Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ya But.....

.....Was His Spidey Sense Tingling?


The Crown contends Dave Basi and Virk took cash from lobbyists Erik Bornmann and Brian Kieran, whose client was OmniTRAX, a Denver-Colorado-based company that was one of the BC Rail bidders.


(Robert Virk's lawyer Kevin) McCullough told the judge (Bennett) that Bornmann admitted to police in early 2004 that he gave bribes to government aides but was allowed to continue "merrily along" lobbying government, as were Bornmann's partners, Brian Kieran and Jamie Elmhirst, in the Pilothouse lobbying firm.

Neal Hall, Vancouver Sun, Apr 25, 2007

Bornman earned his nickname Spiderman after he entered a locked federal Liberal Party office – which contained the BC membership list during the time of the leadership battle between Paul Martin and Jean Chretien – through the ceiling.

And just how much were Spidey and his buddies in The House paid by OmniTrax to allegedly bribe, errrrr....lobby...... administrative officials of the Gordon Campbell government during the parallel-o-grammatical run-up to the BC Rail deal? Well, again according to McCullough, it was $297,918. Which begs the question - Why doesn't some young (or not so) enterprising reporter contact OmniTrax and find out if they're upset that, in the end, especially after the Roberts Bank spur deal was scuttled in the last stages of Gary Collins sprint for harmonized cover, they got nothing out of their investment (and we're pretty sure the figure cited above does not include the cost of the Basi/Virk trip to Denver to watch a little NFL football).


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