Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Thanking.


From the beginning of a note from a teacher to our fine Premier, written yesterday:

Dear Christy,

Just wanted to send a quick thank you! Thank you so much for creating the conditions that injected new life into our democracy when your unethical actions galvanized citizens out of apathy. Many citizens have reacted as I imagine a spouse would when they discover that their partner has been cheating. They are enraged now that the scales of media obfuscation have been removed from their eyes and they have discovered what lies behind your smile...



This is one time when Ms. Clark really should just stop saying 'anything', particularly about historical agreements and great days and all of that, for a few days at least.

Because if she is not careful she really could inflame a whole lot of teachers who are having a hard time with the tentative deal which many feel is not what they fought for on either front.

I mean, I'm pretty sure all concerned, including the ideological wizards behind the curtain and, presumably, Ms. Clark (although who really knows) don't want a 'No' vote tomorrow.


And, in my opinion the teacher at the top is right...And, taking things one step further, it is also my opinion that the union has done all that it can to hold the line...And, so...If we want to move that line in the right direction it is we the citizenry who have to do our jobs now...At the ballot box.


#BCED (ctd)....A Little More On The 'BC Parents Federation'


The 'BC Parents Federation' was, according to CBC News at least (but not Global), behind the 'counter-protest' kerfuffle at a public education rally in downtown Vancouver on Sunday.

At the time we decided to try and find out who these fine folks were, and what they were all about, by sniffing around online.

Which led to all kinds of bizarrity on the Twittmachine that was followed by a rapid disappearing of websites, etcetera.

All that can be found here if you work backward through the links.

But now, Ian Young, one of the few journalists left in Lotusland that actually digs for a living (and whose stuff is published thousands of kilometres away) has a little bit more:

....Members of the British Columbia Parents’ Federation (BCPF), some wearing surgical masks, unfurled a large vinyl banner carrying their group’s name in English and Chinese as they attempted to march on a larger rally outside the Vancouver Art Gallery in support of the industrial action on Sunday...


...Among the BCPF protesters were some of the same people who vocally opposed the Vancouver School Board’s adoption of a new policy on transgender students in May. They included Charter Lau, a prominent Hong Kong immigrant and social conservative who has previously sought election to the Burnaby School Board...


Is anybody catching a wee bit of the whiff of the Glimmer Twins (scroll down a little) in all of this?



You know.

And then, of course, there is the utterly and inexplicably true bizarrity of....This.
Update: Ian Young, via the Twittmachine says he has no knowledge of an involvement of the actual Glimmering Twins in this particular kerfuffle...


The Summertime Jukebox So Far.

...Bigger E, doing her thing at the corner of Haight and Ashbury in Baghdad By The Bay.

Home Is Where The Heart Of The Poetry Is...

Song for Mount Polley...

Train We Will Forever Ride, No Matter How Many Coaches Long...

Can purgatory be found lurking in the parking lot of a Super 8 motel?...

For My Friend Ian....

Will The Golden Era Never End....

Our Neil, Pocahontas and Thee...

Springsteen, Mashed Potatoes and Me...

When In Doubt Ask Yourself...What Would Danko Do?

What Canada Day Means to Me and Mine...

At The End of The (Busking) Day It's What Everybody Wants...

Vincent/Starry, Starry Night It's Not...

When Busking and French Immersion Collide...

Gram Goes To Goteborg...

The Still-Beating Heart Of Alt. Country...


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This Day In Snookland....A Bedazzling Endorsement From The Mesmerized.


..."When I first met Christy Clark, it was working on branding her Vancouver mayoral campaign. Although she didn't win, I knew one day that she would achieve something greater," Pickett said. "The sparkle in her eye and the way she presented herself when she entered a room was truly mesmerizing."...

Such a wonderful reason to do all you can to make a person the Premier of a province, eh?


In case you are wondering who said that....

It came from the very fine, finest of the fine person who has been running that Snooklandian bought-and-paid-for social media (and more!) anti-teacher campaign lo these many weeks.

Bob Mackin had the story yesterday in The Tyee.

(and yes, as you may have guessed the six figure, plus, contract went to that particular member of the finest of the finely mesmerized untendered).

Previous editions of previous Snooklandian Daze can be found....Here....This particularly obvious one is probably worth replaying today...For the record.


The Keef Report....Post (Tentative) Teachers' Deal Edition.


(Short story so far...Tentative deal reached at 4am....No details yet...Ratification vote Thursday....If all goes well, school on Monday...)

The following came from the Keef late last night, just before Vince Ready (allegedly) put both sides in a headlock for the duration:


Was the good Mr. Baldrey trafficking in those 'rumours' that Ron Obvious hates so much...

Or is this really how it went down given that it would appear that there was no 'crunching'?



The Glimmer Twins did it!


Guess only time.

And the actual details will tell.

Meanwhile, Mike Watkins tells us, via the non-rumour division of the Twittmachine, that the Richmond Centre For Diversity played no active part in the website shenanigans of that 'counter protest' group that we tracked over the weekend... Mike did the digging (he contacted the RCD and heard back from their Executive Director directly) that the proMedia wouldn't, including the CBC, after they all bit and ran with 'shiny' story of the 'clash' between the group and teachers on Sunday...
Previous Keef Reports are.....Here.


Monday, September 15, 2014

#BCED....Is No (Real) News Good News?


The fact that so little real news leaked out of Teacher/Gov't talks over the weekend (i.e. the fact that Denike and Woo showed up, out of the blue, for no good reason at all was not real news) suggests that something is happening.

And the fact that Vince Ready says they are going to get together again today is further evidence of that, I reckon.


As things drag on and the financial squeeze starts to tighten on individual teachers, one can only wonder if it's starting to look the ol' Bailey Brothers Building and Loan around the Emergency Fund offices of the BCTF these days.

And, more specifically, I'm talking about that part where there is a run on the bank.

It's the scene that ends when George manages to calm everyone down with his Honeymoon money and then, finally, asks Miss Davis how much she needs. After initially hesitating, she manages to say...'Could I have $17.50?"

And, just in case you didn't know it, according to a bizarre profile in The Province awhile back, 'It's A Wonderful Wife' is one of Christy Clark's favourite movies.


In more reports of the not 'real' news...

We had an interesting (crowd source-backed) time around here yesterday figuring out where the website of a very amateurish group that attempted to disrupt the public education rally in downtown Lotusland yesterday came from.

This spilled over to the Twittmachine, where things went kinda/sorta like....This.

But, just to be clear, the real action was right here where we had the room and space to stretch things out and make things clear (you can start with this post and work backward through the links if you're interested).

And just to be even clearer, after I did a little initial digging in the Tubez, I got all the help I needed from readers...It was just like the old days of early RailGate.


Does this mean that if you care about public education in this province that you are now part of a 'Cult'?


Sunday, September 14, 2014

#BCED...A Screen Capture Of The Disappeared Counter Protesters' Website



Update, 10pm Sunday Sept 14/14....Some dot connecting re: The Website and how it may have come to be in the comments....Here.
Thanks to our old friends G.A.B. and N.V.G. as well as Mike Watkins from the Twittmachine (as well as a bunch of other folks too for the crowdsourcing assistance extraordinare)...

Yes that's right...We've managed to bring it back from the dead.

Because the so-called 'BC Federation of Parents' website against the BCTF, has been found in the Google-Cache:

Need background on the 'Federation' and all of it's 32 members? (the number was 30 when I first saw this screen pop up Sunday afternoon from what had been, essentially, a dead letter site before that)

Well, it starts here...

Then it gets weird, here...

Then the bizarrity begins, here....

And then it gets downright goofy,  here...

But none of that matters to any and all digital influencers as long as it gets proMedia play without any direct trackback to the Federation as happened on Global TeeVee this evening, right (that bit can be reached through the last link, above)?

Thanks to our old friend, and former Railgate digging machine, GAB, for the GoogleCache tip.
One last thing, and then I'm going to stop because this is starting to smell like the work an old nemesis that I once dealt with back in the old Railgate days...Turns out that there is a Twittmachine feed from the 'BC Parents Fed' with yet another monicker "Back To School"....Very little there...But sure was happy to retweet a certain 'Digital Influencer' when the media first bit on all of this earlier today...


#BCED Counter Protester Website Disappears.


I've been writing about this thing all afternoon.

Suddenly it's gone.

Bizarre YouTube slideshow is still there though.

Meanwhile.....Global TeeVee sees the shiny newscycle candy and bites down, hard, as it runs a piece on the 'dozens of families' that were protesting 'against' the BCTF at the Vancouver public education today...No mention, however, of the 'BC Parents Federation' that is now disappearing into the ether....


Twittmachine Feed With Different Name Now Asking Folks To 'Come Join Us' (i.e. the #BCED Counter Protesters)



 Update: 7:45pm Sunday Sept 14/14...The group's website has been disappeared.

Earlier today, a group calling itself the 'BC Parents Federation' mounted a counter demonstration that was covered by the CBC, mostly from the point of view of the kerfuffle that apparently ensued (i.e. proMedia...'Shiny!'). 

As a result, I did a little digging into their meagre online presence of the group which appears to be somewhat circulatory and, in my opinion, obfuscatory.

Now there is a Twittmachine feed exhorting folks to come 'follow us' with a link back to the BC Parents Federation website:

The feed has a different name,  'Rally4Edu' (it's actually the third I've found associated with the 'group' today, the other is 'BC Parents Alliance).

The other recent Tweets on the feed are inflammatory in the extreme and appear to be reveling in a media deflector spin job well done:

It's all really quite bizarre to say the least.


#BCED....Apparent 'Statement' Of 'BC Parents Federation'.



Double-Secret Probation Update: 7:45pm Sunday Sept 14/14...The group's website has been disappeared.

Updated 4:50pm Sunday Sept 14/14...What purports to be the 'BC Parents' Federation website now has a slide show (apparently of the "BC Parents' Alliance", note different name, apparently at a different rally on Sept 07/14)...They also say that they have '30' members...Link is....Here.

The 'BC Parents Federation' was, according to CBC News, the counter demonstration group at today's public education rally in downtown Vancouver. 

The following is an apparent 'statement' from the group, posted on, that links to the same empty website that we noted in our earlier post on this matter:

BC Parents’ Federation
Sept. 14 2014
Statement of BC Parents' Federation

Under the BC School Act, students' entitlement to education is a right. Today, this right has been blatantly violated. Because of the teachers’ strike, more than 500,000 students have been locked out of school causing great disruption to public schools. Not only has the strike impacted students and parents in BC significantly, it has also incurred great financial loss to over 13, 000 international students.

We, parents of British Columbia, urge BC Teachers' Federation to put students first and end the strike immediately. We request that BCTF allow students and teachers return to school while engaging in negotiation or mediation with the government. Don’t let the teachers who want to teach have no one to teach! Don’t let the students who are eager to learn have no school to go to!

We respect the teachers’ reasonable requests to the government. However, we ask that BCTF stop using students as pawns or its bargaining chips. We believe that any negotiated contract with the government should be settled without preventing the students from receiving education NOW or in the future.

Web Site:

Question now is....If you mow this grass is there any aroma to be found?

Update Postcript...YouTube link to the 'slide show' of the differently named 'BC Parents' Alliance', which currently has zero subscribers is....Here.