Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Smilin' Sammy's True Colours


Surprise. Surpise.

All of sudden it's looking like Sam Sullivan is not the centrist he pretended to be during his James Green/Georgia Straight-assisted election campaign*.

The lifting of the veil began in earnest last week during the people's revolt that smacked down Mr. Sullivan's stealth plan to scrap all of Vancouver's Citizen Advisory Committees. In the end, all but one of Sammy's NPA colleagues jumped ship, which is almost unheard of. Only the lifestyle reactionary B.C. Lee stuck with Sullivan to the bitter end of a humiliating 16 hour council session that ended in a 9-2 defeat.

Then, today Sullivan announced that he would like to scrap the progressive, and sustainable, 1:1:1 Market/MiddleIncome/Social Housing plan for the South East False Creek development.

And guess whose share is going down?

Let's just say it won't be the Market component.

All of which has us wondering when Mr. Sullivan is going to release the names of all those big money donors to his successful effort to scuttle the Ward initiative last year as he promised back when he was having all those legal and cash flow problems.

Not that we think there might be some folks on that list that might benefit financiall from a re-jigging of the False Creek formula or anything crazytrain like that.....


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