Friday, March 20, 2015

The Keef Report...Can The Ridiculous Be Sublime?


...Because this time I think he might just be messing with us.

Unless, of course, something happens in the gallery on Thursday nights that we don't know about when the rest of the ledge is away for, say, spring break.

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Anonymous said...

What are the standards

North Van's Grumps said...

"Lamestream media"

Lew said...

Written by a self-credentialed imperiler.

And once again, a cowardly drive-by without the courage to name the citizen journalists he’s smearing. Some standards, Keef.

motorcycleguy said...

I think I missed Baldrey's tweet about the date and time of his televised conference with the idiots....the one where he brings his glossy photos with the paragraph on the back that has all the facts and figures that prove said idiots wrong....the one where he defines his standards and how he got them. Let the viewers of this conference decide if it is the Baldrey Standard or the idiots that are promoting the best interests of this province and all of its citizens (journalist or not).....yeah, I think he is just messin' around with this....his photocopier must have broken down so he had some extra time on his hands

ron wilton said...

Perhaps Blowdry is whimpering about the exponential increase in online journalism in direct proportion to the unfaltering decline in his 'mainstream' medium.
Had he and his BC brethren followed more closely and more frequently their mandated code of ethics, and told the unbridled truth about the politicos and corporate flunkies they sycophantically fawn over, they would not be in the poor place in public perception where they now reside.

James King, Victoria said...

Seems to me that democracy is already pretty 'imperiled' despite (and maybe a little bit 'because' of) the efforts of Baldrey and his gang of misfits. Could bloggers do any worse?

Anonymous said...

do some media go to work for BC?
spouses of reporters also?

Unknown said...

Curious what lead up to this idiotic comment. Earlier, he was tweeting about the Canucks game. Perhaps he was drowning his sorrows at the time?

Stephen said...

When your influence is waning and your sense of entitlement as the voice of critical analysis starts to be measured by tweet followers rather then credible content you start to project your own insecurity . Pomposity is claiming democracy is imperilled when you write as a shill for the governing party and call it political analysis. No lack of shame for Baldrey and interesting moments where he shows lack of judgement in his reactive tweets. Yes indeed what happens at the Ledge when the rest are sway. .

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with questioning authority.?Nothing.

Anonymous said...

BC rating second..from the bottom

Anonymous said...

When I saw that the first thought was Baldrey is feeling left out again & needs some attention.
Just think the attention you might get Keith if you actually had investigated & researched a news item. But for now Keith just practice by reading Bob Mackin, Norm, RossK, Sean, Mickeblog etc. etc.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Why not just call Baldrey what he is. A Quisling: a person who betrays his or her country by aiding an invading enemy, often serving later in a puppet government; see also fifth columnist. Baldrey and Fletcher are the very embodiment of quislings. It would be good to profile the 200 some odd Public Affairs Bureau employees that work 24/7 as the real architects of the demise of democracy.

Grant G said...

Keith Baldrey is inferior, I can`t recall Keith Baldrey ever sussing out a scandal, ever digging and FOIng for information, ever hammering a politician or corporate CEO for answers.

Keith Baldrey is meek, a bootlick, and jealous that "idiot bloggers" can actually report facts without repercussion, whereas Keith Baldrey is restrained by a very short leash attached to a leather spiked neck collar.

North Van's Grumps said...

Does anyone have a copy of:

ISBN: 0075498685
Fantasyland: Inside the reign of Bill Vander Zalm written by Gary Mason and Keith Baldrey

How many copies sold? or given away?

chuckstraight said...

Hope Mr Baldrey reads this stuff.
I haven`t bought a Province or Sun for years and definitely don`t read his stuff.
This site is first stop for me in the AM where the real news is.
Keep up the good work Mr K.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

$11.92 New or Used (not bloody likely Used)

RossK said...

Wow...A most interesting thread...Apologies for being absent it was a busy day.

What's interesting to me is how invested the good Mr. Baldrey seems to be be in one side right the other side wrong (and idiotic)...Rod Mickleburgh seems to have a more inclusive view, which is evident from his tweets attached to the original one from the Keef.


Unknown said...

This article reminded me of I F Stone.

I remember reading I F Stone, one of the most respected journalists in the US. He said he would not interview politicians because they always lie. When he wrote, he analyzed what they did, not what they said. He wrote a successful independent newspaper called the IF Stone Weekly. No major news outlet would handle his work as it might compromise their profit.

Too many of our journalists just repeat what politicians tell them. The journalists think they are great because they have close contact with the politicians in power and they don’t realize they are being used to spread the politicians’ propaganda.
They could ask them the right questions, but they should do an honest and rigorous analysis of what they have been told and what the politicians have done.

I F Stone would have a lot of fun with the internet.

RossK said...



Thing is - could he have made his subscription model work?


Dana said...

"... and they don’t realize they are being used to spread the politicians’ propaganda."

Oh, I think they realize it all right. I think they just don't care.