Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Keef Report...No Mas.


Been really, really, really end-of-term, paper-revision-deadline busy.

Which means I haven't been keeping up on on all things #bcpoli.

But last night a reader sent me a note about some kind of dust-up on the Twittmachine between various proMedia club members backed with the comments of a few citizen cultists that actually pay attention.

So, in the interest of responsible blogging, before weighing in on the matter (which seems to have started with this), I thought I should head on over to the Keef's feed to get the good Mr. Baldrey's take on the matter.



Fearless journalism, indeed.

Did somebody say 'cults'....Ya, actually....Somebody once did.



Lew said...

How in the world will you ever keep informed now?

Danneau said...

Someone needs to lighten your load! Gee whiz, the blogosphere just ain't the same. Methinks Baldrey chose a team and is frightened by the long-term prospects. Needs to be excommunicated from the high priesthood of journalistic posturers and shunned by society in general, given that he has been so willing to dine on the crumbs falling from the corporate government trough. He ought to have the company of a legion of other MSN toads.

Bill said...

Well done Ross for your Distinguished Baldrey Badge Of Merit (with blocked 3 delete cluster).

Unknown said...

Yes welcome to the new "Blocked by Baldrey" internet cult

Stephen said...

I also am a member though a friend did remind me that Twitter can mess up for spamming control and block huge amounts of people. Because he is so egotistical this could be true as it is hard to imagine him blocking any kind of attention. Fletcher and he are on the same page on this one though he will say he was just astounded a the amount. Not of course at the secrecy, triple deletes and practice of withholding information and non documentation. If it is not recorded it never happened. The school of Goebbels lives on and the Zkeef makes excuses for it.

Anonymous said...


Slothful foxes are on the run now, they can no longer mind the hen house, chin on paws, with only one eye open, now that the tweet nasties in the 'hood keep banging their crusty old pots at them.

Keith BaldreyVerified account ‏@keithbaldrey 21h21 hours ago

Brilliant: marshalederman: It's mean out there, I'm exhausted: the instant fury on social media is getting me down”

"When the government announced details of its Syrian refugee plan – in particular not bringing in 25,000 refugees by the promised deadline – the overwhelming reaction was that this was the right call.
“Breaking an election promise isn’t generally considered a smart move, but the Liberal government showed sound judgment,” began a Globe and Mail editorial. Other media agreed. Even the opposition didn’t freak out.

But online, the haters were mobilized.

The reaction was by no means entirely negative, but some of it was downright nasty, creating the usual caustic cloud around what was clearly a prudent decision.

There’s a reason we repeat an unofficial mantra to each other in the news business these days: Never read the comments.

The democratization of commentary allowed by social media is excellent in so many ways, allowing for unprecedented access and discourse. But it has also helped nurture and promote a culture of outrage. At the drop of a hat and at lightspeed, we go from unaware to incensed – even in the absence of actual facts. This is not only distressing in and of itself, but serves to drown out and water down issues that are deserving of attention and indignation.
It’s mean out there, and I’m exhausted."

RossK said...

Thanks Everybody!

It would appear to be an august cult-club, indeed.



It astounds me that these people don't understand that actually participating in the comment threads (as opposed to 'abandoning them' is the way to keep them civil and interesting.

It's something I've learned around here because, surprisingly enough, it's not all a case of preaching to the converted.

Interestingly, Bob Mackin himself is pretty good at this when he responds to comments to his own Tyee stuff.

The real star of this interactive approach on the Twittmachine is, in my opinion, Kady O'Malley (it also helps that she has a sense of humour).


Anonymous said...


I'll check O'Malley out.

Grant G said...

Blocked by Keith Baldrey...yes I am..Blocked by Tom Fletcher, yes indeed, I`m even blocked by Michael Smyth...

What took you so long, only those they fear are blocked..

Baldrey, Fletcher and Smyth,...Three pretend journalists running in fear from Twitter members who ask questions...

Hmm, amazing, I wonder if those pisspoor writers and failed journalists remember the first rule of journalism..

When in doubt ask questions, and even more follow-up questions..

But alas, they fail miserably at the question asking department..

And now, and now Keith Baldrey, Tom Fletcher and Michael Smyth run in fear from Twitter members asking questions..

Those three circus clowns seem to have been taught very well by the BC Liberals..

Lastly...Hey Tommy Fletcher, say hello to award winner Sean Leslie for me..

Sean Leslie, winner of the Government media award, perks and the plenty handed out to the media mouth that best waffles, obfuscates and protects Christy Clark`s ever expanding backside!


sd said...

Poor Sandy, If only Bob would get out of his way he could get his way with this "Government"I guess he doesn't blame the lieberals for obfuscating information we as citizens deserve.Delete, delete delete, rinse and repeat.To my surprise I actually saw Bob on the tee tee questioning who actually is responsible for the Evergreen overruns. He wasn't buying fratbenders assertion the "company" will pay. Yeah to the lieberal coffers.All ya'll keep up the heavy lifting, lord knows Kieff and his ilk won't.

e.a.f. said...

if it weren't for guys like Mackin, we wouldn't know half the things the b.c. liebeals know. wonder how these people would be commenting if it were Baldry asking about an NDP government.

FOI is the cost of an open government. If we do not have FOI then governments such as the b.c. lieberals would be even, in my opinion, be sleezer than they currently are. Anyhow, the b.c. lieberals are on auto delete aren't they, with scrubbers.

thankfully we do have citizens who want to know what this government or any government is up to.

as to baldrys little comment, just like baldry, a very, very tiny man. and certainly no longer, in my opinion a journalist--more like a shrill for the b.c. lieberals.

John's aghast said...

@e.a.f. "...the b.c. lieberals would be..sleezer than they currently are." You mean 'sub sleazy'? I don't think they could be any sleazier, but then you never know. Wait for the next election!

e.a.f. said...

oh, John, they could be sleezer. I don't know how old you are but I have seen sleezer. You might describe it as sub sleazy, i'm o.k. with that. Christy and her cabal aren't even half way through the "tricks" they have. just watch as we get closer to the election.

I am so sad I didn't get on the list of banned from Baldrey's tweet list, but then I dont' tweet, yet, I do feel left out.