Friday, February 10, 2012

Next Year...Throne Speech At Princess Pammy's House!


With no throne speech scheduled, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark will instead make a 90-minute appearance on the Vancouver radio station where she used to work.

"In place of a formal Throne Speech, the Premier will be appearing on CKNW’s Bill Good Show to outline the government’s agenda for the spring session," said an email to press gallery members from Clark's deputy press secretary and communications officer Rebecca Scott.

The premier will give a scrum to other media who are welcome to watch the interview at the CKNW studio, the message said. The appearance is scheduled for 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. on Feb. 13. The spring session of the legislature will open Feb. 14.

Andrew MacLeod, The Tyee

Feb 09/12


The following point was raised before, back when Keith Baldrey was given an 'exclusive' on the decision by Ms. Clark not to go to the people last fall.

And it was shouted down by the so-called Pros in The Media.

So, given that this is even worse, I'll raise the point again.....

Which is, to paraphrase Brian Mulroney speaking to John Turner:

"Mr. Good, you could have said no, sir."

Because Ms. Clark is clearly NOT playing to we the people with this codswallop.

Instead, she is playing to those who really can be played by letting them know that it is she who will decide how much ice time they will get if, and only if, they play by her rules.

And the 'they' Ms. Clark is playing for suckers are the lapdog members of the Lotuslandian Media who don't have the guts and/or the integrity to say that they cannot be bought for a cheap 'scoop' and that, more importantly, they don't give a hoot-in-heckfire about insider access to easy information that, in the end, is almost always worth less than zero.



Given that we know, based on repeat past-performance, that Mr. Good is a serial water-carrier for the Clark/Campbell government we can only surmise that, even if it wasn't his former producer and TeeVee News Anchor partner helping to set this up, he would never say no.


What if, say, no one from the proMedia were to show up for the post-propaganda 'scrum' availability mentioned above?

Wouldn't that effectively shut down the wurlitzer and end Ms. Clark's, and her coterie's, 'game'?



Grant G said...

Ipsos Reid released a new provincial poll today.

Historically Ipsos Reid polls almost always under estimates NDP support by 7 % points..

Guees what, Ipsos has confirmed that Christy Clark is pretty well hated by almost all female voters, all age groups, all monetary levels..

Her remaining support is males who are led by their Pen......s

Woof Woof

Bill said...

Hi Ross

This video snippet could be captioned "Big Hair-Little Brain" with two equally valid interpretations.

Pamela runs off at the mouth without the teleprompter -showcasing just what a dull bulb she really is despite her years of "anchor journalism" and also we see that Pamela has the big hair and Christy the pea brain ( well actually two peas in a pod).

I am sorry to be so negative and personal in this comment, but these people are supposed to be governing us not running a gong show. Quite comical but sad state of affairs.

I will leave the analysis and comments to others on the obvious stupidity of Christy's most recent attempt to address (mislead) the electorate. Contemptable but predictable.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'll have to remember to take the day off work and turn up my hearing aid for that one.

Anonymous said...

It's a real slap in the face to all of us living in the hurt-land who do not get cknw. (which may be a good thing)

West End Bob said...

So nice to know that Yours Truly will NOT be a party to this performance of the LINO circus. It's three - goin' on four - years now since I've partaken of cknw's codswallop.

One of the best decisions I've ever made . . . .

kootcoot said...

Unlike Anon @10:30, I think she is doing a favor for we in the Hurtland - cuz I (thankfully) cannot hear CKNW, unless I want to screw around and see if their Audio Garbage Can.....oops, I mean Vault is functioning that day on that segment!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I fell asleep listening to Pammy's video.

I'm waiting for the big Conservative gun Boessenkool, to take over BC and Christy. Boeseenkool is Harper's boy, who worked for him and lobbied for Enbridge as well.

I will be curious to know, whether Boessenkool goes on CKNW. He is due in BC, Feb 15 or so.

I'm sure the BC propaganda media, will be kissing Boessenkool's butt, big time.