Sunday, October 09, 2011

Here's To The State Of The Golden Era....Verse 3

Here's to the Lies of the Era's Spinners...
In the midst of all the plenty....A decade of children going down...
And the Seniors who need our help most...Get shuffled round and round...


In 2001 the Era's Spinners made the following 'promise'.

"(We will w)ork with non-profit societies to build and operate an additional 5,000 new intermediate and long-term care beds."

Then, in April of 2009, the Spinner-In-Chief on that particular matter at that particular time said this:

"The government has created approximately 5,900 new spaces (for long-term care) since 2001, (then Health Minister George) Abbott told The Tyee Tuesday......"

Then the Era's Spinner said this:

(Mr. Abbott then) acknowledged that only 800 of these beds are long-term care, but the remaining spaces are assisted-living units -- "parallel," he said, to the intermediate-care beds made in the promise.....

In point of fact, between 2001 and 2009 access to residential care for Seniors dropped more than 20%. As a result the Golden Era's Leaders, Henchmen (remember CareNet?) and Spinners took us from near the top to near rock bottom* in access per 1000 seniors.

The definitive report on this aspect of the Era's duplicity from the CCPA, in which conflicting numbers from different ministries were unearthed, can be found here.

Of course, this issue, which emerged in the month prior to the Spring 2009 election, had little or no effect on that election.
*Thank the Goddess for New Brunswick.


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