Friday, March 02, 2007

Slime And Defend, Part III


So, I'm over at the Dan Report which, by the way, is a very fine place to spend a little time if you want to get an interesting take on things.

And I'm reading the Liberal pushback piece that Dan has posted up that was penned, presumably, by the very finest wordsmiths that Mr. Dion's money can buy.

And I'm actually liking the thing, which was written in response to Johnathan Kay's smear piece about how the Liberal party in general, and now Mr. Dion specifically, have sold their souls to those evilist of evildoers with the catchy name which is..... wait for it.......

Now, of course, 'ethnopolitical special interests' could just as easily be Oatmeal savages as Sikh separatists.

But that's not the point.

The point is that these are code words

And code words can be, and have been, used to disguise a lot of things in politics.

Almost all of which are ugly.


Anyway, when I get to the last paragraph of the Liberal pushback piece, which makes the point that if you are really and truly a 'big tent' political party you will always strive reach out to all Canadians regardless their ethnicity or shoe size, I'm thinking that that ought to be the end of it.

But then I realize that this is not 1997, or even 2002.

This is 2007.

Which, unfortunately, for us is still a time when conservative politics are played by the Rovian Rules.

And Rovian Rule #1 is that to win you have to make your own reality.

And to do that you have to get the media to play along, willingly or otherwise.


So far, by my count at least, the CPC strategists have created two new realities since Mr. Dion was elected the leader of the Liberal party last fall.

Reality #1: Mr. Dion, who has a long history of being a supporter of environmental programs, is actually an anti-environmentalist.

Reality #2: Mr. Dion, who is a centrist, is actually an extremist.

Now, notice how these new realities actually play to Rovian Rule #2, which is that when you make a new reality it must turn your opponent's greatest strength into his greatest weakness and vice versa. (if you flip John Kerry/war hero vs. George Bush /war avoider on its head you'll get the idea).

Which got me to thinking......

What will then next big play in the slime and defend game be to create Reality #3?

At first I thought the smear merchants might dredge up the fact that Mr. Dion was involved with the sovereignty movement when he was a teenager which they could then use to turn Mr. Dion, 'the federalist', into Mr. Dion 'the super separatist'.

But then I remembered that there is an election going on in Quebec that Mr. Harper wants Mr. Charest to win so that one is probably on the shelf.

At least for the time being.

Then I read that there are, apparently, gasoline shortages in Ontario.

Which got me to thinking about......'Energy Security'.


That's the ticket.

After all.....

Mr. Dion is a Liberal.....Liberals were once ruled by Pierre Trudeau..... Pierre Trudeau brought in the National Energy Program.....the Program failed and now, as a result, Ontarians have to wait in line to buy gas....Justin Trudeau is Pierre Trudeau's son....Justin Trudeau is running for Mr. Dion's Liberals.....Ergo.....Mr. Dion is trying to destroy Canada's energy industry.

Sound far fetched?

Sure it does.

But does anyone have a better prediction?

Before you place your bets, don't forget that the 'Energy Security' gambit has the added bonus in that it, if it worked, it would help cement common cause between Albertans and Ontarians, which means I've got to stop this now because I'm scaring myself.


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