Friday, October 23, 2009

What's 458 Million Divided By 5 Thousand?


Why, it's nine thousand one hundred and sixty.

And why does this matter?

Well, $458,000,000.00 is the new, new cost of the newer than new roof for the Giant Marshmallow (aka BC Place Stadium).

As for the $5,000.00?

Well, just in case you've forgotten $5K was the magic number that DisasterGordon's latest numbers gnushue, Colin Hansen, used as he ran around like a madman, with hair-afire, slashing the crap out of every social services agency budget he could get his hands on when he woke up the day AFTER the election and suddenly 'realized' that the Province of British Columbia has a wee-bit of a deficit problem.


So, the upshot of all this is the following......

We could fund more than 9000 projects/organizations that actually help ALL the people of British Columbia if the very small and select group of people who stand to make out like bandits on the condo-jacking of the land around the Giant Marsmallow that is part of the deal had actually been forced to pay for a new roof over the thing.


More on how the 'condo-jacking' will be 'financed' coming later.....But as a prelude, think 'lease' not 'sale'....Now, where have we heard that before - ha!


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