Monday, October 08, 2018

The Keef Report....The Paltry.

A hate-on for a suggestion to discuss things that likely matter to a whole lot of supporters of a particular political party?

Willful ignorance of massive shifts in popular support in recent provincial elections across Canuckistan?

Or, perhaps...

Just a late night weekend time stampish thing?

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JasonS said...

You know the funniest part of this all. If we do come out of this PR referendum in favour of it i can see 2 things happening. And both of them will help the Greens. First off the NDP betrayal in the direction of BC Hydro Site C which is now entirely upon them and the HUGE debacle it is sure to become and secondly their betrayal of the green minded voters that voted for the NDP with the huge subsidising tax forgiving mega polluting LNG farce. Solar power is going to destroy both of those assets in the next 10-15 years. Then the BC Liberal green minded voters and more conservative minded voters got a look at how the BC "Liberal" party actually handled the finances ala doubled the provincial debt bankrupted ICBC and allowing huge tax fraud money laundering through are casinos and general fuckery of our housing market. they will slide green like the younger generations that look at the NDP and BC Neo-Liberals and say no thanks. Under PR this paltry 17% as Keith puts it will be sure to increase dramatically. I used to think that the Greens and Weaver ,because of his IPP views was an extension of the Liberal party but after the election i came to realise that its the NDP that is an extension of the Corporate cabal that runs our province for the interests of the moneyed class. I have voted NDP ,Conservative and even BC Liberal 2 times with Campbell but i will never vote for the liberals of NDP again. We need someone to start a political party that would run our province on the Norwegian model and we might actually get our "100 Billion prosperity fund" and not just more lies and debt.

Lew said...

All four main political parties in British Columbia are encouraging citizens to discuss and learn about proportional representation in preparation for exercise of their right and duty to vote in the pending provincial referendum.

The provincial government is funding campaigns on both sides of the issue to the tune of $500K per side. The BC Liberal leader has challenged the Premier to a debate on the issue.

But Mr. Baldrey calls the Green Party’s attempt at family discourse on the subject “lunacy”.

It’s time for Global BC to take a long hard look at who represents that supposedly impartial news organization as a reporter and a member of the Legislative Press Gallery.

Management’s inaction on this threat to Global’s journalistic integrity is what could be considered lunacy.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

“Global’s journalistic integrity” - now there’s a good one.

Lew said...

@Mr. Beer N. Hockey:

I actually thought hard about that phrase and decided to leave it in. With the certainty that it would evoke a WTF moment that makes the point. And you hammered it home perfectly.


Chuckstraight said...

journalism? Not really. More important to have a majority of 39%? 2 x 17 = 34?

Anonymous said...


paul said...

Note Mike Smyth's response.

And also that the original tweet is now gone.

e.a.f. said...

Given the results of recent elections in other provinces in Canada, Keefe might want to have a read. The Green Party is where the NDP was once upon a time. Recall well the days when there were very few of them anywhere in any Leg. or Parliament, but they grew and that is why Keefe might want to watch out. Next election, they could be the party in Office.

I'm not in favour of the FPTP or the PR. I'd rather have run offs, so that if the candidate with the most votes didn't achieve at least 50% of the vote, there would have to be a run off. Then at least a candidate could say they truly represent the people in their riding.

It would also make the candidates more responsive to all voters, knowing they couldn't rely on just their party faithful.

Small parties can grow to be big ones and big ones, well look what happened to the Liberals in Quebec and Ontario.

Having seen what PR has done in some other countries, I'm not so keen on it any more. One fanatical small party can hold a whole government to ransom.