Friday, April 27, 2007



Looks like the antics of former lobbyist, articling lawyer, and all-around LINO-typist, Mr. Eric Bornmann (a.k.a. Spiderman), are finally getting ready to hit the big screen some four years after the fact.

Bill Tieleman has the latest details.

Two new tidbits from Mr. T.'s report that I found interesting......

First, the T.O. law firm that Mr. Bornmann left Lotusland to article for apparently gave over $100,000 to small Paul Martin's leadership campaign*.

Second, the Email demonstrating a connection between Mr. Bornmann's lobbying amigos from Pilothouse (ie. the alleged Basi/Virk OmniTrax money funnel) and Dobrano-associate John Taylor was actually in Tieleman's possession for sometime before the Globe and Mail published its contents. Even juicier, Mr. T. has refused give up the name of his source to the RCMP.


Could there be a Deep-Throat out there somewhere, lurking in empty City of Gardens parking garages and/or prowling the Ledge corridors in the dead of night?

*And don't forget that is the very leadership campaign that made the 'Basi Boys' famous, or, at the very least, infamous.


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