Sunday, October 04, 2015

#Elxn42: Stealth-Con Rising In Burnaby North...

....Four Strikes And He's (Still Hidden) In 
(Mr. Harper's Candidate Closet)!

Mark Little is the CPC candidate in Burnaby North Seymour.


Why the qualifier?

Because, according to a CBC radio report this morning (National News @ 8:00am PDT), the good Mr. Little has been a no show at four all-candidates' debates.

The MoCo gave the alleged candidate an entire week to explain himself.

In fact they went so far as to offer to interview him anytime and/or anyplace.

Mr. Little did not respond to their repeated requests.

If that does not demonstrate a clear contempt for his constituency I do not know what does.


Here's the best guess of the current state-of-play in Burnaby North - Seymour, thanks to riding-specific polling commissioned by the Dogwood Initiative:

Please note the Stealth-Con line rising between May and September, which is outside the M.O.E.


If you are a member of the Seventy (plus) Percent in Burnaby North who would like to see this contempt of democracy end, do not...I repeat...DO NOT split the vote and help elect the Stealth-Con.

In other words, if you are undecided (grey) or you are 'leaning' Liberal or Green, do the right thing and vote Orange instead.


And, make no mistake, that undecided number in this riding is very, very scary indeed...Because, all the contemptuous leader of the Stealth-Cons needs is 8% to get to that magic 33% that makes his gollems golden...Now do you see the reason they are running a campaign of hate and misdirection...It's the Rovian Rules folks, writ large.
Image at the top of the post is from the flickr page of the NatO's Mychalo Prystupa...It was taken BEFORE the election began...How else are you going to find a picture of Stealth-Con actually out among actual people in his or her riding...


My Tunebox.


Here are the tunes in rotation at the moment...

Deviltown...It's Daniel Johnston's tune...To be honest, it kinda/sorta makes me think of Canada and Canadians at the moment.

Fare Thee Well/Dink's song...This is that traditional tune that was in a movie recently...Dave Van Ronk did it justice a half a century ago...This rendition is almost all Bigger E., which most definitely takes the warble out of it (i.e. it's really good)...

This one's for my Dad, for a whole lotta reasons...

This one's from Sharon van Etten, one of those young kids who strides high above Alt Dot Countryland, or some such thing...Upshot?....It's one king hell tune...And, as a bonus it's in C sharp (I think)...

There's actually a long story behind the reason for doing this one that includes a nine hundred mile drive with only two right turns and the birth of our first kid...


Saturday, October 03, 2015

Saturday Night's Alright For Low-Fi Indie (NotCover) Fighting!


These kids, who call themselves 'Th'Rattletrap', just slay me with this tune.

Especially the combination of shamoblics and the wicked guitar breakdown that begin at 2:15.

And, as far as I can tell, it looks like the kid taking care of the latter is doing pretty much all of it with her thumb.

All killer and absolutely no filler...

The band's page is...Here.
And the Sioux Falls South Dakota visualaudioscapish incubator where I've been getting all my new stuff lately is a place called the White Wall Sessions. Check out their artist archives...They're really quite something.
Previous versions of our usual Saturday Night Uke Cover Fighting feature can be found...Here.


Tweet Of The Week....Some Things Are Worth So Much More Than Money.

It's from Bigger E.,  taken while playing for the kindness of the people down at Granville Island.

She posts her daily schedule...Here.

Of course, I could not help but notice that the particular currency concerned was orange.
You can hear E. doing her thing in the Tunebox below on 'Fare Thee Well'.
There's a new song in the Tunebox btw, just in case you didn't notice...It's called 'Devil Town'...
And, for the Ear worm afficanados...Yup...It is 'Ingrid Bergman'.


#Elxn42: Mr. Harper's Saudi Arabian Problem May Involve More Than Just Arms Sales.


First, the following, from Neil Macdonald's CBC report on Thursday's french language debate:

...Gilles Duceppe, who has suddenly taken a great interest in anything pertaining to radical Islam, kicked things off during the French-language leaders' debate last Thursday.

"As we combat ISIS," he asked Stephen Harper, "We must realize that its ideology was financed and promoted by Saudi Arabia, and we are sending billions worth of arms to Saudi Arabia.

"Would it not be sensible to say that's enough, we're stopping arms sales to Saudi Arabia? Wouldn't that be logical, given our fight with ISIS?"

Harper, a man who has portrayed his government's foreign policy as more principled and less susceptible to the power of the almighty dollar than other governments, basically replied that there's a lot of money at stake and thousands of jobs in London, Ont.

The contract to export $15 billion worth of armoured vehicles to the Saudis, he noted, is the largest in Canadian history.

Cancelling it would only punish Canadian workers, he said, and besides, the contract is "support for an ally."...

Next, there's this, from the land of Mr. Harper's 'ally':

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr was, by all accounts, a regular 17-year-old boy who loved cars and hanging out with his friends when he was sentenced to death simply for protesting against Saudi Arabia's government.

Any day now, he will be publicly beheaded and his body will be crucified and left to fester out in the open for three days despite worldwide condemnation...


I was going to write something satirical about how the minions toiling away down in the flaming hot bowels of the CPC bunker probably won't be using video footage of the latter to reinforce the importance of the former in some kind of 'Anti-Terror Uber-Alles!'  advertising bonanza for the last week of the campaign.


The hypocrisy here is just too great.

And my disgust at what said minions and their boss are doing to this country is even greater.

So I won't.



This Day In Clarkland...In Which Norm Farrell Tells Us How To Shake Things Up At BC Hydro.


Mr. Farrell has a heckfire of an idea:

Opposition parties in BC ought to create a set of hearings to conduct a thorough PUBLIC examination of independent power contracts, alternative less-destructive energy sources and the state and future of BC Hydro.

MLAs should try to initiate the examination as a committee of the legislature and when Liberals refuse to participate, cross the street to a public place and begin hearings. Leave empty chairs for Liberals.

The Christy Clark Government would try to ignore the event but the public would not and the corporate media could not, without destroying what little credibility they still have on matters of resources...

And later, in the comments Norm adds this important addendum:

...One of the reasons that IPPs wanted very long term contracts, is that it transferred all business risks to BC Hydro. If the energy market suddenly collapsed, IPPs would continue smiling. There was no good reason for BC Hydro to agree to long term deals that gave full protection to suppliers except the utility followed directives from corrupt mandarins and politicians. Managers at BC Hydro that saw the mistake were given a choice: stay silent and take rewards or leave now...

Can you imagine?


Friday, October 02, 2015

#Elxn42...StratVoting The Stealth-Con In Nanaimo-LadySmith


Nanaimo-Ladysmith is one of the places where the good folks from Leadnow have raised citizen funds to pay for a riding-specific poll that was run by Insights West a couple of weeks ago (see image above).


A couple of things to consider here.

First is that this is analysis actually contains both decideds and leaners, so there is a softness to those numbers.

Second, last time around this riding was a lot closer than it was in the snapshot poll.

So it is really really important for folks who are not heart and soul decided but only leaning Liberal and (especially!) Green to think very, very carefully about NOT helping split the vote to potentially elect the Stealth-Con in their midst.


And, why exactly....

Have we decided that the CPC candidate in the riding, Mark MacDonald, is one more in an ever growing list of Stealth-Cons?

Well, it turns out that he was all lined-up to speak on a local talk show.

And then some folks, led by Tweeter/Blogger Robert Jago got to discussing calling in to ask questions.

And then, suddenly, the good Mr. MacDonald was gone from Talk Show's line up.



My Morning Ride.


I was very surprised to discover that Inspector Clouseau had moved into the neighbourhood when I emerged from the alley this morning (see ancient Citroen, above). 

Weirdly, as I rode across town it seemed like the entire city is having a Pro-D-Day.

Heckfire, even the Safeway on outer W10th was empty while the Ramones blared.


The Ramones as muzak.

In Safeway.

The Good - Seeing an old trail acquaintance again for the first time in a long time -the slow running guy.
The Gooder - Seeing a honest-to-gosh indigenous tiny speedy squirrel on the trail as well (as opposed to one of those ubiquitous fat rats with tails that have taken over everywhere).
The Not-So-Gooder - getting out of the Safeway and realizing that I'd left the red tail light on my pack flashing the entire time I was in there.


Thursday, October 01, 2015

#Elxn42....Scared Stra(igh)t!

Because if the Tweet above doesn't scare the crap out of you, it's entirely possible that absolutely nothing will.

And with that, we bring you solace (i.e. riding-specific numbers) from the folks at the Dogwood Initiative by way of Insights West that will give some of you out there a clear path to Con-Stopping (i.e. this is a place for Dippers and Greeniacs to do the right thing).


And don't get me wrong... Like Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, in the end I truly believe in voting for the good guys for all the right, and most important reasons....It's just that to get there I have concluded that, for this election at least, we, the majority have to try and take things out of the hands of the party.


#Elxn42...Stealth-Con (Non) Sighting in Vancouver-Granville.


There was an all-candidates' held in the closely contested riding of Vancouver-Granville last weekend.

V-Granville is that part of central Lotusland that some have dubbed ground zero for those folks encouraging Strategic Voting in the coming federal election.


The image at the top of the post shows three of the riding's candidates (seated) and the moderator (standing). At the time the photo was snapped the moderator was telling the audience that the fourth candidate, who just 'happened' to be from the Conservative Party of Canada, had not responded to an invitation to attend.

Not that actively avoiding public scrutiny and/or interaction is a CPC election strategy or anything.


Our source, who wishes to remain anonymized, let us know that they stayed until the bitter end of the meeting and confirmed that the Stealth-Con most definitely did not show its face.