Thursday, June 20, 2013

Christy Clark's Big Climbdown...Are Those OIC's Even Worth The Paper They're Printed On?


The Tyee's Andrew MacLeod has the actual OIC's up wherein the Premier without a seat rescinds her sycophants seats at the golden loyalty trough.

But here's the thing....

What will she sign on July 11th?

After all, as Ms. Clark herself said not so long ago:

"We all say (and do) things when we are trying to get elected." 


The paper is here, here and here...



Grant G said...

Exactly Ross K..She is so transparent..

She will say and do anything during a byelection, even Michael Smyth has figured it out.

And what happened to David Black`s refinery?..No news, no submissions to EA..No energy companies greenlighting LNG projects..

Christy Clark was going to eliminate the provincial debt, BC Hydro and BC Ferry debt, eliminate sales tax and road tolls, create a prosperity fund for future generations???

So how come Translink is rattling the cage for $1 billion+ per year in road tolls?...And what is so hilarious, Translink wants car traffic cut by 50%, that`s a whole lot of gas tax vanishing..

Someone needs to tell Translink about the $trillions in LNG revenue.


Anonymous said...

Hey, a $Basivirk here and a $Basivirk there, and pretty soon you're talking some real money!

The NDP should play the bye-election as nasty as they can...I would at least expect them to get her to say that her puppies aren't getting mega-raises. Then, if and when she backs out and gives them anyway, take out ads in every major medium.

Hammer, hammer, hammer. Nice Guy didn't work. let's throw back some of the sh*t she threw at us

Mike (Pissed-off Mike)