Saturday, January 09, 2010

Our Year Of Busking Dangerously: Week 1


.Upcoming Week 2 location, Sunday Jan 9th @ noon: QueenElizabeth Park Fountains (details at bottom of post)....


Week One was actually presaged by Week Minus-One that included warm-ups at Q&E Park in Vancouver and the flagpole sticking out of Beacon Hill in Victoria which is where C. and I got married way back when the Ace of Base were still bigger than their hair.

But, finally, things got serious this Sunday.

Unfortunately, littler e. had a previous engagement to make jewelry and play dress-ups with cousins Cora and Amy, so we had to go without percussion and somebody to watch over Rosie-the-Whackadoodle (although little eva did pinkie-swear to have the three-cornered metallic-instrument part worked out so we could let lose with a rollicking rendition of 'The Auld Triangle' during next week's show).


Regardless our depleted person-power, it was a nice enough day as Bigger E and I first fortified ourselves with Americanos, a cheese-pesto croissant, and one of those apple fritters that is bigger than a catcher's mitt from the Breka Bakery on Fraser just below 49th (ie. directly, and I mean directly, across the street from the Evil Green Empire) before heading to the top of Little Mountain where we set up shop under one of the awnings on the far side of the fountain near the (still open) Conservatory.

And then, after tuning-up, we put on a pretty good show.

Heckfire, a few folks actually gave us happy nods, and one even flashed wee smile.

But the best part was when a young couple sat down right beside us for pre-wedding pictures just as we were beginning 'Closer-To-Fine'. This resulted in my backing away a little so that the nice folks could have a better chance to hear E. sing.

Because Emily, who also works out her pipes with the youth division of this gang, was in very fine voice indeed...... And mark my words Ingrid Michaelson fans, E. will soon take over her own corner of the four-stringed world with her new-fangled, electrifiable Uke (actual model not shown above - image coming soon).

As for me.....Well, I have a bit of a cold, but it turned out that that actually helped with the Rick Danko/Crazy Chester verse in 'The Weight'.


O.Y.O.B.D. - Week One:
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Park on top of the reservoir.
Weather: Cloudy with a hint of blue; pretty warm for January with very little wind and lots and lots of families frolicking around the fountain across the way.
Set List: Lakes of Ponchetrain, California Stars, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, Heyday....The Weight, Best Ever Death Metal Band Out Of Denton (Texas)......Send Me On My Way, You and I, Closer to Fine, Bobby McGee.....Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Falling Slowly, I Bid You Goodnight.....
Working On: I Saw The Sign (Honest!)
Face We'd Like To See In The Passing Parade One Day: Well, in addition to the usual suspects on the sidebar (you know who you are!), how about Mr. Berner.
How To Find Out Where Our Gypsy Caravan (a.k.a. the VW not-so Microbus) Will Be Stopping Next Time?....Well, we'll try and post-up the approximate time and venue for next Sunday's show here on Friday night....
Update: Week 2 location will be back up to the top of Queen Elizabeth Park right near the Fountains and the Tai Chi Arbours....In honour of the the latter we've been working on The Arrogant Worms classic....You'll be able to find us there between, probably noon and 2pm on Sunday Jan 10th (the arbours are covered, which is pretty darned important for this rain-soaked Lotusland weekend.
For Bob, who has set up shop in his new digs, which we really dig....We're working on that license, and once we have it we'll be making a compromise...You want the West End, while Bigger E. want's Stanley Park ....So.... We'll give the Cleverley Picnic Area near 2nd Beach a shot ASAP.
Finally, just so you know.....It was Haloscream (ie. JS Kit Inc.) that disappeared all the old comments, not me. I did get a chance to save 'em though, for posterity (?), all 9 thousand plus, which is pretty unbelievable when you think about it...



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