Friday, June 21, 2013

John Baird's Friends And Their Benefits.



Actually, to be more precise (at least in the vernacular of the flack-hackery), today we're talking about Mr. Baird's friends with 'favours'.

The Globe's Campbell Clark has the story.

Here's his lede:

John Baird is defending his New Year’s holidays at Canadian official residences abroad, arguing they were a favour from friends, rather than a perk.

The Foreign Affairs Minister took a group of four friends to New York for five days for New Year’s 2012, staying at the official residence of Canada’s consul-general. It was eight days in London for the arrival of 2013, with six friends, at the residence of Canada’s High Commissioner...

Of course, one of those friends who helped Mr. Baird and a bunch of his other friends live in the lap of luxury for five glorious days during the dawn of 2013 was....


You guessed it:

...Canada’s High Commissioner to London, Gordon Campbell, invited Mr. Baird to borrow his place while he was away...



Here's the real thing.

While Johnny the Needle Thrower, as he is officially known around here due to deeds past done, may be a friend of the good Mr. Campbell he is also, in his capacity as Foreign Minister, Mr. Campbell's boss.

And every single penny that Mr. Baird allows Mr. Campbell spend on his laps and his luxuries (and the laps and luxuries of his friends) while he is in London is ours.



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