Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Busking Year: If We Had A Hammer....


.....We'd Find Her A Beer In The Morning

A Mr. Beer that is.


Mr. Beer 'N Hockey
, who relies upon the Guiding (Bertuzzi) Principle to keep himself on the not-so straight and narrow at all times, has this huge dog that he and his partner Sonja call 'The Hammer'.

And this dog is probably the gentlest of gigantic canines you'll ever meet.

How do I know this?

Because today I met Mr. Beer, who himself happens to be just about the best raw-as-white-light-wordsmith living and working anywhere within a hundred miles of the Big Muddy (PacNorthwest version), when he stopped by with The Hammer during our Buskateering session deep in the deepest east end at Trout Lake.


We'll have film of this week's festivities at 11 (and/or Wednesday, which ever comes second), but for now you'll just have to make do with a musical montage of last week's outing in the nearest west end, below...

Late, late just-before-bed Sunday Night Update: Have now had a look at most of this week's raw footage and I'm pretty sure that Mr. Willcocks will soon get his wish regarding a certain line from a certain Darnielle song sung overtop of a Uke Strum-O-Rama.....Will just take a couple of days to get the editting done ....
Oh ya.....If you want to see another hammer of a very different kind indeed, check out this slice of pure sartorial splendor (play it all the way through - it's worth it).....

eteba!!!.....I can see you cruising by every once in awhile when you pass through from Cathie's place....Drop us a note in the comments when you get a chance and let us know how you're doing.....



Jon said...

Was that dog the legendary Hammer? I had pictured a Newfoundland. It seemed appropriate. This is great stuff, the busking, and I agree that Beer is a major league word wrangler. I'd like to meet him someday. I'll be sure and bring along a ukulele.

West End Bob said...

Rosie-the-Whackadoodle looks like she was having nearly as much fun as the rest of the gang. Sorry I missed the West End performance!

Caught a glimpse of L.Y. in one of the shots - Glad she and the gang made it in for the show . . . .

RossK said...


Absolutely! The Hammer's hair is a little shorter and her snout is a little sharper than the breed you were thinking of, but both love the snow.....Hey, seriously, Jon, now that we are down with the YouTubians, maybe we should think about one of those collaborative things like that young whippersnapper Wade Johnston is always getting the kids to do with him....


We'll be back! (and sure hope you got a glimpse of our new harmonica player)


RossK said...


I know you are out there....I see you arriving from Cathie's all the time....How are you?


Laila said...

Hey RossK- and Beer if you happen to be reading!

Missed you guys this weekend, although I think Cam watched the video about 15 Little R. woke up pre 6am, leading to an early nap that coincided with your performance. However,count us in next weekend whereever you are! Can't wait to see the new video, and I'm so sad I missed Beer and the Hammer! Come again Beer, and Bob too!!

Jon said...

Ross, Internet collaboration? Any sort of trans border cooperation that will help prevent war between our very different nations sounds good to me. I'm a dedicated, but slow learner. I am constantly dismayed by videos of people who say they never played a musical instrument and three weeks ago they picked up a ukulele and here's what they've figured out. Meanwhile, after two years of trying I'm still desperate to get the buzzing out of first position open chords. Then again, I figure I need to do a lot of playing with others. So anyhow, count me in.

PS, if it comes to war, I will probably end up in an internment camp for Americans of Canadian ancestry. If not you can count on me as a fifth columnist fighting for single payer health care.

eteba said...


doing fine.we are presently in a deep freeze.

its been a while since all the waterways around montreal are now frozen solid.

emmylou harris was in town to attend the funeral of mrs mcgarrigle.the ukele was played.

salut..\. eteba

RossK said...


Yes - I heard about Ms. Harris and all the hundreds of folks that sang for Kate....Me, I can't stop watching and listening to this.

Sorry to hear of your freezing. We, alas, have had no winter at all - I will be lucky enough to get to take a trip to Montreal in the late spring, which I have done a number of times in the past. It is a trip that I always look forward to tremendously because everything is so beautiful in your city at that time of year...This year, though, I will look for ukulele's in the sky, songs on every corner, and I will do my very best to cram all the art in my heart that will fit.

On a very different note,I will not, however, spend any time looking for the Ghost of Jean Drapeau and/or his Biggest O because they are already here - in fullest force and with many extra zeros trailing behind them in their wake.