Friday, October 07, 2011

Here's To The State Of The Golden Era....Verse 2


Here's to the stealth of the Era's Henchmen...

Privatized our Railway......

Basi: ... you can take it and look at it, show it to them. They can ... y'know change some of the words around ... some buzz words they wanna see in there, right?

Clark: Yeah.

Basi: And these, these companies know how to ... get the fluff out of this shit and how to tailor it towards themselves, right?

Clark: Of course.

Basi: ... then we can make the changes, we'll show you the changes and then if those are okay, then we'll get it going.

Clark: Sounds great ... I'll get you a secure fax number and we can do it that way.

Raped rivers everywhere...

Five to ten years ago, Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and run-of-river projects were all the rage throughout the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District. The situation was comparable to a mini gold rush, with potential independent power producers rushing to stake claims on every creek.

It all sounded so clean, so green, so positive. It was almost too good to be true. According to the recent review panel’s report on BC Hydro’s operations, it was too good to be true.

In the Gordon Campbell government’s pursuit of energy self-sufficiency, BC Hydro was forced to sign long-term contracts for high-cost, low-value power generated by IPPs. Those deals guaranteed IPPs revenue streams for decades to come. Also according to the review panel, in the 2010 fiscal year, IPPs produced 16 per cent of total domestic electricity requirements, while IPP electricity costs represented 49 per cent of Hydro’s overall domestic energy cost. The panel acknowledged that the self-sufficiency requirement is a “burden on ratepayers” and a “significant planning constraint” on BC Hydro.

Someone is benefiting from these agreements, but it’s certainly not Hydro’s customers or BC taxpayers.

Now we learn that because IPP run-of-river projects involve damming, disruption and diversion of rivers, they may not meet California’s standards for green, renewable energy under recent legislation passed by the California State Senate. So much for Campbell’s vision that the Clean Energy Act would “unleash British Columbia’s full potential in clean energy,” with BC becoming a massive exporter of clean electricity to be sold at a premium to power-hungry Californians...



Cathie from Canada said...

Great series, Ross.

BC Mary said...

There's been a few sharp kicks to the shins of the award-winning Campbell Guy today.

BC's Auditor-General is quoted as explaining how they decided what they want, and how they put it into legislation, and then ... "As a result of this legislation, government has taken it upon itself to define GAAP, rather than following the standards set by the Canadian Accounting Standards Board. It concerns us that government is willing to override the due process that is involved in the setting of Canadian accounting standards, and instead legislate an accounting result that will have a significant effect on the financial statements of BC Hydro and the Province's Summary Financial Statements."

Our Auditor General has given us "smoking gun" evidence that proves our government is addicted to deception.

Interesting person, that John Doyle. I worry about him. There must've been a whole lot of people drawing up that tainted legislation ... and a lot of media watching them do it ... and not a word of caution to the public? Does Doyle stand alone ... and vulnerable?

RossK said...

Thanks Cathie--

Audio version to come...


As we disembarked from the ferry last night, having bit the bullet for another $110 ride so we can visit the grandparents something came on the radio about CClark's RiotCourt-TV gambit.

This got C. and me talking....It ended with the conclusion that everything that the GoldenEra Campbell-Clark Legacy Gov't does is designed to bamboozle.

Funny how none of the Campbell-Clark Legacists were calling for televising of the RailGate Trial don't you think?