Saturday, June 23, 2012

They're The Vampire Banks...Sucking Blood From The Earth


Yves Smith (fantastic deep-finance blog over on the crawl), Matt Taibbi and Bill Moyers have a grown-up discussion about what is really going on with the ongoing swindle that is, despite what screechers like Margaret Wente have to say, really robbing us, and our kids and grandkids, of our collective future.

H/T to our friend Bob for bringing this to our attention...And he knows of what he links...He and his got caught in the middle of a lot of the upheaval down South before they moved up here.
And, yes, there will be a review of last night's (the) Mountain Goats (apostrophe before or after the 's'?) show....Maybe later...Maybe replacing Uke Sat Night with something....uhhhhh....different?



Anonymous said...

Thinks for bringing that video here.

RossK said...


If you like that, I strongly suggest you regularly check out the group blog run by Ms. 'Smith'.