Thursday, December 06, 2012

This Day In Snookland...Where's Pammy?



Now that the Cons have been destroyed, Ms. Clark and her minions know that the only way they can get even close to winning in May is by repairing the horrendous gender split.

Because women still do not like Ms. Always Campaigning and her act/grift one little bit.

To put it mildly.


Expect to be hearing a whole lot about all those amazing, unaligned 'Women4Christy' in the coming weeks and months as the smear machine simultaneously cranks up against Mr. Dix (because Mr. Cummins is now old, irrelevant news).

And who will be the point-person for the charm offensive aimed at those without Y chromosomes?

Well, based on recent events, it would appear that it just might be Ms. Clark's 'Director of Outreach' (paid not by Ms. Clark or her minions, of course), former TeeVee prompter reader, Ms. Pamela Martin.

To wit:

Leading Moms: Christy Clark Keynote:

On October 3, 2012 joined forced with Modern Mama and Entrepreneur Mom Now Vancouver to present Leading Moms. It was a day of inspiration, featuring moms who are making a difference in the arts, fashion, culture, business, science, media, politics and a whole lot of other areas. We saw talks, videos, musical performances and fashion show. We ate breakfast inside, and we ate lunch outside in the sunshine. We were energized and motivated by what we saw...

And in the wake of all that awesome amazingness these fine folks even made a video and everything (a video that has been watched by 48 people so far - 48!).

And guess who the Master of Ceremonies for all this energy and motivation was?

You got it....

...If you weren’t able to make it to Leading Moms, we’d like to share some of the day with you to give you a taste of what happened. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing a video every other week. Check back regularly to re-live the most inspiring moments of the day, or to see it for the first time. If you missed it, you’ll want to check out our first video featuring Pamela Martin, who served as our MC...

Which is all fine and good, I suppose.

But, bizarrely, then the minions go and cooperate with the fluff-machine running the 'Vancouver Vixen' series in the national organ-grinder monkey of Postmedia which makes the (not) Premier sound amazingly like Ms. South Carolina, North:

Age: 46
Occupation: Premier of British Colombia

The buck stops with the leader of Canada’s most westward province, who reached the political pinnacle with seat-of-the-pants gusto, silver-tongued populism and single-mom pluck.
Dream dinner guests Leonard Cohen, Rick Mercer, Louise Arbour, Margaret Thatcher, Michelle Obama. Words to live by “Get out there, do good, but be great.” Favourite movie It’s a Wonderful Life. The trait you most value in others Kindness. The quality you most value in yourself Warmth. A person living or dead you most admire Nelson Mandela, who brought his country together with the spirit of forgiveness.

Oh boy.....

Ms. Clark's favourite movie is 'It's A Wonderful Life'?


I mean, has the free-enterprisin' "Iron Snowbird" actually watched that pile of Capra-Corn, what with all it's socialist clap-trap about people banding together and helping each other out to protect themselves from the greedheads?

What's that you say?

Mr. Potter gets to keep all that money he neither earned nor deserved at the end?


Now I get it.

(I guess)

As of course, do the women of British Columbia

(really get Ms. Clark and what she is truly all about, I mean)



Ian said...

This is so unfair to.... Miss South Carolina.

RossK, that was one fantastic video find. I will laugh all the way to LA.

RossK said...

Have fun Ian.

(didn't find it myself....the Anon-O-Mice have been extremely busy)


Laila said...

Oh gag!!! Wow.. that video is something else. Wow... kindof leaves me speechless.... Wonder what all those moms would say about this speech if they followed politics long enough to figure out most of it was false advertising?

Anonymous said...

Yes but Christy is the fourth best fiscal genius in Canada. (eye roll)

RossK said...


I wondered about that as well...However, it would appear that some of the linked to groups may not be all they seem to be.


Yup what's few hundred million or five give or take your own poor new deficit numbers if they only add up to a paltry 2 billion.

After all...If you're going to run up the kind of deficit that allows you to then shrink the gov't baby enough so you can finally drown it in the bathtub....Well....


Chris said...

I just got in from a memorial vigil for the women killed and injured in the Montreal massacre 23 years ago.

Here's a fun fact for Women4Christy: In this entire province, there are fewer than 700 transition beds for women fleeing violence in their homes, either alone or with their children.

In all of BC.

Maybe Premier Mom could take a moment out from her busy, challenging, fulfilling life to explain that.

RossK said...


A serious point, which matters a whole lot more than my snark.



Chris said...

No, my first reaction to the video was snark; really, what else is there to do but laugh sometimes.

I just find that sort of vacuous, insular "I'm just another working mom" facade of hers offensive, given the power she has to make a difference on fronts that really matter to women.

I have yet to find a grown woman who considers her "one of us".

My favourite suggestion when we watched the video came from a friend who wanted to start a counter group called WomenForkChristy...

RossK said...



Anonymous said...

I think Pammy is unavailable every so often for her Botox days. It takes tons of time, energy, effort and money to undo that washed-up look.

RossK said...


Not sure about that, but...

I always assumed Ms. M. was going to be one of the 'star' candidates...Is it possible that the outreaching, and the outrage associated with it, is the reason that has not happened?