Sunday, December 22, 2013

This Day In Snookland....It's The (Not Canadian?) Jobs Stupid!


Sorry to interrupt your Sunday morning/Holiday Season reverie (the entire Advent Jukebox, if you are looking for it, is here), but when Galloping Beaver Dave has something to say on matters maritime I, for one, sit up and listen.

Here's the lede to his latest, which I highly recommend that you go read in its entirety (it's not long):

Well, the actual (FedCon shipbuilding) contract hasn't even been inked yet and Seaspan is looking offshore to fill the positions necessary for the vessels they will (supposedly) build...




Isn't that part of the Washington Companies (nee 'Marine Group')?

And wasn't a certain very fine fellow, who just happens to be closely related to our current Premier, working for that most excellent 'Group' when he partook in a somewhat infamous phonecall with the then highly respected, OIC-appointed member of the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark government back in the (pre-RailGate) day?

Why, yes, I believe he was.

And then, of course, there was the job that man of many hats did for the 'Group'.

My point?

That there is a (media and more) club around here.

And if you are not in it...




  1. correction: Seaspan - as part of The Washington Companies - is a US controlled company.

  2. Wasn't CC still part of the Campbell cadre when the decision was made to export BC Ferries ship building to Europe?

  3. the galloping beaver mentions Portsmouth, but doesn't say which, province, state, or country it is located in. It would be helpful to know.

  4. Merry Christmas RossK and here's a present to you, the namesake of your Blog. Geographical Gazetteer A piece of trivia from the document is on Areas of Cities, Municipalities, and Villages in BC (1930) Page 8 of 310. City of Kelowna: 2 square miles. Current stat is: 82

  5. These points should have been brought up in the last BC election campaign.

  6. e.a.f ... Portsmouth, England.

  7. Two points...

    First, was big fanfare, and considered a Snooklandian 'win' (although their leader wasn't invited to the unveiling) when Seaspan was given the Westcoast Lotuslandian contract by Ms. Clark's hockey buddy.

    Second, just click through on Dave's link (embedded in his lede)...The country concerned, in this particular report at least, is England...

    So...Is now, perhaps, the time for someone in the know to pipe up about the Golden Eran's previous 'celebratory' obsession with killing off the local (union labour-driven) shipbuilding industry?


  8. Thanks for chiming in Dave...You got here as I was typing.


  9. $billions and $billions for a bunch of boats. What are they for?

  10. Right wing politicians who promote themselves as responsible stewards of jobs and the economy, say and do very little when a business "decides" that it needs to increase their profits on the backs of their human resources. It's utterly unacceptable that any "jobs plan" lacks a strategy to preserve existing jobs and prevent their "export" overseas. I will never understand why this question never gets asked when Mr harper or Ms clark drones on about creating jobs. How can jobs be created when the system is set up to strip any income gains from those who would purchase goods and services from the "job creators"?

  11. Hugh--

    Good point.

    We do, however, know what those 'Celebration' ferries are being (and not being) used for.

    We also know that we did not build them.


    Ya but...

    When you are living in a Sparkle Pony world why would you actually have to truly 'plan' for anything?