Thursday, May 16, 2019

Awaiting The Celebratory VSun Headline In 144pt Type...



Perhaps not.

After all, the fine folks over at Postmedia's pacific division can always start fussing about...




e.a.f. said...

Horgan and the NDP could build all then new highways and bridges the province needs, no cost public transport, new schools, solve the fent. crisis, recruit first class doctors and build a hospital in every town with a pop. of 10K or more but still Palmer and his ilk would find something to complain about.

Palmer and the MSM work for their corporate masters, doing their bidding. They aren't real journalists. They are like advertising agencies for the right wing and corporate interests. When was the last time you read or heard any of them advancing the interests of working people? Hell I don't even remember those guys complaining about child poverty during the Liberal years. At least the guy from Black Press did have his papers write an editorial condemning it here in B.C.

jhon said...

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