Sunday, February 06, 2011

Blowin' His Lungs Out For A Dollar A Day....


Mr. Zimmerman showed up in a little corner of New York City fifty years ago last week.

Here, courtesy of the Village Voice, are the places he hung out and the people he hung out with.

And no.

Despite this, there is not an Evil Green Goddess in sight anywhere.

There is, however, still....

Here's something interesting....The guy who ran the Cafe Wha? at the time, Manny Roth, is Diamond Dave's uncle...The first time he heard him Mr. Roth thought the kid 'didn't have a prayer' of making it...



Anonymous said...

Thanks Ross, I enjoyed seeing those streets again.

The place called Alibi Room on MacDougal was the Scrap Bar in the late 80s, where I spent many a wayward evening after getting off my bookstore job about 11:30, often not returning to Long Island City on the double R until the morning daylight. Youth!

West Village, definitely on my itinerary next time I'm in the city.

- Jonku

RossK said...


Great to hear from you.

And thanks for the story.