Monday, September 02, 2019

With A Rebel Yelp.


Apparently, Mr. Scheer is mad as hell-in-a-handbasket and he's not going to take it anymore:

The thing is...

This, as Mr. Scheer's faux outrage slyly points out for plausible non-denial denial purposes (if needed), is completely contrived.


Because this came up back in June of this year and it was shot down, squarely, by no friend of post-modern Laurierism, John Ivison in the National Post:

...On Monday several U.K. newspapers reported that ....(a convicted child killer and pedophile)... is preparing for a new life in either Canada, New Zealand or Australia, and that the cost and complication of creating new identities for the child killer was a factor in the decision to relocate him abroad.

Privacy regulations prevent the Canadian government from commenting on the specific case but a statement issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada said that people who have been found to have committed a crime elsewhere may not be admissible to Canada.

Privately, an official made clear that one of Britain’s most reviled criminals is not coming to Canada. “The reality is he (Venables) won’t get into the country. At the end of the day, protecting citizens of our country is the foremost thing. He represents a threat to national security,” said the official.

A formal application has not been received by the government but the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act stipulates that foreign nationals are inadmissible in cases of serious criminality...


Why would Mr. Scheer knowingly seize upon something he knows is reverse-effluxed codswallop flung from the prow of the promedia garbage scow known as the Daily Mail that is, in this case at least, manufactured from the brain dead bleatings of a notorious gossip schooner called the Daily Star?

Because, in my opinion at least, it would appear that the fine folks running Mr. Scheer's campaign have made the carefully considered calculation that the time has come to go full metal Bannon on Canadians.

This is not a good thing from the minds behind the man who has a decent chance of actually becoming our next prime minister.

And, regarding the header....Look who went first.



Lew said...

An honest man needs neither a straw man nor a boogeyman.

Mr. Scheer uses both in one statement...

RossK said...



But I think we would be remiss if we thought for one second that Mr Scheer is 'tweeting alone' on such matters.


Lew said...

Interesting that Scheer and his guide team have decided on a full scale attempt to supplant Trudeau as Liar-in-Chief when one of Trudeau’s many re-election handicaps is his well-earned reputation as a liar.

Both camps must have a very low opinion of us rubes.

RossK said...

And they're slicing and dicing we, the rubes, so fine that they know which way our moods shift between breakfast and lunch.


Scotty on Denman said...

“...reverse effluxe codswa—“ or whatever you called it, I transliterated into “rabid skunk cornered.”

Us hillbillies gotta stand up for the vernaclear, ya know...

Anonymous said...

Any comment from Billy Idol yet?:)

RossK said...


Doesn't vernaclear rhyme with nukuclear?



Apparently, there is absolutely no truth to the rumour that Mr. Idol did not blame RMedia for the ticket fraud at his PNE show last weekend.

Or some such thing.


Scott in Montreal said...

I call it the Hamish Marshall Plan, and it is in fact a rubrick of our coy and stealthy Gerald Butts to maintain this plan at the forefront of CPC strategeringoscopy for as very possibly long as possible. It seems to be ever so helpful to the polling numbers for the LPCwou...

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. They think they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO clever to push these half-baked loads of shit that couldn't even cut it on infowars in a prayer breakfast ladies' auxiliary.

This is why JT should debate the fuck out of them. As much as he is lacking in gravitas himself, his opposition is so weak they make him appear Aristotolian by comparison.

We Canucks ain't so DUHHHHH to fall for this shit.

Fuck You, Andrew Scheer, You Fucking Weasely Piece Of Shit

I'm good now. thx

Anonymous said...

just a hydrocarbon giveaway?