Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Bye-Bye To The Sparkle Pony Purveyors, Every (Single) One.



The big news is that the Flippiest one them all is gone, as noted by Charlie Smith in the GStraight:

One of Christy Clark's most vocal supporters in the 2013 election campaign has received his walking papers from the new NDP government.

Gordon Wilson was appointed in October 2013 as the Buy B.C. LNG ambassador by the B.C. Liberal government. This came after a high-profile pre-election endorsement of Clark...


...According to Jobs, Trade and Technology Minister Bruce Ralston, Wilson was paid more than $550,000 by the Christy Clark government.

Yet Ralston claimed that his staff has been "unable to locate any reports written by him", according to an article in the Times Colonist.

But, as Bob Mackin notes, it would appear that the original trillion dollarist has moved on as well:

Imagine that!

Meanwhile, the good Ms. Tyabji says don't believe anything your read, see or hear....Or some some such thing.



Lew said...

Ms. Tyabji says her husband will "soon be free to speak about the position he held with the BC government."

This appears to be confirmation that under the BC Liberal government, sinecures were not allowed to
speak freely about their positions. How very transparent of the BC Liberals.

I can hardly wait for the story Mr. Gordon F.D. Wilson has been dying to freely tell. Wonder if it too, is "Behind the Smile".

North Van's Grumps said...

One way to find out who Gordon F.D. Wilson talked to in the last four years would be to ask the public if they had a meeting with Gordon F. D. Wilson and did they write a report. Reports with Gordon F.D. Wilson just couldn't have vaporized universally, eh

Lew said...

@North Van's Grumps:

Or ask the people that were on the other end of all those cancelled meetings in his calendar.

RossK said...

Aww geez.

Forgot about this...



e. a. f. said...

THE B.C. Lieberals paid him all that money to keep him out of politics, in my opinion. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if he decides to run for the leadership. Like how is he going to make a living now. $500K and

change for What???? No reports, right, its just take the money and promise to shut up.

good to see the back end of all those troughers. the true welfare queens sucking the money out of the Treasury while hospitals couldn't get decent funding. Let hope we see the 200 p.r. flacks hit the road also.

Keith. said...

Presumably G. Wilson will be going back to whatever he was doing with sheep, pull the wool over the eyes of another sucker if he gets half a chance. Seems like once you are on that merry go round of tax payer funded gigs, another one turns up. Worked so far for the ex. minister responsible for ferries under the previous NDP. govt, just got to look at which way the flag is blowing and act accordingly.

Or will he partner with Judi and pen another blockbuster, or do a cameo on "dancing with the stars"with the ex. outreach person. Gotta do something, no severance package.

Anonymous said...


When it comes to Flip, things are not always as they appear. The close lens of leadership might expose too much…but this is BC, Shameless BC...

RossK said...

Don't forget...

Wilson-Tyabji sheep skins cost us money too.

Apparently (scroll down)


Anonymous said...

SH @ Rossk

I scrolled down, can's see sheep!

Is this in the realm of what the story was?


RossK said...


Sorry SH --

'Twas wrong link (from tomorrow a.m.'s post)...

Here's the correct sheeply one.


RossK said...

Laila's post, as per usual, is a good one.

But it 'pre-dates' the particular 'grant' in sheepliness.


North Van's Grumps said...

Over at Bob Mackin's Gordon Wilson expenses there are no reports but looking at Election BC website there's one supplier to the LNG mogul more than half a million dollar gig.
Pacific Coastal Airlines which has donated $78,252.24 to the BC Liberals. In particular a $10,000 contribution on April 1 2016; $5,000 on April 1, 2016; and a further $1,462 on April 22, 2016; a very good year for the BC Liberals .....

North Van's Grumps said...

Strictly Confidential ... here are some links to Gordon Wilson activities reported to his Minister Shirley Bond.

Google Search Criteria:
LNG-Buy BC Presentation with Gordon Wilson BC businesses will learn how to promote their products and services to engage with the LNG industry

And one of the reports 180 pages long, three columns wide.

s13 - Province of British Columbia
Promote the LNG Conference during Post May 21 -23 there will need to be engagements .... by BC businesses that wish to engage Contact and work with businesses that in LNG ..... Prepared by: Gordon F.O. Wilson, LNG-Buy BC Advocate. Telephone: ...... widely presented in the mainstream media as a "new" product.

davemj said...

Dirty rotten scoundrals,lying stealing turds.I hope this is only the tip of the Iceberg that the N.D.P.will uncover.Hey Liarbels what do you say about the fast Ferries now? matchstick compared to the Bomb i feel is coming! Karma is a Bitch Rich.

Anonymous said...

During Pamala Martins employment I kept waiting for her to reach out to me. Now that her employment has been terminated and her happy hours on the government dime have come to an end, I guess I'm out of luck.

RossK said...



...Pointed Sticks!


Len said...

Never mind what we wasted on Gordon Wilson,i want know how much we paid Pammy for her years of having her nose firmly up CCs arse

Anonymous said...


The lede image on Smyth's latest, shows a corporate, unrock-starred Wilson.

"Province" on file dated image for best optics??? Or dress for success makeover in readiness for a new go-fund me scheme?

Understand the 'contagion'... not necessarily looking for you to post RossK, just wanted to share….

Anonymous said...


@Norm_Farrell Aug 6

I knew Gordon Wilson before his hair turned orange. #bcpoli


Anonymous said...


"Hmmm" is right….

Laila Yuile‏Verified account @lailayuile 16m16 minutes ago

Laila Yuile Retweeted IntegrityBC

Hmm. Is this who briefed Ralston? Does anyone know #bcpoli
Laila Yuile added,


Amazing how ADMs & DMs move around. The new DM for Jobs, Trade and Technology was ADM in the Ministry of Nat. Gas.


3:35 PM - 9 Aug 2017