Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Adjuster


Awhile back we pointed out that when ridership is down and profits are up, it can mean only one thing......

And that is that the average British Columbian that cannot avoid regular trips on B.C. Ferries is being screwed royally.

And now that screwing has is become positively purple in it's royalheinousness.

But never fear, like crustaceans being slowly brought to a boil, we apparently won't even notice.

At least that's what Kevin Falcon is telling anyone who will listen:

Victoria (11/02/06): Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon is dismissing complaints from Gulf Islanders about the latest fare increase on B.C. Ferries.

Rates on the smaller ferry routes jumped almost 4½ per cent yesterday, compared with just under 3 per cent on the major routes.

Brian Hollingshead of the Gulf Islands Trust said fare increases and fuel surcharges are starting to hurt small coastal communities.

Mr. Falcon said no one likes to pay more to take a ferry, but the increases are only about $2 or less.

He said the public will adjust, and the increase won't affect the economy in any dramatic way.

The thing of it is though, this is not the only rate increase that has been forced upon us recently. In fact, according to Greg over at Dingorue, with permanent 'temporary' fuel surcharges included it looks like we have now been squeezed a total of 27 percent out of the past year alone.

Not that a thing like that would actually matter to the folks that Mr. Falcon likes to hang out with on boats.


And don't even get me started on those bogus, and exhorbitant, 'reservation fees' that are not considered fares and thus are not subject to any oversight controls whatsoever (not that that would matter anyway).

Remind me again.....just who paid for those ships in the first place?


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