Monday, July 08, 2013

What, Exactly, Is The Hiebert-Clark Connection?


Harvey Oberfeld, who has done a great job covering this story, rightfully calls White Rock Conservative Reform Alliance Party M.P. Russ Hiebert to task for refusing to face the music, and the electorate, when it comes to answering questions about his egregious and discriminatory anti-labour legislation:

....Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall Hiebert ever saying, when he ran for office as an MP …. “Vote for me and I’ll bring in anti-union legislation and become a puppet of extremist anti-union groups … and I won’t give interviews ot answer questions if and when it all hits the fan!”

Not even from BC’s only remaining permanent reporter left on the Hill (the Vancouver Sun's Peter O'Neill) … a well-respected, experienced, extremely fair journalist.

If Hiebert truly believes in his proposed law and is not just a political prostitute for the extreme right … he should be prepared to stand up and defend his position … and take questions....


Tough not to agree with Oberfeld on this one.

But here's what I really want to hear...

A Ledge gallery journo to get up on their hind legs and ask Christy Clark, whose campaign for the Premier's chair received huge dollops of smear-site/politics-of-destruction ad-assisted support from a shadowy group of shadowy men (and people 'you're not going to know') from a shadowy (kinda/sorta/allegedly/maybe anti-labour)  planet here in British Columbia, why hers was the only provincial government in the entire country that publicly supported Mr. Hiebert's push poll-backed anti-democratic legislation.

And even more, I would like to hear Ms. Clark answer that question.


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paisley said...

Good ole Harvey wouldn't accept this comment
"Heibert is a classic example of a politician doing the bidding of business interests and plainly not working for the general public or even his constituents. Can anybody think of any other important pressing issues Heibert should be working on other than his pet Bill 377? Feel free to stop at 100 other concerns on the minds of Canadians.
Hypocrites like Heibert can't help themselves when it comes to singling out certain groups and trying to step on them. It's in his nature.
A look at the focus on his life will readily explain these extremist urges and his cowardly non-explanations."

Did I go to far using the descriptor "Hypocrite", maybe next time I'll try "political prostitute" because apparently it's okay to slag prostitutes.