Monday, February 12, 2018

Pipeline-A-Go-Go: Ron Pats Self On Back...Obviously.


Look what the Globe's man around western towns threw up on the Twittmachine today/Monday:

Thing is, if you go and actually read Mr. Mason's piece that he points you back to you will see that he takes up pretty much every place and position under the sun trying to come up with a most disjointed non-thesis to explain why Ms. Notley, Mr. Horgan and Mr. Trudeau are saying what they are (or are not) doing with respect to the pipeline.

Then, finally, presumably satisfied he has every possible angle covered, Mr. Mason ends with his very-well buried kicker (that also doubled as the header to the thing):

...The future of Trans Mountain is almost certainly going to be determined in a court room, somewhere, and not be any edict from the Prime Minister's office or the start of a trade war.

Why well buried?

Because, if true and widely understood by all concerned, this eventuality would fully explain why any politician can say and do whatever they want for whatever purpose, political point scoring (and/or future cover creating?) or otherwise, in the interim.

Which is something a little less obvious that didn't seem to occur to the Globe's main left-of-Kenora column guy.

Imagine that!

And, as surprised as I a to be typing it, Mikey Mike of the Province did a much better job on this one this time around....How?...Well, it turns out that Mr. Smyth actually spoke to one of the principals involved, on the, you know, errrrr...Record.


Friday, February 09, 2018

The Prop Rep Chronicles....Hop On The Bus Gus....errrr...Bill


From the Twitmachine feed of the irrepressible Ms. Always Campaigning...


Isn't this 'nobody's talkin' bout it' thingy exactly the same strate(r)gy being employed by the newly-minted leader of Ms. Anton's party.

Imagine that!

And why are Ms. Anton and Mr. Tieleman suddenly on the same side of an issue such as this?...Well, you know....Sub-header!
As for the earworm induced by the header....This oughtta take care of it.


Things Left Unsaid On The Mean Streets of Quilchena...


"I don't hear anybody asking for this in the streets of British Columbia"

What's it all about this time Alfie?

Well, according to Ian Bailey of the Globe, the new leader of the BC Liberal Party, Mr. Andrew Wilkinson, does not hear anyone in B.C. which includes, presumably, his Upper West Cremeville riding (south of 16th Avenue division) telling him that they want anything to do with Prop. Rep. at the ballot box.

Because, after all, why would those fine folks in Mr. Wilkinson's riding of Vancouver Quilchena want to change a status quo that has made even the most modest abode in the area worth almost three million bucks.

As for the remaining 4 million British Columbians?



Regardless, didn't the good Mr. Wilkinson actually stay in the leadership race he eventually won due to a proportional representation formula that saw him narrowly squeak by Marky Mark's horse on the crucial 4th ballot despite the fact that said horse, Michael Lee, actually beat Mr. Wilkinson like a gong in total 'votes'?


Hypochristy, revisited, served cold with an irony chaser.

Would'a thunk it!


Friday, February 02, 2018


The best.


That is all.


The Keef Report...Turtling On Captain Kirk.


A Twittmachine denizen by the name of Shatner responded to someone without so many followers and the Keef felt compelled to comment in a most Keefian way:

And then the Shatner responded to the Keef's comment in a most 'interesting' manner:

Which led to some mighty fine turtling, not to mention Chamber of Commercing, by the Keef that seems to have since disappeared. However, the retweeting of the Shatner's fan club exhortation remains:

And, just to be clear, according to the timestamps none of this happened after 9:00 pm, at least not on a weekend.

We have noted the Keef's penchant for being dismissive of those with not enough followers to please him in the past....
Tip O' The Toque to reader Lew for the heads-up.
A compendium of previous Keef Reports can be found...Here.


Thursday, February 01, 2018

The Art Of Horgan...


From the quoting of the Wikis:

Sure, I get the idea of the thing.

But, despite the fact that those who have been paying attention have known about it for awhile, I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head entirely around the following, as reported by Andrew MacLeod in today's Tyee:

One of the top civil servants in the NDP government worked for the right-wing Fraser Institute and the Vancouver Sun, shooting down mainstream ideas like the need for environmental assessments, the right to organize unions and the requirement that employers pay a minimum wage.

First hired to work for the government under Christy Clark’s BC Liberals, Fazil Mihlar was made the deputy minister of jobs, trade and technology after Premier John Horgan’s NDP formed the government in July with the support of three BC Green Party MLAs...

And, despite the claims of Mr. Horgan's right hand man, I would be very surpised to learn that this appointment is being chiefly driven by Mr. Milhar's expertise as a public servant for the reasons pointed out by Harold Steves in A. MacLeod's piece.

So, if not that, is it possible that the Dipper braintrust is thinking that the good Mr. Milhar can provide Mr. Horgan et al. with some cover on their right side, especially from the attacks of the killer corproturfists to come?


But, again, regardless, I sure do hope that that very same Dipper braintrust is strate(r)gizing just as hard about how they are going to deal with the fact that a whole lot of the folks who voted for them have another legitimate place to go now.

Which could become even more disastrous down the road if this bizarre anti-PR partnership is successful.


Then again, there is always....This (wait for the kicker).


The ICBC Book Cooking Chronicles (ctd)....Why Are ProMedia Mavens Avoiding The Fifth 'W'?


Yesterday, we noted that pretty much all of our most prestigious local proMedia pundits have been assiduously avoiding asking 'why' the BC Liberals actively avoided dealing with known problems at ICBC for years. 

Of course, anyone who has been paying the least bit of attention knows that one pretty darned powerful avoidance driver for the likes of Mess'rs de Jong and Stone, not to mention the wizards that control them, was the realization that even acknowledging ICBC's problem would have forced them to stop using the public corporation as a cash cow that helpedprop up their phoney budget surpluses over the years.

And it was those phoney surpluses and the associated corproturph-catapaulted bullshite about the financial and economic prowess of the BC Liberal braintrust that the local puffed-up punditry swallowed whole that is now sticking in their craw.

Because when you have written obviously Ronnish stuff like the following praising the BC Liberal regime as a...

"...government that has boasted arguably the strongest economy in the country over the past four years, unquestionably the best record of fiscal management among the provinces and an enviable job-creation record..."


It's pretty darned hard to fess up, for real, and announce to your readership that you don't know jack about squat when it comes to things that actually matter.

And why is it so darned hard for the puffed-up punditry?

To engage is such fessing up, I mean.

Because if you were to do that rank-and-file British Columbians just might come to their senses and realize that there are other voices and opinions they should start paying attention to if they want to know what's really going down in their province.


The Fifth 'W'?....This.
Speaking of other voices...I never thought I'd type this, but....Martyn Brown is actually very much worth reading these days....On this specific matter he goes to the 'why' and brings up the matter of another driver of BCL avoidance...'Lawyers'...It will be interesting to hear what folks in the profession think about that.
Meanwhile, in Dean Ville....Mr. Palmer finally stops trying entirely just dumps the pages of his diary into his latest bit on the BCL Leadership thingy...It's kind of like long form live blogging I suppose...Only in molasses.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What Do You Take With You When You Move?


When 'C' and I moved south to the Bay Area a long, long time ago all that we took with us was the stuff we could fit in our Mazda GLC (the forerunner to the '3').

When we came north to Lotusland a few years later we had a family and a house full of stuff, half of which went to Missoula Montana for over a month for no good reason at all.

All of which is just another way of saying that, despite the fact that we have moved three times since, not once have moved trees from one house to the next and/or brought in replacement trees to give us that old house feeling. 

That is not the case with our good friend Karen of the far north who recently brought in a replacement for the magnificent crabapple tree shown above when she and hers moved house recently.

You can read all about it...Here.

The only time that little GLC ever really let us down before we gave it away when, finally, at the age of 35 I finally got my first real job, was when the alternator quit once on the I-5, southbound...We were forced to coast to a stop just outside of Redding California, dumbstruck by the fact that the name of the place matches the colour of the dirt...


The ICBC Book Cooking Chronicles: Ron Obvious Buries The Lede...

....With His Very Own Lede.


To wit:

You can count on every government that has been booted from office after a long stint in power to leave behind a smoking hot mess or two...


You know....

All of this longterm BC Liberal malfaesence around ICBC is, according to the Ron at least, really just the result of a long term in office.

So, I guess there's really nothing more to see here except maybe for the slight effect it could have in the raw politics arena next week.

Which is where Mr. Mason goes in the kicker to his latest Globe and (NoLongerEmpire) Mail piece:

...It will be interesting to see what, if any, impact this has on the Liberals' leadership convention this weekend. Will delegates feel this matter is another reason to choose someone not tied to the last government?...


Sorry, but I just have to ask...

Why would (or should) the BC Liberal 'delegates' hold their  'leaders' accountable on this count if the fine folks in the local proMedia can't be bothered to do so?


Next, how about we dig a little deeper into the buried guts of Mr. Mason's piece.

Mr. Mason does point out that the BC Liberals ignored reports that this is a situation that needed fixing since at least 2014.

They also refused to consider moving forward with needed fixes to the correct the problem:

...The (independent 2014) report recommended putting firm caps on awards for soft tissue injuries as a way of getting the corporation's costs under control. The Liberals dismissed the suggestion out of hand...


Given that, why will he not connect the dots and ask...

Why didn't the BC Liberals move to correct the identified problem way back when?


Is it possible that the answer to that question might be that correcting (or even acknowledging) the problem years ago would have forced the BC Liberals to stop taking gobs of money out of ICBC that they were using to help float their phony budget surpluses?

So (again), why won't the likes of Mr. Smyth, Mr. Leyne, Mr. Palmer and/or Mr. Mason ask the key question about 'why' the BC Liberals did what they did?

After all it's not like 'why' is not one of the five 'W's' of journalism or anything.


I have a theory on why the 'why' question is not being asked....Feel free to throw in your two cents in the comments if you like.
Now, some amongst you might think I'm being a little too hard on the Globe's left coast political columnist...In response I would ask you to recall that it was this same columnist who was upset that we British Columbians just didn't seem to care about super-secret big money political donations being funnelled into BC Liberal party war chests until that stringer from the NYTimes named Levin made it clear that the problem with all this much, much, much more than just the 'obvious' bad-optics that we kept reading about in pieces in the Globe and Postmedia...In other words, the public opinion needle only moved when a proMedia outlet from far away published pieces that held the BC Liberals accountable for their actions...OK?