Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Straussians Are Coming!


His recent rhetoric and his calamine smeared face may be pinker than Molly Ringwald in 1986 but Mr. Harper's old school tie is anything but.

And Dave, one of the proprietors of the very fine 'Galloping Beaver', has the class lists to prove it:

Harper studied under Straussist neo-cons at the University of Calgary, then worked with them to develop the policies and the framework for the Reform Party. When Harper made a bid for the leadership of the Alliance Party some of the U of C neo-cons jumped in as advisors. When the 2004 federal election came about, they were right there, led by the American born, American educated and Republican party approved, Tom Flanagan.

In 1996 a paper out of the Johns Hopkins' School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC named the political science department at U of C: The Calgary School: The New Motor of Canadian Political Thought, and Tom Flanagan had become their informal leader.

Flanagan has extreme political views, to say the least. He has worked tirelessly against the claims of aboriginal Canadians and has made clear his view that North American aboriginals should be assimilated and their culture entirely eliminated. It also goes that his beliefs extend beyond First Nations into other culturally diverse groups. Far from accepting the Canadian cultural mosaic in favour of the American "melting-pot", Flanagan preaches a cultural smelter. As tons of copper concentrate are placed under pressure to produce a few ounces of gold, Flanagan promotes the idea that diverse cultures would be pressured to adhere to a narrow political dogma, dispense with their ethnicity, conform to a single religious standard and accept the leadership of the purest of the smelted ore. In other words, a society dominated by an elite group which is white, heterosexual, christian, english-speaking and male. Those who do not accept this view need not leave the slag heap and will have their rights, freedoms and eventually their franchise eliminated over time. Flanagan, an adherent of the Bush style of governing, was Harper's campaign director in 2004 and he is still one of Harper's closest political advisors. Rick Anderson, who worked with both Harper and Flanagan in the Reform Party described them as, "... intellectual soulmates, philosophical soulmates."

And that's just the front row. Dave's post is pure gold for anyone who needs amunition when arguing with friends and uninfluencable uncles about Mr. Harper's real intentions.


Vote Left and Vote Often.


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