Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lotuslandian Real Estate Stories Are Not Just For Cooper, Tomlinson And Young Anymore.



Even the VSun's Jeff Lee has gotten into the act:

On Wednesday the (Real Estate) council (of British Columbia) said it was aware of a statement by Mike Stewart of Century 21 offering ways people could avoid the new 15 per cent tax, including selling presale contracts to friends or family members who are Canadian citizens or residents...

Imagine what would happen if the proMedia herd were to turn swing into action like this when evidence of wrongdoing in the Premier's office surfaces.



This Day In Clarkland...When Is An Abstention Not An Abstention?


Well, well, well, whaddy'a know.

Our fine Premier was not in the legislature to vote for human rights for all on Monday.


I guess this latest thing then is actually a reverse expedience slither from the piked position (a.k.a. being for something that the Opposition has forced you to do without actually being for it when you actually endorsed it).

On the flipside, at least Ms. Clark didn't go full metal Throness on the legislation.

At least not in public.

And where was Ms. Clark, instead?...Well, as Rob Shaw of the VSun notes, she was...Wait for it...At a party-scheduled (it's all 'party officials'/Laura's fault!) fundraiser...
Laila has more...and gets red-herringed by a Klout Klub member...on the Twittmachine.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Traffic Circles I Have Known...

...30th and Walden, Just East Of Main.

It's an interesting stretch of street.

And in the morning it's a slight incline and just the start to my ride out to work on Lotusland Central's farthest most western edge.

So if I'm late I start pushing right about here. If not I take it easy pretty much all the way to Cambie. The latter was the case this morning, even though I was not early (because it's summer!*).

In the evening it's the last 10% and it's coasting before the last blast up to Fraser parallel to the edge of the cemetery, a two block stretch that now includes six, count 'em six!, speed bumps. Clearly, the folks paying $1.8 million to live in the neighbourhood are not going to put up with speeding bicycles.


Maybe it's all the cars that seem to be using bike routes as their own (relatively) traffic-free short cut these days.

*And, probably, because we were one of the very, very lucky 13% to get a grant last week.


This Day In Clarkland...Guess Who's Doing The Legislative Press Gallery's Job For Them?


Why, it's Jonny Wakefield, working 1,300 km from Victoria:

"BC Hydro's electricity demand projections were off by more than half a dam last year, according to the Crown corporation's annual report.

Steep declines in electricity demand from mills, mines and oil and gas producers, as well as a warm winter, contributed to a 3,351 gigawatt-hours (Gwh) shortfall in demand forecasts. For comparison, the Site C dam under construction on the Peace River near Fort St. John would generate 5,100 Gwh a year..."

I mean, Mr. Wakefied's got quotes from pols, including the Old Turdstormer, and everything!

..."The (Opposition NDP) member (Dix) mentions the demand forecast for one year as if it should be bang on, spot on accurate," he said. "From time to time, the demand forecast is going to change on a year-by-year basis."

He said that long term, B.C. will need more power.

"We know that our economy is going to continue to grow," he said. "We know that our population is going to continue to grow, because it is. We know that B.C. is going to continue to attract new jobs, leading the country, and that's what's going to drive new demand."...

Of course, as Norm Farrell has pointed out repeatedly, Mr. Bennett is flat out wrong.


Meanwhile, in other non Ledge Gallery worthy news, Norm also has a post about the real story of the true cost of IPP-generated power up.

And, as you might expect, that cost is way more than a bunch of teachers, classrooms, and bus passes for the disabled every single year for, essentially, ever, for no good reason at all.

There is a Club?...You bet there is...Our dear, departed friend Ian Reid explained how it works awhile ago. 


Monday, July 25, 2016

At The End Of The Day...

...You've Got To Keep It Light Enough To Travel.

I spent a good chunk of last week climbing in and out of goddamn cigar tubes.

Which I can just barely handle these days when things go well.

But when you're forced to fly steerage/TangoDoublePlusUngood (for good reason) when working for health charities and things go wrong like, say, a three hour delay at the pandemonium end of Pearson's Terminal 1 when you're trying to get home late on a Friday night...

Well,  then happens I am not a happy (or even remotely friendly) traveller.

Luckily, I had a really good mechanotransduction paper to read/figure out (to help with the discussion to a manuscript of our own that I'm working on) as well as John Irving's latest (the guy is flat-out indefatigable) to get me through it.

Still, we finally got to YVR late enough that I had to take a cab home because the last train had left already.

I really hate that given that the difference between $2.10 and $40.00 is a whole lotta daffodils.

Anyway, the next morning, Saturday, I took the Whackadoodle down to the river and noticed that there were no Helijets buzzing overhead.

Which, in my mind at least, meant the Clarklandians must have been away for the previous afternoon's big liquor announcement.


littler e. climbed into the cigar tube herself on Sunday morning. All carry-on, no checked-baggage for a trip to New Hampshire via Toronto and New York (three flights!) so that she can spend the week at a tap dance work/sweat-like-crazy-shop.

And this time next week we'll be on our way down the coast to Mendicino (the coastal county, not the town, although we will pass by the latter on our way to our friends' place just south of the magnificently bizarre hippie/fishing/flying burrito town of Point Arena).





Image at top of the post is the two E's from a California trip 12 summers ago...From the long climb up 101 south of Eureka on the way to Redway and our favourite Eel River swimming hole...Getting more and more beat-up all the time beach guitar is just visible behind them...


The Reaping Of The Sown.



And for the record, Ms. Parker is neither a Hillary Clone nor a Bernie Bros.

Instead, she is a reporter for the New York Times.

Meanwhile, over in the real problem corner of the USian proMedia rumpus room, NPR refuses to call Ms. Trump's stealing of Ms. Obama's words plagiarism....


This Day In Clarkland...Ya, Sure, But Will The Premier's Funny Business Make Its Way Into Your Copy Mr. Zussman?




Because the Lotulandian proMedia not calling Ms. Clark out, long and hard, on her non-stop Oompa-Loompaing of the truth is the real problem around here.

Header + SubHeader earwormish thing gnawing at you?....This. 


This Day In Clarkland...Will The Limited Real Estate Tax Hangout Actually Work?



I'm not talking about whether a tax that doesn't actually follow the (foreign) money will actually work in real terms that actually means something of true significance for actual British Columbians.

Instead, I'm talking about whether it will work in purely politically expedient terms for the BC Liberal Party and their crony paymasters.


Of course...

The Wizards of Clarklandia probably figure they have a good chance of pulling off that expedient thing as long as they can count on proMedia folks like Ron Obvious to keep on focussing on the trivial:

But here's the thing...

The day before Sam Cooper's big story was published/posted he was on the Twittmachine doing a foreshadow dance that got folks of all stripes  chomping at the bit, eyes bulging, looking for the real thing rather than the pablum leaking from the seams of the likes of Mr. Mason et al.

How very un-club like of Mr. Cooper.

And why, exactly, isn't this special sitting of the legislature being called the Dippers' Summer Blow-Out Bash anyway?


Sunday, July 24, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: Will Anyone In British Columbia Ever Say...

...'Thank God For Site C'?

I truly and honestly believe in public works for public good.

And there are many historical examples of such works in British Columbia.

Unfortunately, many of those works are now being actively dismantled in the name of a peculiar brand of neoliberalism that is really nothing more than the cronification of everything in disguise.

Of course, that cronification of everything is also a front end driver of the construction of a new breed of pretend public works.

And the Site C dam, in my opinion at least, perfectly illustrates this cronification.

And no amount of wurlitzering of the 'thousand job miracle' by the Clarklandian Wizards and the proMedia lickspittles in their enthrall will change that.

Which is just another way of saying that, while it once may have been our local version of the Tennessee Valley Authority, all that once was good about BC Hydro appears to be slipping away fast.


TVA photo credit: Historian Billy Hathorn.


Tunes, etcetera....Smithers Falls To Fourth.


A little while ago I noted that a new feature from the audio provider I use allowed me to figure out that Smithers is, pound-for-pound, the town that rings up the most listens to the little jukebox over there on the left sidebar.

Unfortunately, they've now fallen to fourth.


Still pretty wild, though, to think that a group of folks up North are bothering to punch the tune button pretty regularly...Although, I suppose shouldn't get too excited though, given that it might just be one really persistent 24/7 listener.
One other interesting thing...Clearly the Russian spam/spy bots have no interest listening to the warble.