Monday, January 06, 2014

This Day In Snookland...While The Cronies Play, Schools Must Pay.


While the fine folks at the Commensense Canadian and the Wilderness Committee may be off by a billion or five, I think most in the know would agree that our future commitments to IPP producers and subsidies to resource extractors via Site C are going to cost us, through BC Hydro, something on the order of $60 billion.

Which is a reason that we rather than them (i.e. said producers and extractors), must start paying through the nose, immediately, for all those sweetheart deals.

And by 'we', we mean us, which includes our schools.

Here's just one example, as noted recently, by Sian Thomson of the Campbell River Courier-Islander recently:

Cuts to BC Ferries services and hikes to BC Hydro rates will negatively impact the district, students and the communities within School District 72 the school board says. The BC Hydro rate increase will cost the district approximately $103,000 over the next two years...

Then again.

What's a hundred thou in extra unforseen costs to a little up island school district already strapped to the teeth by Snooklandian 'austerity' measures anyway?

Why am I fussing about this?....Well....Remember how the Snooklandian Minister responsible recently decided that there was no way in heckfire that he was going to cut school districts and hospitals some slack because if he did people (as opposed to cronies?) might start to expect such deals...



e.a.f. said...

as they turn the screws every tighter on school boards, those with children who do not fit well into the system take them out and home school them. If this keeps up, those who can afford it will place their children in private schools and the rest home school, thereby making it easier to close schools and sell the land to some developer. this is simply a method to ensure schools no longer educate children. /when the uneducated children, can't make it into trade school, gee they can bring in workers from other countries to work the skilled jobs.

People voted for the lieberals now they are going to have to live with them.,

The comox valley has the same problem, we have consistently had lieberal m.l.a.s so parents can't be that upset by the second rate conditions their children are learning in.

Hugh said...

The school system is also still paying big $$ to buy carbon offsets, though the PC Trust is dissolved and now hidden in the Ministry of Environment.

BC Hydro as well has to buy carbon offsets, since it is a crown corp. Even though it produces 95% renewable, carbon-free hydro power.

I would also point out that Site C is not built yet.

scotty on denman said...

They might just simply shut the lights off at the Denman Island school.

---e.a.f. Greens have been splitting the vote in Comox Valley for the last five---count 'em---federal and provincial elections in a row, all in favour parties ironically antithetical to claimed Green ethos.

That being said, I had to hold my nose to vote for the pusillanimous, lilly-livered NDP.

Hydro is mad at me today because I want to charge them $35 a month to read my own meter on their behalf---they said that's what it's worth, got it right here in several threatening letters which is all I got in response to several formal requests to set up a self-read agreement. Even said I wasn't a shareholder. Oh yeah? then how come I gotta pay a share of IPP debt?

Hydro insists that if I had accepted a Smartmeter, then there would be no need to send out a meter reader; I happen to know, however, no Smarmeters are transmitting info on Denman yet.

The supervisor with whom I spoke did not acknowledge my Franz Kafka (Re: The Castle, 1930) comment---but I'm pretty sure he got my gist. K, the protagonist, is frustrated by preposterous, malevolent bureaucracy. Like the dust jacket says (which I generously include as a literary form), BC Hydro's symbology is intentionally ambiguous but emotionally precise.