Thursday, September 30, 2010

HST Reduction Shuffle...Playing The Media Morans For Saps



Updated at the bottom of the post:
The Morans are now Wurlitzering the demands of unnamed sources for the names of...Wait for it..... Other unnamed sources....Ha!

Last night I forgot to switch the long-wave back to the MotherCorp after listening to Dan Russell on the way home from work (don't ask....once again it's the bloody grants).

So, anyway.....

That meant that when I hopped in the VW (notso)Microbus this morning, up popped Michael Smyth blabbing on breathlessly (with that frostiest of ratings-killers P. Till) about the red-hot 'rumours' that Gordon Campbell will today announce a 1% drop in the HST and that he will also roll back the date of the referendum on the biggest Corporate Welfare grab in British Columbia history.

Now, before I could puke while Mess'rs Smith and Till joked around about the 'sources' of the rumour, I instead stuck two fingers straight up my nostrils and twisted my way down the dial to the Cluffmaster Flash, and.....


There were Jeff Davies and Stephen Smart going on and on and on about the very same two rumours.



These suckers are being played in a game of spin and counter-spin.

And I assume they know it (although I'm not so sure about Mr. Cluff).

Here's the way I see it....

The 1% cut rumour was the 'Spin' - coming from the PAB-Bots to drum up anticipation for Mr. Campbell's stunning 'game changer'.

And the roll-back the Ref Date rumour?

Well, I figure that was counter-spin from the Zalmoids - designed drive up expectations so that the story could be spiked when Mr. Campbell doesn't deliver on that half.



Why didn't the Morans tell us what was really going on?

The Evils of Access, perhaps?

Maybe, especially in the case of the rumor monger extraordinare from The Province, but I dunno for sure.

One thing I do know for sure is that they're all perfectly happy to be played for saps if it gives them something to Wurlitzer as their own.

And don't forget, regardless how it actually went down this particular time 'round, there is always the sheep-herder effect* that the PAB-Bots and other Spinmeisters count on with these people.


*See the CluffMaster's producers, for example, who, presumably, saw Mikey's big splash in the TheProv when they stumbled into work this morning....
Update: 2:00pm Thursday.....It would appear that the spin is reaching counter-revolutionary proportions....And now the Canadian Press is playing the Wurlitzer game to to tell us that unnamed sources are saying that that the Premier's office is 'infuriated' by all the rumour mongering going down and wants the Zalm to name his unamed sources....On the plus side, nobody has blamed the Bloggers.......Yet!



kootcoot said...

Hey Ross, am I missing something, or is a "moran" an extra special sort of idjit or moron. Or is it a secret element, unlisted in the Perodic Table, but if not hidden would be in the same class/tier as Boron.

Now then again, it is just a vocal flavor, lower than Soprano, but higher than Basso Profundo......Oh, oh, I'm starting to have too much fun.

I was sure glad after all the sturm and drang that Gordo the Greedbag really had nothing to say afterall at the UBCM. If Gordo say anything either true, or that made sense, he would be immediately stricken down by a lightning bolt, leading to an immediate improvement in LIEBERAL fortunes, which would upgrade from in the toilet, to merely terrible!

RossK said...


It's a bloggodome term of derision down south given that it has been spotted quite often on the signs of the tea-partistitas.


kootcoot said...

I remember now.......(also Erin Moran was the sister in Happy Days - wasn't she?)

RossK said...


And if Richie had let her she would have jumped the shark too, with an assist from an HWinkler piggy-back.


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