Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Real Power Of Left Blogistan


Many of the heaviest weights, hearts and minds of American Left Blogistan are in Las Vegas this weekend at the first Yearly Kos conference.

Yesterday C-SPAN televised, live, a fantastic panel that dealt with Plamegate. It was run by Citizen Plameologist, Jane Hamsher, of Firedoglake. On the panel were: Mr. Valerie Plame himself, Joseph Wilson; Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post who is one of the good-guys in the mainstream media; Murray Waas who has done the deepest and best investigative journalism on this thing; former CIA agent Larry Johnson who trained and worked with Plame; Marcy Wheeler also known as 'Emptywheel' on the Next Hurrah who exposed Judy Miller and all that entails; and Christy Hardin-Smith of Firedoglake who is the legal brains behind the operation.

It is fantastic stuff, inspiring really when you realize that Hamsher and Hardin-Smith have managed to do all this purely as regular citizens who started a blog and drove this entire thing forward*.

If you want to check it out, it's archived here (just click on 'Yearly Kos Convention' and up pops Ms. Hamsher and away you go!!!).

*If you want evidence just click on Firedoglake's Site Counter and go to 'Year' and watch how the hits have piled-up starting from essentially absolute zero.

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