Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Latest On The MCFD Gift Practices (Updated).



Update 7:00pm Thursday Dec 20th...Laila Yuile has received word from an MCFD spokesperson that the Email concerned (see below) is authentic...Stay-tuned for my comments on this second statement from the Ministry that is now part of the public record...

Not a whole lot more I can tell you this morning (Thursday the 20th)...



Yesterday we received what appears to have been an Email sent out to all MCFD staff that purports to clarify the 'current practice' at the Ministry regarding the purchasing of gifts for children in care 'under the umbrella of milestones and other important events' throughout the year.

But here's the thing....

Despite the fact that the Email was apparently signed by two officials of the MCFD, it was left completely anonymously. In addition, there is neither an Email address nor a Web URL for these fine folks listed at the MCFD website.

Thus, I have not yet been able to confirm that the apparent Email is legitimate and that it was, indeed, 'issued to all MCFD staff' yesterday as we were told.


If you would like to have a look at the Email yourself, it can be found about half way down the comment

However, until I get confirmation regarding its authenticity I'm  going to hold off commenting and dissecting further.

Sorry for the delay....Hope to have more soon.

For the record.


And it goes without saying that I'd be happy to receive an Email at...  pacificgazette at yahoo dot...the two letter extension for Canada (that would be the third letter of the alphabet followed by the first) from anyone in the know, either from MCFD officials or front-line workers...



Mark Groen said...

There is no such thing as an anonymous email.

RossK said...


Was actually an anonymous comment as shown at link in post.

We didn't actually receive the Email itself.


Laila has heard from a Ministry spokesperson....Busy afternoon...Will try and get something up later today or early tomorrow.


G West said...

$100 per child per year! What largesse...what generosity...what a crock.

Maybe that should have been what Snook was referring to when she was talking about how 'hard, how really really hard' it is....

RossK said...


Did Ms. Clark say that while she was riding in style in one of Mr. McLean's private jets.

A ride, of course, that we paid for.