Saturday, November 14, 2015

Does Ms. Clark Have Another Justin Problem?


The preamble, from the (here's hoping) newly invigorated MoCo:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic for B.C.'s North Coast.

Trudeau outlined the directive in a mandate letter to Canada's transport minister, Marc Garneau, on Friday. In it, he asked Garneau to formalize the agreement with three other ministries: fisheries, natural resources and environment...

{snippety doo-dah}

..."This ban ends the dangerous Northern Gateway pipeline proposal," said Karen Mahon, from ForestEthics, an environmental group that advocates for the protection of B.C.'s coast. "Without tankers, crude oil has no place to go, that means no pipelines, no oil trains moving tarsands to the northern B.C. coast."...


Why is this a potential 'second Justin' problem for the Clarklandians, etcetera?


First there is the potential of riling up that most debased wing of their base into 'independent' action.

But this?

Well, this hits the cronies with the mostest  right in their faux free market breadbaskets.


The next thing you know, the Justinies will start asking for real environmental assessments for megaprojects and actual true open bids for transit infrastructure.

Whatever will the cronies do then?

And what will the local puffed-up punditry have to say about this latest abject failure of Ms. Clark's completely made-up Sparkle Pony dreams?....Hmmmm....Let's see....Have they blamed Dave Stupich for anything recently?


My Tunebox.


Here are the tunes at the top rotation at the moment...

New Tune!....Aside... The Weakerthans are gone now...And somehow I think this tune is a great one to remember them by...It's got everything in terms of the lost and longing, going both forwards and backwards...And how can you not dig a line like 'In love with love and lousy poetry' anyway?...

Tupelo Honey... Is this my favourite Van Morrison tune?...Of course not....And I know, for sure, that it is not one of his...But, still, there is something about it that goes beyond where the melodically similar 'Crazy Love' gets to...And then there's the fact that Ronnie Montrose (yes, Ronnie Freaking Montrose!) played guitar and contributed a backing vocal to the San Francisco studio version...

CrashOnTheLevee... E's there doing the hard stuff...Actually pretty proud of my acoustical guitar bashing here...

Pocahontas...It's Neil, of course, re-worked  a little into a kinda/sorta anti-Harper protest tune.

All the Jukebox Tunes we have up at the moment can be found (and downloaded if you want)....Here.
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Fisking The Local Media Herd On It's Response To The 'Triple Delete' Strategy.


Tom Fletcher and The Keef recently tied themselves into pretzels in the public prints writing puff pieces wrapped in faux outrage paper packaging designed to mollify a pretend fed-up electorate.

Merv Adey takes them to task and gets right to the heart of the matter that neither Mr. Fletcher nor Mr. Baldrey would even think of touching, let alone writing about:

Tom Fletcher and Keith Baldrey, and others, have been around as leading members of the Press Gallery in BC since before the fall of Glen Clark. I point that out because I recall how relentless the pursuit of Glen Clark was by media over the casino/deck scandal.

Each of them released columns about the “Triple-delete” scandal this week, which were full of logical failures and a more general failure to identify the problem for Christy Clark’s government...

{snippety doo dah}

...What the “Triple-delete” scandal has exposed is an effort among the political arm of Clark’s civil service to avoid accountability for themselves and for Clark herself pre-emptively. To argue that FOI laws should not expose the inner workings of government when the buck stops with the politicians (always at some future date) is nonsense. We have FOI laws precisely so that we might know how the government works in our interest because we pay for it. In part, we have FOI laws to ensure that the government is considering evidence in its decision making, and what that evidence has been.

And what’s been exposed is a rational, pre-emptive, far reaching, intentional, breach of FOI law. And for that, the buck stops with Christy Clark. The buck stops today, not in May 2017...

Nuff said?

And I know I've been away from the Bloggodome for awhile working double-time on my day job...But Loukidelis?....Really???!!!...One can only wonder....When the good Mr. Loukidelis' report comes down and some non pol-type folks (i.e. the Rubes) get really upset, will the Wizards call in Mr. Plant to explain to them how nothing could have possibly been done wrong because...Well...Procedure!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Will There Be A Justin Problem?



Pretty soon, I reckon, Ron and all the Obvious ones will be telling us how our fine Premier is doing a boffo job over in Paris.



And/or this...

...(At the end of November) arguably the most significant climate negotiations the world has ever seen will begin in Paris — and Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau plans on being there with a gaggle of premiers in tow, a show of Canadian representation unimaginable in previous years.

The COP21 UN-led climate summit is organized around one seemingly impossible outcome: a binding international climate agreement to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark said she has been planning on attending the negotiations for several months. “I’ve already booked my ticket,” she said in a statement e-mailed to DeSmog Canada, adding she’s “delighted” Justin Trudeau will be in attendance...

After all, there is no such thing as upstream LNG emissions and, besides, obviously it is Carol James who is responsible for any and all greenhouse gas emissions in this province (not to mention IPP gouging) because of that plane trip she took that the Club members hated back in the day.



But here's the thing...

While the herdish members of the Club that Vaughn built will very likely do their jobs and change the channel for Ms. Clark as the lead-up to the big event in Paris builds, one can only wonder ifall of the ensuing cozying up to Mr. Trudeau just might make the beast that is the base of her party whose bile has been pumped so many times in the past by all the usual suspects, start to see blue all over again.

And if that happens, do Marky Mark, the Third Man, and the Wizards of Wave-Everything-Away Place already have a spike/spin/smear strate(r)gy in place to kill off any such uprising, tout de suite?

Just asking.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Memo From The Dean, Part Deux


In response to our query about the Dean's first memo, the boss of the legislative press gallery has released a second more fulsome memo in the pixels of the VSun.

It starts like this:

Premier Christy Clark left it to cabinet minister Amrik Virk Thursday to respond to the information watchdog’s devastating findings about the culture of coverup inside the B.C. Liberal government.

Clark knew very well what was coming. Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, respecting protocol, had shared her findings with the government in advance.

The government fired back with a legal letter, disputing some aspects of the report and seeking more time to respond. Denham, to her credit, stuck to the scheduled release time of 9:30 a.m. Thursday...

Which, to mine own eyes at least, indicates that Mr. Palmer, like us, did enjoy the fact that Ms. Denham ensured that the release of a public report was timed such that it would be discussed by the public's representatives in, you know...public.

Which is a good thing.


Mr. Palmer goes through 3 or four of the journalistic 'W's in his piece but, as so often seems to be the case in his coverage of this (and the previous) BCL government, refuses to go anywhere near the fifth one otherwise known as 'Why'.
And, for those of you wondering (and/or scoffing)....Of course Mr. Palmer responds to what we discuss here at this little old F-troop list blog....Ha!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Memo From The Dean


Please see Update at the bottom of the post


Maybe I'm wrong, but...

Is it possible that the Dean just might be suggesting that there is something underhanded and/or nefarious about an officer of the people releasing the people's business in such a fashion that it will actually be discussed by the peoples'  representatives in a timely manner?

Or is he trying to tell us a slightly different thing?

Honestly, I can't tell if there is a 'Fog of Snark' here or not.

What's it all about Alfie?....Well....This.
Update Friday Oct 23rd...The Dean has written a much longer 2nd 'official' (i.e. VSun column memo) in which he makes it clear he was telling us a slightly different thing...It's discussed (and linked to)....Here.


This Day In Clarkland....Delete, Delete, Delete And...

....Delete Some More.


There is the Transportation Ministry-specific stuff that privacy commissioner Elizabeth Denham has concluded indicates that the whistleblower rather than the politically-appointed staffer was telling the truth about the forced deletion of EMails that contained 'Highway of Tears' correspondence.

But, in addition to rampant deleting in the Advanced Education Ministry, according to Rob Shaw's piece in the VSun, there is also this:

...Denham’s report also zeroed in on Premier Christy Clark’s deputy chief of staff, Michele Cadario, noting that she keeps almost none of her emails

“The commissioner found that the broad interpretation given to transitory records by the deputy chief of staff, which results in her retaining almost no sent emails, effectively frustrates the Office of the Premier’s ability to comply with (section six, subsection one) of FIPPA (the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act),” wrote Denham in her report...


Once again, we are inside the Premier's office.

Guess that would be the cue for Lotuslandian proMedia Club members to stop digging immediately.


Commissioner Denham's full report can be found....Here.
And, ya, I swiped a chunk of the header from Horgan & Co...But, in my defence, I did go one 'delete' further.
Hmmmmm....I guess we now know why the Clarklandian wizards sent the messy hair guy out on to plank to tell us that we, the public, just aren't that into matters FOI last week..Or some such thing.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Rumours Of The Demise Of The Postmedia Print Organs...

...Have Not Been Greatly Exaggerated.

Paul Willcocks, off the blog and writing in the Tyee, has a good piece up on what those lockstep endorsements were really all about.

Here's a small chunk:

...(T)he endorsements mark a bleak day, or another bleak day, for Canadian newspapers.

Readers expect newspaper endorsements to reflect the careful judgments of editorial boards and the needs of their individual communities. A pro-Conservative Facebook friend, labouring under that delusion, celebrated the apparent tidal wave of endorsements for Harper from newspapers across the country.

Instead, it appears the endorsements actually reflect the views of one or two corporate managers in Toronto...

And just who do those 'managers' really work for?

Go read the rest of the piece to find out.

More and more I'm wondering if we need to institute some sort of market/monopoly-busting reform in the media organ business in this country...I think Mr. W. might disagree for reasons of scale and business models and all that, but I really do wonder if a whole passel of independents might not do a better job and be more business healthy by actually operating as small scale operations.


This Day (We're Still) In Clarkland...Document Dump Redux.


The office of British Columbia's Representative for Children and Youth released a report on May 14th, 2015 that started like this:

This report documents the downward spiral of a child who had great potential but never received the protection, nurturing and care she needed and deserved. Professional indifference to her life circumstances continually left her – and at times even actively placed her – in harm’s way...

And, surprise!, the government of Clarklandia released a response five months and four days later.

Which just happened to be yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon to be more precise.

One hour before the reporting of the Federal election results began to be even more precise.


I wonder what Ron Obvious thinks of that.


My Morning Ride


A whole lot of red.

I could have done with a little more orange.

But all and all....

Much, much better than the alternative.


Analysis of how things went in British Columbia in comparison to....Polls...Predictions...and Strategic Voting calls (including my own) is coming....