Monday, November 01, 2010

The Reason That YouTube Was Invented....


....Is so that you can be listening to some disaffected, middle-aged anti-cracker's playlist of Avett Brothers and Reverend Peyton's Big Band tunes and then, bang!, outta nowhere stumble across a red hot plate of jambalysian rabble-rousing, crash-the-house-down, aural explosion that you had no idea even existed before.

Stuff like the following, from The Felice Brothers...

King Hell, I tell you....Even if Frankie won't....

'Turn the goddamn radio down!'


Me, I'm going to be on a bit of work-related hiatus for a bit.

So, if you want to keep up with the provincial political bloggospheric Zeitgeist this week, I suggest you keep the dial tuned to Laila's place.....She's hotter than a pistol right now on this matter of 'Shadow Tolls'.

So much so that she even has a PAB-Bot hooked on the line at this very moment.

But here's the real thing.....

Laila is on to more than just the 'vehicle usage payments' (aka, the hidden 'shadow' tolls) that we (ie. all members of the public) are paying at the back-end of these insidious privatization 'partnerships'.

Way more.....

How do I know this?

Because, darned if we "Wingnuts of the Bloggosphere" don't talk to each other.

(and yes, even co-operate and share information)


Of course, Dave over at the The Galloping Beaver, gets right to the heart of the matter as it pertains to the potential significance of the front end of the Sea-To-Sky financing here.



paul said...

Started my Monday morning well.

paul said...
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uniplmr1 said...

Thats a great song and a great band.

Cathie from Canada said...

Don't stay away too long.

Grant G said...

We won Ross....Fish lake has been officially rejected by the Feds..

A day for celebration!