Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Damn The Oral Government Torpedos!


Well whadd'ya know.

They knew.

Specifically, the Wizards of Clarklandia knew that their little exercise in minimal minimum wage lifting kabuki was nothing more than a PR stunt that would NOT raise British Columbians off the bottom rung of the ladder.

How do we know that they knew?

Because one of the wizards temporarily loss their mind and actually wrote stuff down.

Travis Lupick of the GStraight has the FOI-assisted (and very well dug out) story:

...In March 2015, the government announced a 20-cent increase based on a confidential cabinet submission that states 20 cents was enough to raise B.C.’s minimum to the middle of the pack. In June, it learned that 20 cents was not enough to accomplish Clark’s stated goal. Then, in September, it went ahead with the increase as planned, knowing it would not lift B.C.’s rank from below the other provinces.

“We are tenth currently,” wrote Jake Ayers, a senior policy adviser with the B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, on June 29, 2015. “But when Alberta and NFLD increase in Oct, we will be 12th – except for the fact Sask will also very likely increase past us in Oct – so we will probably be 13th – i.e., last.”...


...Ayers’s predictions came true.

Last October, five provinces raised their minimum wages, resulting in B.C. falling to second-to-last place. Then, in December, New Brunswick announced it would increase its minimum wage to $10.65, dropping B.C.’s to dead last...

Imagine that.

Actually it was more than one wizard who spilled the pixelated beans, but I just chose one example....Go and read all of TLupick's piece - it's good.



North Van's Grumps said...

The 110 page FOI report with assistance of John H. Blakely LBR:EX emails

North Van's Grumps said...

Page 68 to 110

The BC Government 27 pairs of GCPE hands had their input, and collected their salaries, on Shirley Bond's Minimum Wage and CPI Report to Premier Christy Clark. Is there one name that is more important than any other. Guess!

Daren Lewis, 1
Trevor Hughes, 2
Jaclynn Hunter, 3
Tania Johnson, 4
Michael Tanner, 5
Jake Ayers, 6
Karen Clunn, 7
Athana Mentzelopoulos, 8
Steve Anderson, 9
ScotMacDonald, 10
Sheila Purdy, 11
Sveah Hourston, 12
Jason Keenan 13
Katy Merrifield, 14
Brooke Somers, 15
Shirley Kwan, 16
David Curtis, 17
George Farkas, 18
Christopher Gilmore 19,
Shanna Mason, 20
Julie Turner, 21
Monica Jang, 22
Marnie Faust, 23
Tim McEwan, 24
Aleesa Paulson, 25
Peter Rogers, 26
Olivia Van Tassel, 27

BTW Did the Dyble report on the Ethnic fiasco have as many involved with Bonney?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Restraint is the word the Socreds invoked when presented a shrinking economy, a shrinking economy that has, or seemingly has, kept on shrinking for some and, sure as crap fills the twitter sphere, expanding like the universe for others. A pox on the poor bashers and every last one of their kind.

Anonymous said...

breach of data
breach of mine dam
breach of public trust?