Friday, September 02, 2011

Mr. Mair....Fate Just Called....Get Thee To Kamloops, Pronto!


The following is a comment by an anonymous reader over at Paul Willcocks' place, tacked on to the latters' excellent HST RefVote preference piece.

This is just unfreaking-believable.....

The provincial HST vote came out
54.73% YES, and 45.27% NO.

There is an old saying in BC politics: 'How goes Kamloops, goes the province'.

Kamloops-North Thompson
YES = 10,779
NO = 8,916
Total = 19,695

Kamloops-North Thompson
54.73% YES, and 45.27% NO.

And, yes, it's legit....

Here is my response, because this just has to be a sign....


To the second decimal point...That is unbelievable!

Maybe Rafe should get himself up there, pronto, take T.Lake's seat, and save us all!

Seriously Mr. Mair....

Do it!



Anonymous said...


The provincial HST vote came out
55% YES, and 45% NO.

There is an old saying in BC politics: 'How goes Kamloops, goes the province'.

YES = 6,720
NO = 5,442
Total = 12,162

55% YES, and 45% NO.

Anonymous said...

The Vancouver Sun reports: "Former premier Gordon Campbell and his onetime top aide, Ken Dobell, will both receive the Order of British Columbia. [...] Recipients of the Order of British Columbia are selected by an independent advisory committee from public nominations."

When I read that all I could imagine was Campbell and Dobell sitting in an office giggling like little schoolgirls as they nominated each other. 'How can they say no? ... giggly giggly, giggle'

Anonymous said...

Maybe the plan is that when Campbell arrives in BC for his "award", the cops can swoop in and nab him for the evil he's done against the province.

RossK said...

And this, re: the OBC's is ....


RossK said...


Stop it.

You're giving me the Willys!


RossK said...

Or should that be...


I honestly don't know, but that double-barrelled bellweather thing is really and truly blowing my mind.

Even more than LKines' Tweet linked to, above, which is bad enough, especially if you couple it with this.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell resigned as premier of BC on March 14, 2011.

Who can be nominated for the Order of B.C.?

[...] Your nominee must not currently be an elected person with federal, provincial or municipal governments. [...]

and "Submit the completed Nomination Form and supporting materials by March 11, 2011."

(next nomination round closes "March 10, 2012. Please note that as this date falls on a weekend, nominations will be received up to 5p.m. on March 12")

Can somebody please explain to this anonymous mouse how Campbell made the list so fast?

North Van's Grumps said...

Excellent question Anon!

The Provincial Symbols and Honours Act doesn't stipulate when the closing date is for the nominations to be received by, but the Website seems to point towards the 10th of March, and then goes on to lay out the groundwork of the possibility of the 10th falling on a weekend ... the closing receiving date then becomes the Monday. However in this particular case, the 10th of March 2011 was a Thursday.

Gordon Campbell bio:

34th Premier of British Columbia
In office
June 5, 2001 – March 14, 2011

As an MLA:

"Today (March 15), Campbell stepped down as the B.C. Liberal MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey. He has held the seat since the 1996 election."

North Van's Grumps said...

Which means Campbell wasn't eligible this year, but he is next year.

Do you think the Honourable Gordon Muir Campbell will turn down the Honour this year, and wait for his chance next year.... or do you think there's a law for him and a law for us?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ex-Premiers...

The B.C. Securities Commission this week [15 years ago] found former B.C. premier Bill Bennett and his brother Russell guilty of insider trading during Oregon-based Louisiana-Pacific’s unsuccessful attempt to take over Doman Industries eight years ago.

In a long-awaited ruling, the BCSC concluded that Vancouver Island lumber baron Herb Doman tipped off the Bennett brothers just before Louisiana Pacific withdrew a bid to pay $12 a share for Mr. Doman’s company early in November, 1988. - Brennan Clarke, Globe and Mail

It took 11 years to bring the Doman 'insiders' to court; perhaps there is hope yet that the BC Rail issues might be fully aired.

Canadianbud said...

5:07 PM, September 02, 2011
Anonymous said...

That's quite the good point, or another one is he (GC) stepped down (presumably in disgrace) and yet gets nominated to one of the most elitist posts in all of Canada.
How does that work? Was is something to do with the recent Bilderberg meeting?

RossK said...

Thanks Anon-Way-Upthread and NVG--

Great public document mining!

I expect to see a full report at NVG's place soon!


Great comin', thanks..


Has anybody been keeping up with the latest on the BC/CN Rail tax indemnity thing....Are we still on the hook for it?....Has it surpassed the billion dollar mark yet?...


Thanks for stoppin' by....I dunno about the BillEveryBodyButUsBurgers....The real thing is, you don't even have to invoke stuff like that given that, for example, the way things work 'round here, insularity ensures that these folks just work things out amongst themselves to make sure everything comes out OK in the end.

Case in point, Mr. Furlong himself was on the committee that just gave Mr. Campbell and his former right-hand man of many hats their OBC's.


Leah said...


Has anybody been keeping up with the latest on the BC/CN Rail tax indemnity thing....Are we still on the hook for it?....Has it surpassed the billion dollar mark yet?..."

More checking to do...but...AGT has documents that show we may not owe it at all...but only as a result of Campbell giving away the track system of BC Rail. Something he said the Province would retain. Apparently, had that happened, CN wouldn't have been able to use the tax blessing they were gifted...sooooo...the tracks had to go too. Vewy, vewy, quietly.

Might be something for you to sink your teeth into?

RossK said...

Thanks Leah--

Most interesting.

I'll try and cracking/chasing on it.

May take a little time, however, given that the deluge starts for me, fo' real, tomorrow.

RossK said...

And I do remember those details about lease v. sale from back in the day.

It was the political pullback that almost scuttled the deal.

And, if I remember correctly, led to all kinds of communique's and queries, like the one by Ms. McPhail on the floor of the ledge about the involvement of a certain smooth-over strategist.

(and now look what you've done....It's started again....uggggghhhhh!)


Leah said...

LOL! Sorry 'bout that RossK! If it is in fact true though...we were shorted on the deal a few billion dollars at least, I'd say. Well, we were anyway, when one considers the land they stole along with the tracks...:) HA!