

fill in the blank-
------------------,8 hours a day because of fear of vote loss.?
BC only ran red light cameras
BC only had gambling oversight

-----------------,beaceause of fear of vote loss.?
BC scrubbed ICBC report
BC triple deleted
BC shredded

Hugh said...

Vaughn describes the BC Liberals as like the Sopranos.

I never watched the show. It was about a crime family?

RossK said...



Funny but...

A long, long time ago I ran a series focussed on the goings on of GordCo Inc's infamous man of many hats dubbed 'The Dobranos'.

Of course, back then, when it actually mattered, very finest of the fine folks like the Dean didn't even bother to pay attention.

(when they weren't calling folks like us 'cultists', of course)

cfvua said...

I believe you are correct in thinking that there is much effort to deflect attention away from the site c Peace river dam project. With its overruns and schedule delays intact and growing the dirty laundry at BcHydro is only getting dirtier. One landslide at a time. It will be the most expensive power on the planet if allowed to continue. The upshot is that the NDP exec council meets this weekend and appear to be near mutiny level of "acceptance" of the project. Will upper management take the advice or run the odds? New information since the decision would be the easy out. We will see what Colorado pays for generation with storage included this month. Bids are lower than anything in BC.

Hugh said...

"But as he (Andrew Weaver) hastens to point out today, the ground breaking climate plan that he helped to develop was a product of the Gordon Campbell-led B.C. Liberals."

"As one of the country’s leading climate scientists, Weaver provided the Liberals with a lot of cover in the run-up to the 2009 election, blasting the NDP for “reckless” opposition to the carbon tax and emissions-free run-of-the-river power."

"He’d (Andrew Weaver) transform BC Hydro from a developer of power projects to a broker, leaving the risk, financing, and construction to private sector competition."

From a 2015 article: