Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dobrano Dirty Tricks....

...More Than Just A Few Phone Calls?

Double Secret Probation Update: 7:30pm Tuesday May 15th - Camille Bains CP story is out. In it she backs up Mr. Tielemans account and she obliquely raises the spector of the possibility that the RCMP may have held off on all of this until after the last provincial election.

Update: 6:30pm Tuesday May 15th -
CKNW is reporting that BC Fed leader Jim Sinclair is calling for a public inquiry because he thinks this dirty tricks thing was a way of discrediting the Fed when it was calling into question the then, as yet not done, BC Rail sale........Meanwhile, StoneWally says he can't say actually say anything because he must hold himself to a higher standard than does the press.....


Remember those alleged 'media monitoring contracts' between one of the accused in the BCRailGate Trial, David Basi, and the British Columbia Liberal Party?

Remember how all the pundits said, not long ago, that they didn't matter because of the well known but innocuous political party pathology known as 'everyone-does-it-itis'.

Well, according to Bill Tieleman's latest report from B.C. Supreme Court Courtroom 54 it looks like things might be getting a little stickier, not to mention stinkier, than a few prank phone calls to local talk shows:

.....there were new details on those (media monitoring contract) dirty tricks, including an allegation that Basi was involved with dumping a load of manure on the front lawn of the home of Jim Sinclair, BC Federation of Labour President and organizing phony protestors outside the 2003 Federation of Labour convention.

Defence lawyer Kevin McCullough alleged that BC Liberal Party Executive Director Kelly Reichert was consulted by the RCMP and told Premier Gordon Campbell that criminal charges were being recommended.

The allegations come from a previously undislosed document provided by the Special Prosecutor to the defence, an RCMP report titled: "Kelly Reichert - Do Not Disclose".

And, as you might expect, the defense has decided to try and spread the stinky stuff around as much as they possibly can.

Again from Mr. Tieleman's report:

(Defense lawyer) McCullough alleged that Reichert told Campbell that day that the RCMP was recommending charges be laid against Basi.

"When the tape was turned off, he [Reichert] didn't want charges approved against Basi because it would be embarrassing that manure was dumped on the lawn of Jim Sinclair and protestors were sent to the BC Federation of Labour," McCullough alleged.

"The wishes of the Liberal Party and Mr. Reichert, the same day he notifies the Premier, all came true," McCullough concluded, noting that charge were indeed never approved against Basi for those activities.

"We have the effort by Reichert to not have the charges approved. That reeks of political interference," McCullough alleged.

Big question is, will any of the stinky stuff stick as it spreads?

Stay tuned.......

Smaller question is: Did Mr. Campbell find about this before Mr. T. posted it on his blog from the good Mr. Chase.


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