Monday, June 24, 2019

This Is The Modern World.


I mean, is there no longer on single solitary entity that purports to be in the public interest that cannot be willingly co-opted?

And yes, if you are of a certain vintage you should bloody well have an ear worm from that coupling at the top of the post that needs scratching....



Anonymous said...

soft power

Lew said...

Wined and dined...

Annual Banquet:
Platinum: FortisBC
Gold: Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)
Silver: TransCanada
Annual Banquet Wine Sponsor:
Delegate Lunch
BC LNG Alliance

Anonymous said...

has anyone said advertising doesnt work?

e.a.f. said...

this is how China makes in roads and influences our politicians. it will work. as some CISIS person said back a decade ago, they were concerned about China's "relationship" with some politicians.

No foreign entity ought to be at these conferences.

Markerbuoy said...

I love the always obscure, cryptic analysis from you, Ross.
But do I not/maybe/possibly detect a double negative in the current headline?
Love your posts...please don't stop :-)

Anonymous said...

Bob Mackin is wondering who runs "Canada Strong and Proud".

I'm wondering if it's the same group that ran "Ontario Proud"?

Lew said...

Anon @9:47:


RossK said...





As Lew points out it's not just China, which is the low hanging fruit that Mikey-Mike was willing to pluck. The bigger issue is that these fine folks feel that it's OK to sell acccess to absolutely anyone. Note that all on Lew's list could benefit from UBCM decisions.



This is much, much more than straight-up advertising.



Got it, and fixed!



Anon-Near-The Bottom and Lew--

This is something I plan to watch and note over the next 17 weeks or so.

Canadaland has been doing a good job following the various entities of this type...


Anonymous said...

Just got cell phone spammed by a "BC Strong" push poll.

Do you agree we must build pipelines to export Canadian oil?

Anonymous said...

In BC they pass the buck ...and they passs the buck.?