Saturday, February 19, 2011

RailGate Rehab: The Liberal The Prosecutors Did Not Exonerate


While I can't believe I am typing this, I actually agree with Mr. Tsakumis and, of course, Bill Tieleman on this one....

Which is that the past week's much-trumpeted exoneration of any and all BC Liberals with a pulse by CTVBellGlobeTSNRDICHUMMUCHBatonLabattMedia in the RailGate affair was based on cherry-picked info that the prosecution provided, it would appear, to said media outlet BEFORE Wednesday's court hearing.

All of which means that, if you have been paying attention, you know that the Headline --Wurlitzering and endless breathless promos that ran above, and swirled around, Mark Hume and Jim Beatty's reverse-hit pieces that instantly wormed their way into every single Lotuslandian proMedia nook-and-cranny were pure unadulterated codswallop.

But, regardless, when all the walling-off of our local LINO's was done, the prosecutors and the hitmen still had to leave one of their own outside in the cold.

Here is the passage that makes that clear, taken from a transcript of an RCMP wiretap* that left FedLib Rainmaker Bruce Clark shivering, naked, out on the narrow gauge tundra:

Basi: ... you can take it and look at it, show it to them. They can ... y'know change some of the words around ... some buzz words they wanna see in there, right?

Clark: Yeah.

Basi: And these, these companies know how to ... get the fluff out of this shit and how to tailor it towards themselves, right?

Clark: Of course.

Basi: ... then we can make the changes, we'll show you the changes and then if those are okay, then we'll get it going.

Clark: Sounds great ... I'll get you a secure fax number and we can do it that way.

Basi: yeah...I'll fax it to you.


What were David Basi and Christy Clark's brother talking about?

Why, nothing short of the 'bid for proposals' on the soon-to-be aborted BC Rail Spur Line sale, as noted by The Province's Keith Fraser.

You know.....

That old QuidProQuo that was apparently/allegedly/but not really being dangled in front of everyone's eyes for money and/or favours and/or bid cover-based back-scratch-fever paybacks before it was/was not pulled off the table by someone who may or may not have been a minister of the crown and/or who may or may not have been having dinner with someone who may or may not have been an executive for a company that was clearly NOT involved with another group that the good Mr. Clark may or may not have been working with to get ahold of said Spur.

Or some such crazy mixed-up thing that the prosecution refused to release any further information/wiretap transcripts about when they got together with Mess'rs Beatty and Hume of the CTVGlobeEverythingElse Empire recently.

Which, weirdly enough, brings us to a very different company all together.

A very fine company from Vegas with a local BC Liberal-connected investor called 'Paragon'.

Guess those LINO-aligned folks only half-hiding behind the curtains learned their lesson on that one, eh?


What the heckfire am I talking about?

Well, despite Mr. David Podmore's babbling on about the overwhelming number of competitive bids for the roof-assisted reverse land-jack last week on CBC Radio (with, I'm sad to say, a decidedly passive and over-produced Katherine Gretzinger), the folks behind the curtain made darned sure that Paragon's was the only bid with an inside track/gambling license-in-hand when the game was suddenly, and secretively, changed from housing/retail to hotel rooms and money launder.....errrrr..... gambling.

Ian Reid, who might have more inside information than even T. Richard Turner himself on the genesis of the CasinoIndustrialComplex, has that story.

*And, have you noticed that when prosecutors release wiretap transcripts they are taken as fact, but when the defense does it they are nothing more than baseless allegations that haven't been proven in court....
And despite his sharpness and snark, even Mike Howell of the VanCourier has bought the line that we need the CasinoIndustrialComplex to justify/pay for the new Devil's Horns Hat being placed atop the former Marshmallow and NOT the other way around (again, follow Mr. Reid's timeline in his post noted above and you'll get what I'm talkin' about)
And, speaking of those riding Ms. Clark, isn't it interesting that Bro-Bruce and Patrick Kinsella allegedly first took the reins way back in 2005 when Smilin Sammy's handlers still ruled the roost and dreams of the CasinoIndustrialComplex were just a gleam in T. Richard Turner and Co's eye....Or, maybe......Not....
And, finally, just to prove that I really have been paying attention while on hiatus....Has anyone else noticed how well-timed NW's upcoming PinkShirt day is just in front of QueenChristy's potential coronation to come....Man, her riders sure know how beat back the (real) competition and stretch even the longest of noses at the wire...



Cui Bono--? said...

This was good. A short but solid piece on how the media cover-up is going down right before our eyes. Sums it up and lays it out in plain sight.


And yet i know, none will dare see nor call it conspiracy.

Oh, well, i keep hoping the truth will wholly win out somehow, someday; and so, towards that end, i wish to express my appreciation for your efforts.

RossK said...


Thanks for the appreciation.


I dunno....

It does, however, drive me crazy that so many folks in the proMedia won't write what they actually know.

I mean if you read the Rehab piece on the Ol' Flight Instructor by Mr. Hume in the Globe today (Sat Feb 19th) you'd think that all that "rip 'em a new asshole" wiretap stuff never existed.....or that Mr. Hume et al. never reported on it or the media monitoring 'contracts' that most definitely NOT an operation confined to just Mess'rs Basi and Virk. What's more it's as if Mr. Collins never asked to have the Villa del Lupo tapes released back BEFORE he was 'denied his day in court' as the subheader in today's Globe piece put it....Or....And get this....That Mr. Hume actually wrote the story of Mr. Collins' demand, through his publicly paid-for lawyer, back in the spring of 2007.



But here's a little thought experiment to try....

When somebody, say, a couple of months after the 2011 Grey Cup, when the true cost of the roof is exposed, starts writing about how maybe, just maybe the entire remodelling of BC Place for a billion dollars (when they could have gone for a whole new soccer field like the fabulously successful BMO Park in Toronto for way less than $100 milion) was actually a put-up job to cover the real front end of the deal which was the Casino Industrial Complex, will we just get the usual....'Oh never mind, that's not news because we already told you everything you needed to know about T Richard Turner and Paragon back in the Spring of 2009' from the likes of Palmer and Baldrey.

Meanwhile, will the The Goodship Watercarrier start bleating on about how we had to have the Casino or else we would have been forced to close schools and kill old people to pay for that Roof that Lara Dauphinee et al. and Bruce Allen's charges will gambol about under come November.

I mean, what is not reported on, remembered, and/or discredited as fiduciary flim-flammery/political extortion out of hand, 'round here is, to say the least, egregious in the extreme.



BC Mary said...


Thankful to see your words back in my world. The news is taking us into a Twilight Zone where the truth can be stated and nobody blinks ...

I actually saw this:

Quote, from Robin Mathews column today:

Fact. On the unopposed application by the Globe and Mail and CTV for RCMP investigation documents, Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie ordered the release to a strictly limited, in-group, safe list of Mainstream Press and Media people.

Fact. She was opposed in that decision by Defence lawyers who requested that the release of documents “to the public” should mean just that, and that they should be examinable by the public. She rejected that request.

Where to begin? Howling about the Grand Tradition of Open Courts? Growling about the rights of the citizens who must hear the facts if they're to perform their duties as guardians of society?

Well, I guess so. And then we keep on. Somebody said the following (which I like a lot) "Don't quit, because you never know that you're winning until you've won ..." or some such words.

cfvua said...

Now Big Rich has hurt feelings and wants an aplogy. As I almost fell off my chair laughing at the pompous attitude of his ilk, it is ironic, in that the apology needs to go to the residents of the province. For lying to get elected on a couple of occasions. For trying to cover up the lies with payments of taxpayer's money to "criminals". And the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

The wiretap transcripts are almost useless without their logs - with the RCMP's abysmal record in this case I'm not surprised that the wiretap logs have not been released... yet.

Comparing Mr. Tsakumis' notes and transcripts of the Basi "memo to file" with the wiretap log files will be an 'interesting' exercise.

Ian said...

Tsakumis has leaked docs about Clark's involvement up on his website. They kind of give the lie to the Globe's claims. In fact, they make a liar out of Clark and just about anyone else who says it was a rogue operation.