Thursday, July 04, 2013

TOIFA Viewership So Far....The Number Keeps Shrinking.


First Ms. Clark told us that that the $11 million dollars of our money that she spent on the Bogus Bollywood Awards, money that could otherwise have been used to pay for real programs for real people in British Columbia, was a good deal because it resulted in 400 million people watching the production on television.

Unfortunately, Ms. Clark made that patently false statement two months before the show was even shown, via tape delay, on the TeeVee (and one month before that little diversion we had called an election).

Then, more recently, Ms. Clark's newly minted Minister of Jobs, (and former BC Rail Ground Zero meeting participant), Ms. Shirley Bond claimed that 60 million watched the actual broadcast of the show in mid-June.


Emily Jackson, writing for Metro News, has a different number that, interestingly enough, does not look like it has been made up out of whole cloth:

...Only 29.7 million people watched TOIFA 2013 when it broadcast in India on June 16, according to reports citing India-based TAM Media Research...


Of course not.


Given the track record, which of the following statements made by the good Ms. Bond do you think will turn out to be worth appreciably more than, say....


...“We’ve already seen a return of $17 million, and that number is growing,” she (Bond said about TOIFA) said, pointing to 6,000 people hired to stage the event, 3,000 hotel rooms booked and 24 local corporations contracted for services...

{snippety doo-dah}

“Outreach to India is key to the long-term economic stability of British Columbia,” Bond (also) said (about the 'success' of TOIFA)...



theo said...
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karen said...

You know, I was just in Vancouver for the Skills Canada apprentice competitions at BC Place. It was 2 days long, and took 2 days to set up and half a day to take down. I cannot imagine that it took 6000 people to put that event on. 6000? What the hell kind of event needs 6000 people to put it on?

RossK said...

Sorry theo --

Couldn't let your comment stand because it could have been misconstrued.

I assume you were asking if it is legal to vanquish serial and wanton obfuscators at the ballot box?



Excellent point...But don't forget, PavCo likes to pretend that BC Place is 'in use' for something like 48 days for each and every single concert they put on in there.

Regardless, even if you took the hotel rooms, # of people working and the 'corporations' together at face value (which I'm not) it's hard to see how that comes out to a 'return' of $17 million.

More importantly...Are things getting any better in the apprentice game in this province?



karen said...

In the non-union sector- no. Competion rate is under 40%. Union apprentice completion is over 90%. In the early 00's ITAC became ITA. It closed ALL regional offices and is located in its entirety in the lower mainland somewhere. There used to be apprenticeship counsellors in the local offices who could answer questions, helped apprentices book training, encouraged apprentices, the completion rate was equal. Now union administrators are doing what the counsellors used to do.

I don't know what kind of havoc the foreign worker thing is going to play with the apprenticeship system.