Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Last Days Of Clarkland...Shillophants On Parade.


With shillophants like this, who needs clowns...

Case in point, it would appear that the good Mr. Coyne is dancing on top of a big deeply purpled NaPo float while wearing the loudest 'Double S' suit of them all:

...It has been argued that, while the Speaker’s impartiality may be the convention at most times, it should not be the convention now; that what is intolerable as the exception, for a bill’s fate to be decided by the vote of the Speaker, should be tolerated as the rule; in short, that convention should be respected so long as it is not inconvenient.

This will appeal to that enduring Canadian constituency for having things both ways. But it would do immense harm to the way we are governed. It is a hard enough job keeping order in the unruly cockpit of partisanship that is a legislature, even with a Speaker who is universally respected for his fairness and impartiality. To expect order to prevail with an unabashedly partisan Speaker, under the government whip, is foolish in the extreme...


It would also appear that Marky Mark is now the purple baton twirling drum major for the "No Costs/No Taxes, Bathtub Gin &Toga Parties For All!' brassiest brass-type band...

Of course, there is absolutely no truth to the scurrilous and completely unfounded rumour that Mr. Coyne's float was driven by the current clerk of the legislature...None whatsoever!


Friday, June 23, 2017

The Last Doomed Days Of Clarkland...The Polak Consistency.


Apparently, the co-optation of all things Leap Manifesto, Marxism (of the non-Groucho kind), the CCF, and the GreenDP Coalition by the Salad Of The Word party is entirely consistent with everything it has ever done.

How do we know this is true?

Because Marvelous Mary Polak says so:


The thread, with Ms. Polak's Twittmachine intern fighting back with both hands tied behind his or her back is hilarious. 


The Last Days Of Clarkland: Everything In My Throne Speech Is Dangerous...

...Now Give Me Money!

The following is a fundraising letter recently received by public education advocate Jenn Stewart:

Hypocrisy, thy name is Christy.

(some call it Hypochristy)

What's it really all about this time Alfie?...I have a theory...More on that soon (i.e. sometime this weekend after littler e's graduation events are all done).
Bob Mackin goes a little deeper on the fundraising thing...Here.
Uncle Bob also notes that, in addition to an Oil Refinery Lobbyist, Ms. Clark also had her longtime FedLib rainmaker in the ledge with her yesterday...Imagine that!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Last Days Of Clarkland...What Has The Dean Been Smoking?


Don't worry.

By tomorrow, Saturday at the latest, the buzz will wear off and the good Mr. Palmer will write the next in a never ending series of punch-pulling, hedge-betting columns.


Oil Co. Lobbyist Uber Alles!

Update: Looks like the Dean has moved on to the harder stuff...


The Last Days Of Clarkland....ALL Of Your NDP's 'R Us.


Mental health, education, welfare rates, transit, bus passes, carbon taxes, campaign finance reform and all that are one thing when it comes to the co-optation of all things Dipper/Green.

But this...

This, if even remotely true, would be unbelievably Clarklandian in more ways than Christy:

(It would appear Mr. Antrim was p'wning us all...But I would take pretty short odds on it having been in at least one draft version or three of the speech somewhere up the line)


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TDDIC....When Projection And Paranoia Become One.


Is the Klout Klub now closed?

And I guess media monitors and/or digital influencers were never employed by the BC Liberals.

Of course, it goes out without saying that no local Liberal operative would ever stoop to using the Boyz to get things done.



TDDIC...All Your Legislations 'R Us.


Rob Shaw, writing in the VSun yesterday, made it clear that Andrew Weaver will not support any card check legislation from John Horgan.

Which is all fine as far as it goes, and is not unexpected (although I wonder if there would be a Fac. Ass'n at the fine institution where Mr. Weaver plies his academic trade if a secret ballot only-type certification drive was held today).

But what really caught my eye in the piece was the following from the good Mr. Shaw:

...Weaver said the Greens are interested in co-operating with the Liberals and NDP on other legislation (including potentially voting in favour of a Liberal bill to ban corporate and union donations), but warned he won’t allow any party to unilaterally push bills through the legislature...

Of course, the above passage was neither presaged with nor followed by any mention whatsoever of the fact that the BCNDP has introduced such legislation six times already in legislatures controlled by the BC Liberal Party and, most recently, Ms. Christy Clark.

In addition, there was no mention that Mr. Shaw's employer is one of the current crop of big money proMedia donor's to the BC Liberal Party of Ms. Christy Clark.

Kind of makes you wonder if Postmedia has made any deepest, darkest money-type contributions to Ms. Clark et al. in the past few weeks.

Perhaps Mr. Shaw could report back and let us know if that is or is not the case before we are forced to fork out $350 million to help service the restructured debt of the hedge fund that controls them and/or keep the big bonuses rolling in for the really big Postmedia bosses that are apparently so deserving of them.



Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mr. Ward Finds His Way Home.


Brook Ward who tends to babble like one in the free-formed format that is sports talk radio is a different guy when he's calling a ballgame.

And calling a game is something he did with great regularity back in the days of triple A baseball in Vancouver.

That all ended when the team moved to Sacramento in 2006.

But tonight I got tired of the MoCo and flicked on up the dial to find Mr. Ward calling the opening game at Nat Bailey this evening.

If Moe Drabowsky was still here Mr. Ward's left shoe would be on fire by now and their would be goldfish in his soft drink.

You think I'm joking?

Fun little back 'n forth on the Twittmachine about the greatness that was Mr. Drabowsky...Here.


This Doomed Day In Clarkland...To Hell With The 71%.




Subheader?....Well, according to all kinds of wizards in days past....Genius!


TDDIC...Sometimes The Best Way To Help A Crony Is To Absolutely Nothing At All.


Well, well, well...

Whadd'ya know.

The ability of the provincial government to actually lay Environmental Act-related charges against those finest of the very fine folks for all that stuff went down at Mt. Polley three years ago will soon end.

Gordon Hoekstra of the VSun has the story. Here is his lede:

A deadline looms for provincial charges to be laid in the failure of the tailings dam at Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mine, but the B.C. Conservation Officer Service says the investigation has not finished.

There is a three-year time limit to lay charges under B.C.’s Environmental Management Act. The deadline is less than two months away, on Aug. 4.

The conservation service has been leading a joint investigation with the federal Environment and Fisheries departments.

Chris Doyle, deputy chief of the B.C. Conservation Officer Service, said Tuesday that when the investigation is complete, the findings will be forwarded to Crown counsel for review and to determine what charges will be laid, if any.

Doyle said he could not comment on whether the investigation would be complete before the three-year deadline...


It's not like the proprietor of Imperial Metals and/or various and sundry associates and/or associated companies has given a million dollars to the BC Liberals or anything.



Come to think of it, perhaps we should check to see what Norm Farrell has to say about that....

Hang on a moment...

This will only take a second...

I stand corrected!

And...One can only wonder how much darkest of all the dark money is being showered upon Clarklandia by said proprietor, associations and/or associated Co's as you read this?
Previous 'This Doomed Day In Clarkland' (TDDIC) pieces can be found...Here. 
Many thanks to an Anon-O-Mouse in the comment threads for the heads up on this one.