Thursday, July 27, 2017

Former Shock Jock Speaks Truth To Stupid.


It would appear that a local proMedia member just burned his Club membership:

Turns out that...

Despite the fact that he has been doing some good work on CKNW for awhile now, I have been sitting on the fence when it comes to Mr. Drex.

Mostly because I had a hard time getting past the fact that he was involved in this.

My waffling however was turned to vegemite sandwiching with the tweet above.


What's the 'house' thing all about Alfie?....Take it away Uncle Bob.
There is a Club?....You bet there is.


The Flaw In The #LNG Codswallop (ctd)...The Dippers Wreck Alaska!


From Alaska Public Radio:

Last year, ConocoPhillips announced that it wanted to sell its liquefied natural gas plant on the Kenai Peninsula (in Alaska). The company hasn’t yet found a buyer. Now, a company spokesperson said it’s going to save expenses by mothballing the facility this fall.

It’s the last piece of infrastructure that ConocoPhillips owns in Cook Inlet. And they’re getting closer to shutting it down.

The Kenai LNG facility is up against a world market that’s awash in natural gas.

“Most people are fairly aware of the fact that worldwide the price of oil and gas has been low,” ConocoPhillips Senior Communications Specialist Amy Burnett said...


I guess that Murkowski woman did vote against separating tens of thousands of Alaskans from their health insurance.

So it must be all the socialists' fault all the time.

Tip O' The Toque to Jeff Melland on the Twittmachine.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

LNG A-Go-Go...The Flaw In The Doomsayers' Codswallop.


You'd almost think they planned it...

And I'm not just talking about the usual nonsensical nonsense from the BCLiberal fabulists and their former bought-and-paid for lobbyist in the wake of Petronas' post-election/new-gov't plug pulling.

Case in point, the 'Dippers killed the Sparkle Ponies!' screamer from Claudia Cattaneo in last night's soon to be taxpayer propped-up Financial Post:

...With energy prices collapsing globally, and the business in B.C. having a tough time remaining viable, Pacific NorthWest LNG needed less, not more government costs and regulations to stay in the game.

Instead, the new provincial government jacked up its demands, including higher carbon taxes, a “fair” return for resources (read a bigger provincial take), partnerships with First Nations (read fatter benefits agreements), protection for “our air, land and water including living up to our climate change commitments,” as outlined in Premier John Horgan’s mandate letter to the new energy minister, Michelle Mungall.

To make matters worse, Horgan repeatedly singled out Pacific NorthWest LNG during his election campaign as one that was “poorly sited” and that he would relocate (read another environmental assessment and, of course, more costs)...

Followed by this from wanna-be petro-statist Mr. Wall of Flatlandia:

Now, leaving aside the nonsense in the position that it is all the Dippers' fault for a moment.

Perhaps, instead, we should think about what the imaginary gassified Sparkle Ponies have cost us already.

Luckily for us Norm Farrell has already run the numbers:


Can't remember ever having seen Norm's ~$7 billion bottom line on the evening news or in the CAPP-inated Postmedia print organs.

Wonder why?

And while we're on the subject...It would appear that Mr. Leyne of the local VTC might have a little explaining to do also. 
As for the Dean?...The pretzel logic required to blame the Dippers while simultaneously acknowledging the economic reality is astonishing....Harvey Oberfeld follows up with a bit of hardening of what is now becoming conventional wisdom for those who unfortunately refuse to scratch any deeper than the surface....And this really is the problem because, given the proMedia's refusal to clearly state what is really going on, a significant proportion of the electorate who kinda/sorta pay attention like the good Mr. Oberfeld will be convinced that this is an ideological thing going in to the next election. Tragically, that is the kind of thing that can lead to most of that same proportion of folks voting against their own best interests.
 Meanwhile...Grant G bangs the entire proMedia Club Membership's gong....Again. 


We Should All Hope For What Merv Is Hoping For.


Merv Adey, who is both tough and fair, is one of the best of all the regular folks around here that pay attention and comment on goings on in BC politics.

In his most recent post Merv mentioned his hopes for our new provincial government:

...The new government has a huge job just to govern well and roll back some of the worst decisions of the Clark government.

My one hope is that the BCUC review of Site C proves once and for all to those outside the choir what a bad idea spending $9-12 Billion or more on an unneeded source of energy is.

And I hope in the course of RCMP investigations and audits, rocks are overturned that embarrass Baldrey and Fletcher and Palmer into an admission that for the past six years something large has been very wrong in the administration of government by Christy Clark… The willingness of these gentlemen to gloss over and excuse the service of the corporate interest over the public interest has real consequences. These are seen in homeless counts, in the opioid crisis, in the decline of revenue to government from extraction industries who ship more value over time while sustaining us less….and many other places. 

Here’s to a long lasting GreeNDP government mixing good public policy with the exposure over time of the reasons everything needs fixing. Here’s to the end of big money controlling public policy . So many things...

Tough to argue with any of that, eh?


In the same post Merv also mentioned that, for health reasons, he is going to take a break from blogging for a bit.

Personally, I'm counting the days 'till his next blockbuster post.

In the meantime, he's still dishing it out on the Twittmachine.

Merv, as the slightly older than kid kids (who are not spending all their time on the gram-o-chatty cathy thingies) like to say...A really good follow. 



Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Searching For Newsprint.


When she was in New York and bought me my dead tree version of the Sunday Times last week littler e. was staying at an Airbnb place on the Upper Westside.

Almost sixty years ago Jack Kerouac was living in that part of town, but not with his second wife (and to be mom to daughter Jan) Joan Haverty, who was there when the 120 feet of teletype was spontaneously prosified from a whole lot of journal entries and such in 1951.

Instead, when he finally got his book deal in 1957, six years after the first full draft was done, Ti Jean's partner at the time was Joyce Glassman.

And on the night before 'On the Road' was finally published Kerouac and Glassman went out searching for early editions of that day's papers so they could read the reviews.

The most important of which was written by Gilbert Millstein in the Times.

Millstein's lede alone changed everything for the then already 35 yr old Kerouac who had written seven unpublished works since the coffee- and benny-driven days and nights of the teletype scroll:

On the Road" is the second novel by Jack Kerouac, and its publication is a historic occasion in so far as the exposure of an authentic work of art is of any great moment in an age in which the attention is fragmented and the sensibilities are blunted by the superlatives of fashion (multiplied a millionfold by the speed and pound of communications).

This book requires exegesis and a detailing of background. It is possible that it will be condescended to by, or make uneasy, the neo-academicians and the "official" avant-garde critics, and that it will be dealt with superficially elsewhere as merely "absorbing" or "intriguing" or "picaresque" or any of a dozen convenient banalities, not excluding "off beat." But the fact is that "On the Road" is the most beautifully executed, the clearest and the most important utterance yet made by the generation Kerouac himself named years ago as "beat," and whose principal avatar he is. 

Just as, more than any other novel of the Twenties, "the Sun Also Rises" came to be regarded as the testament of the "Lost Generation," so it seems certain that "On the Road" will come to be known as that of the "Beat Generation." There is, otherwise, no similarity between the two: technically and philosophically, Hemingway and Kerouac are, at the very least, a depression and a world war apart...

I'm pretty sure that my kids think that, these days at least, this business of searching for hardcopies of newspapers with stuff about your actual words in them only happens to people like Lena Dunham's character in 'Girls'....I could be wrong about that though...I'm sure they'll let me know either way.
And just what the heckfire was Millstein thinking, writing about 'avatars' in 1957?
Glassman is pictured in the background of the image, above...She, too, was a writer and the photo comes from the cover of her book titled 'Minor Characters'...You can find her in Keruoac's ouevre as Alyce Newman in 'Desolation Angels'.


But Who Let The Voters Be Played For Saps Over LNG?


Petronas' Port Edward LNG deal is now deader than dead.


Woodfibre, and it's sweetheart dealios from Darth Vader and company, may be the only one left.

With all that in mind Rod Mickleburgh makes an important point on the Twittmachine:

My comeback question is in the header, above, re: the Enablers.

Personally, I think we already know the answer.


Follow up question for Lotuslandian proMedia club members...Will you let codswallop like this stand also?


Monday, July 24, 2017

The Gift.


Last week involved another whack of cigar tube riding week for me.

Which I'm starting to hate more and more, especially the airport part, for all kinds of reasons, but mostly because of the mad scramble to get on and find a place to jam in your carry-on. I fly lots, but only on the cheapest tickets so all these quarter points are pretty much useless for anything.


When I got home late Wednesday night, the previous Sunday's edition of the New York Times, shown above, was just sitting there, big and fat, on my desk/table down in the subterranean homesick blues room.

Now, in case you haven't noticed, I still have quite a thing for dead-tree editions of the news and such.

It's so bad that when we go on driving road trips the space under my seat in the car fills to bursting with all manner of local rags and big chain homogenowipes from every town and hamlet that we stop in, even if it's only for cinnamon churros and licorice whips.

In contrast, at home I'm more restrained, mostly because I just don't have time to read everything cover-to-cover. So I only buy the NYTimes once a week, on Fridays, because I like to learn about all the shows and movies I will not see in considerable detail. Also, I get it for the Krugman v. Brooks on opposite sides of the same static page, all pugnacious like with guest spot Op-Ed's between them acting like referees that wouldn't know a low blow if it hit them right where it hurts.

Anyway, it turns out that the particular Sunday paper in question was bought for me, on that  particular Sunday, by littler e. in New York City.

She got it in Times Square while doing her dancing/intern thing for three weeks on her first big post-high school graduation adventure.

The next day we pretty much crossed paths in Pearson. I did not see her, although the text messages were flying.

Imagine that!

As you may have guessed I'm still reading that particular edition of the Sunday paper...Who knew their could be so many words in the Review of Books about Jane Austen on the 200th anniversary of something or other?


The Phony #BCPoli Severance War (ctd.)....Another Thing The Dean Did Not Tell You.


As we noted recently, Mr. Vaughn Palmer saw Ms. Jessica McDonald's removal as BCHydro CEO by the new government as a 'hit':

The above Twittmachine squrqleburp was more fully fleshed out in Mr. Palmer's follow-up VSun column published a few hours later which was later expertly dissected expertly by Norm Farrell.


On the weekend Bob Mackin revealed, as learned by a long delayed FOI release that the Vancouver Whitecaps are suing the BC Liberal invention PavCo which manages BC Place and its magic carpet ride of a roof.

Which is bizarre on the face of it, when you think about it.

Buried beneath Mr. Mackin's lede is the following most interesting kicker:

...The day after the Liberals won the 2013 election by surprise, (BC Place) stadium general manager Howard Crosley was fired and given a golden parachute worth nearly $500,000...


I don't recall Mr. Palmer telling his readers about that 'hit'.

Do you?


Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Phony #BCPoli Severance War...Things The Dean Does Not Tell You.


Despite a most misleading headline that reads like it was written by the CTF, Rob Shaw wrote a balanced quick hit about the initial de-cronification efforts of the new provincial government in the VSun yesterday:

VICTORIA — The new NDP government’s transition to power cost taxpayers $11.3 million in severance packages for fired Liberal political staffers...


...In 2001, when the B.C. Liberals transitioned in to power after defeating the NDP, the severance bill was $9 million, which, adjusted for inflation, puts it slightly higher than the amount spent by the NDP...

Interestingly, when Mr. Shaw announced his piece on the Twittmachine, the Dean of the Legislative Press Club replied thusly:

Funnily enough, Mr. Palmer did not mention, or even allude to, the following (courtesy IntegrityBC):


Please note: The numbers, above, in the purple box are just for routine Crony-To-Crony, year over-year severances during the post-GordCo time of Clarklandia...In addition, that $22million, plus does not include  cronification upgrades at CrownCorps and/or PublicAgencies. 
Update: Norm Farrell has more....Much more.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Did Somebody Just Cancel The Dobranos' Final Syndication Run?




NVG is keeping track of all this over at his place.

The Dobranos?....'Twas a really, really big Golden Era Shew.
Hang on a second!....Thanks (once again) to the FOI digging of Bob Mackin, we have learned that there is a two-hatted a spin-off series running that is set to jump the Paragon shark any day now...Sheesh.