Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More On The Bornman(n) Bombshell....



3:00pm Tuesday Treasure Trove Update!!!!!.....All Four Search Warrants Have Just Been Posted by The VSun....Here....Go nuts (sheesh, I've still got a whack o' work to do today)

According to Neal Hall, following-up the quicker out of the gate Keith Fraser, in the VSun, the 2004 police interview with Eric Bornman(n), who was later granted immunity by Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino for testimony that was never given when the RailGate trial was suddenly ended under a Mike de Jong/David Loukidelis/Graham Whitmarsh (but not Cabinet?) - approved $6 Million Dollar Cloud earlier this fall, runs to 241 pages.

Here's some o' the new juice from Mr. Hall:

....The 241-page interview with police is referred to extensively in one of four search warrants released Monday by B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie, granting a media application.

Bornman went to to tell police he gave Basi "a small number of smaller cash payments" but he was uncertain of the amounts and the frequency.

At the time, Bornman told police, he was busy working on the "Paul Martin leadership campaign, which took up a lot of my time."

Bornman went on to say that after the first cash payments, he began making regular payments by cheque to Basi through his cousin, Aneal Basi.

"I was paying him a set amount," Bornman told police. "I'm ashamed to say in return for his assistance in referring clients and his assistance on matters of government and for his, for his continued loyalty to my political endeavors..."

He said the first payments to Aneal Basi, who worked in government communications at the time, was "$1,000 and after that $1,500."

Bornman recalled Aneal Basi was worried about losing his job, so Bornman provided him with a CD-Rom of files to make it look like he doing work for Pilothouse.

He added the CD-Rom "was merely, you know, I'm ashamed to say that, it was...I guess a front that would've been used to substantiate the payments."

Later on, Bornman referred to his regular payments to Dave Basi, via his cousin Aneal Basi, as "bribes.".....


Forget about all the shame and the serial self-admitted accounts of pre-Railgate bribery for a moment.

Because there are at least two other things worth considering here....

First....note that this is material from only one of FOUR search warrants that have been commented upon so far in the public prints by Mr. Hall and Mr. Keith Fraser in The Province last night

Second...Hmmm....If Mr, Bornman(n) liked to use CD's for cover way back when, we wonder if he ever used them for other things in the run-up to RailGate....Like saving, oh I dunno......Emails perhaps?*


*After all, we're pretty sure that by 2003 Mr. Bornman(n) was no longer working with pay phones.....2001 maybe....But 2003?....We don't think so....But...Hey!....Guess what...Turns out that there were also some other very fine folks working with pay phones at a place called "Canada Payphone" back in the day....



Grant G said...

That Pay phone company tax form...

Bruce Clark.. On the Board of Directors

Patrick Linsella..On the board of Director

And Eric Bornman as a listed associate in investor relations.

All back in early 2003 and earlier.

Jump to today.Christy Clark running for leadership.

On her election campaign team.... Patrick Kinsella, Bruce Clark, Jessica MacDonald`s(Campbell`s deputy premier for years) husband now her campaign manager.

Christy Clark can`t claim the bambi defence, the optics are terrible, she has Gordon Campbell support team and everyone was implicated in wrong doing, bribes, corruption and screwing the public.

Could you imagine Ross K.....Hypothetically.

Mike Farnsworth`s sister, her house is raided at the same time as the Legislature was raided, at Farnworth`s sister`s home the police find top secret, confidential government information that was obtained through bribes to Basi....

The media would be all over it like Stink on a Monkey!

RossK said...


Re the hypothetical....I think it is safe to surmise that media would have been hiding inside the monkey waiting to break out like that thing from SigWeaver's abdomen in Alien.

Or some such thing.

Re: your real comment....Clearly the ties are strong, longstanding, and run deep....

(thanks for the great, highly informative comments the last few days, by the way - much appreciated in helping point us in the right direction )