Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Shroud Of The Golden Era Flaps Again.



Don't look now, but....

The $500 million dollar magic carpet atop BC Place stadium seems to have sprung a leak again.

Patrick Johnston, with an assist from a local blogger, has the story in The Province:

Three years ago, on the eve of the Grey Cup, BC Place’s fancy $563 million roof sprung a leak.

Saturday, during the Whitecaps’ miserable 3-0 loss to the Portland Timbers, it seems the roof leaked again.

Rebecca Bollwitt, one of Vancouver’s most-followed tweeters and bloggers, caught some of the drips...

And that was during yesterday's minor-league sprinkle fest.

Given that, I wonder what happened during this morning's torrential big-league downpour.


Maybe Uncle Bob Mackin could check that out.

Then again, they'd probably just make him submit an FOI to find out how the big puddle is at midfield right now.

Subheader?....Well...You know...Casino-Industrial-Complexes and all that.
And, going back a little further I, for one, will never forget how certain quarters of the local proMedia (sporting life division) shilled for that darned carpet made of gold while simultaneously slamming the Dippers for questioning the wisdom of wasting all that money...


This Sunday In Snookland...Irony, Thy Name Is Fassbender.



Mr. Peter Fassbender says that his government and the public school teachers are $300 million apart.


Isn't that just about what the public spends, give or take, every single year to subsidize private school education in the province of British Columbia?

Now....Please put your protective anti-Straussian minderbinder liners in your hats and go read Charlie Smith on all of this.


The Summertime Jukebox So Far.

...Bigger E, doing her thing at the corner of Haight and Ashbury in Baghdad By The Bay.

Song for Mount Polley...

Train We Will Forever Ride, No Matter How Many Coaches Long...

Can purgatory be found lurking in the parking lot of a Super 8 motel?...

For My Friend Ian....

Will The Golden Era Never End....

Our Neil, Pocahontas and Thee...

Springsteen, Mashed Potatoes and Me...

When In Doubt Ask Yourself...What Would Danko Do?

What Canada Day Means to Me and Mine...

At The End of The (Busking) Day It's What Everybody Wants...

Vincent/Starry, Starry Night It's Not...

When Busking and French Immersion Collide...

Gram Goes To Goteborg...

The Still-Beating Heart Of Alt. Country...


Saturday, August 30, 2014

This Night In Snookland...What's Fairness Got To Do With It?


The Vince Ready Sessions are over.

And the deal is not done.


What does the Snooklandian leader have to say?

Well, according to the Twittmachine it is this:



When, exactly, did fairness become the 'issue' for Ms. Clark and friends?

And as for 'affordability'....How much, exactly, are we ALL spending to subsidize private schools that only 'certain' kids can go go to?....Best estimates are a quarter billion dollars per year....Yes, you read that right...A billion with a 'B'...Is that fair and/or affordable?


Demonizing Obamacare...The Dumber It Gets The Harder They Come (After People's Jobs).


Remember when the usual suspects (i.e. the fine folks who are doing their best to, as Jon Stewart once put it, 'hurt America') ran with that chunk of rancid teabag-forged codswallopanariansm that Obamacare, after it was first introduced, was 'killing jobs' when what it was really doing was making it possible for people to finally run away from shite work when they no longer had to worry about losing their health insurance?


Now it would appear that a select group of those same fine folks are using Obamacare avoidance strategies that are making it impossible for the Chicago Cubs can't get Wrigley's infield covered when it rains.

A couple of satirists (I think) named Igel and Caplan have the story in Forbes:

...One of (the) provisions (of Obamacare) requires that businesses with 50 or more employees provide health care benefits to anyone in the company who works full-time. Under the law, full-time work qualifies as 30 hours or more per week. The provision isn’t in effect this year. But according to a report in The Chicago Sun-Times, the grounds crew at Wrigley Field was hobbled not because they were incompetent but because the Cubs have been cutting back on their work hours. Why? Cubs management is trying to avoid providing health care benefits figuring the crew can get coverage under Obamacare instead...


...(T)he Cubs are owned by the Ricketts Family, who are serious supporters of the Republican Party, which is decidedly opposed to much of Obamacare; Pete Ricketts, a Cubs board member, is running for governor of Nebraska on the GOP ticket. But this isn’t about politics. It’s about businesspeople looking to find ways to squeeze out more profits by cutting benefits while looking to the Federal government to pick up the tab for those benefits...


It really does seem that the Koch Bros and all their fine friends are fiddling (and putting the shivs in) while they take all the money out and the Potomac roils and boils and burns.

And all that.

Of course, just like NRA-branchplant gun nuttery and middle class-destroying labour 'choice' before it, you can be sure that this kind of anti-universality econocrap will  be coming to the banks of the Rideau soon if we don't do something, and fast.


This Weekend In Snookland...Blackout? What Blackout?


How is this taxpayer-funded advocacy for the Snooklandian way of 'negotiating' not...




And who cares if this body politic destroying abomination was 'posted' on August 27th.


Because it was being 'promoted' (again by taxpayer funds) to the top of the #bcpoli page on the Twittmaching this morning, Saturday August 30th.


Maybe we all really should just give up get heavy into the Dill Pickle Vodka for the duration of the VReady Sessions this weekend.


Mount Polley Disaster (ctd)...The Exceedances.


From Tyler Orton's lede in BIV:

While sediment samples collected from the area surrounding the Mount Polley tailings breach exceed some provincial standards, the B.C. Ministry of Environment insists levels are consistent with earlier baselines.

“There were some exceedances. This is to be expected because these materials samples were and are believed to be the material that was spilled out of the tailings impoundment,” B.C. Ministry of Environment regional operations director Jennifer McGuire told reporters in an August 29 conference call.

“Copper and iron were significantly higher than the standards that we have here in B.C.”

Furthermore, the ministry said it discovered “low but potentially significant” levels of arsenic and selenium concentrations within the sediment samples...

Sure does sound like the stuff of snow and avalanches and all that to me.

And where are the Ol' Turdstormer and the Selenium Queen on this one?

As for the Premier?



Dill pickle vodka!

And, as Laila points out, this was dumped on us on the eve of the longest proMedia deadzone of the year.

Gary E. has a great post up on the 'dozer' at the moment too.


Friday, August 29, 2014

The Keef Report...Late Night Friday Edition.


Hubris, thy name is Keef:

As for the other guy who has been dragged into this wee bit of bizzaroworld bravado of the Baldrey?


He actually tweets sensible things about both sides.

Like, say, this:

Previous editions of the Keef Report can be found....Here.


The Fraser Institute...Right To Work Laws Equal 'Choice'?


From Business In Vancouver's Emma Hempel's fine bit of stenography:

All Canadian provinces lag behind American states in terms of labour relations laws, and British Columbia is particularly bad, according to a Fraser Institute study released August 28.

The laws in Canada restrict worker choices, leading to suppression of job growth and investment, argues the study, while laws in every U.S. state are less biased and more conducive to growth...


What are the fine folks at the Muddy Up Everything thinky place up to this time as another Labour Day approaches?

Well, according to the Broadbent Institute, what they're really doing is conflating worker 'choice' with a race to the bottom of a new gilded cage where all the poop and 'right-to-work' laws lurk:

...In a world where up is down and down is up, the Fraser Institute's "study" classifies "right-to-work" jurisdictions as balanced and unbiased (Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah, Alabama, and Texas, to name a few). These U.S. states offer "flexibility" while other jurisdictions with labour laws to protect workers (Canadian provinces) are "biased." ...

And the conflation even extends to Dora The Explora-type maps:

Golly, gee.

I sure do wish we could be more like Mississippi, what with their significantly lower annual wages, significantly lower median household incomes and their significantly higher workplace injuries and deaths.

Cause that's a bunch of 'choices' I, for one, sure do want.


And why is the Big Muddy's press not being splashed across the the OpEd pages of the VSun this year?....Well...It might have something to do with the fact that their former man on the inside has moved on to the house of the Snooklandians...
Speaking of the Snooklandians...Do not for a moment forget that they aren't doing their best to get us there regardless the (real) costs...


This Day In Snookland...The Art Of The Deflector Spin Deal.


Big news out of the Premiers' conference this morning.

The following is the headline on top of the Globe and Mail's piece, written by their political gossip columnist-in-chief Jane Taber, from Charlottetown:

Dill pickle vodka for all: B.C. and Saskatchewan open liquor borders


You read that right.

While our rivers and lakes are burning (with toxic sludge) we're supposed to be happy with dill pickle vodka.

I'm just surprised there wasn't an exclamation point on top of that G&M header.

Look, I'm not upset with such a deal...Hopefully it will open up new markets for craft-type businesses without destroying local scenes...It's just that the way major media outlets, including national ones (and I'm looking at you too MoCo producers), jumped on this as being 'significant' was very telling re: their ability to be bamboozled by the tiny and the shiny, especially if they are spinning.