Thursday, May 11, 2006

Did Ted Hughes Say.....

If At First You Screw Things Up..... Screw Things Up More?

Of course not.

But, apparently, this is the British Columbia Liberal government's strategy in response to Mr. Hughes' scathing report on the tragic mess that Premier Gordon Campbell and his minions created in the Ministry of Children and Families.

How do we know this?

Well, there is always the horse's mouth, in this case the oropharyngeal isthmus of one Lesley du Toit, the high-priced GordCo fixer who sent out a missive to Ministry staff today that included the following statement, which was leaked to Sean Holman:

"As you will be aware by now, I have been appointed to facilitate and accelerate the transformation of the system for children, youth and families in BC with which this ministry began some years back. The need for change has also been highlighted by the various reviews over the past months."

Accelerate the transformation that wrecked the Ministry as detailed exhaustively and in detail by Mr. Hughes?

All snark aside, we truly fear that this is one of those cases where buying into one's own spin just may end up in further tragedy.

I mean, really, the next thing I fully expect is Ms. du Toit and/or one of her paymasters to claim that the reinstatment of an independent children's and youth officer is something 'new' that we have long been lacking in this province.

Oh, wait, it's already happened:

" (Gordon) Campbell hailed the (new) legislation as a law that will give a clear, non-partisan approach to child protection in British Columbia."

Remember, it was Gordon Campbell that killed off the independent child and youth officer in the first place, back in the bad old days of the 'first transformation' when Doug Walls was running amok and the files of hundreds of dead kids files were being shunted off to a warehouse somewhere just east of Spuzzum.


Perhaps the time has come for Mr. Hughes to make good on his promise to hound Mr. Campbell to the ends of the earth if he does not institute his recommendations for protecting the most vulnerable among us, especially given the fact that the Hughes inquiry may be the last honest and open one we get, ever, if this government gets its way.




RossK said...

For those arriving, late, from Sean Holman's place....

There was once a massive thread here detailing the obfuscatory and stonewalling ways of Mr. Campbell's government on this matter.

Unfortunately, it was disappeared by the greedheads that now own what was formerly known as Haloscan.

But - feel free to start a new one in the wake of the latest round of obfuscation and stonewalling in this the spring of 2010....


RossK said...


Start another thread in this, the winter of, 2017.