Saturday, September 28, 2013

A New Setlist For A New Sunday.


This Setlist started with littler e.

And it's ending with Bigger E.

That's the two of them, above, from our Summer holidays in 2004.


At the beginning of this Summer littler e. brought home her first ever yearbook from high school.

And today, at Summer's end, Bigger E. is climbing into the cigar tube for the flight back to Montreal.


It really does all go by in a flash....

Track 1: A cover of Sam Cooke's much, much covered 'Wonderful World'.  For some reason (think it might have been my Dad's mid/late 70's purchase) the version stuck in my head is the one by Garfunkel, Simon, Taylor and, yes, Herb Alpert. As longtime listener Karen noted in the pre-release, there is a bit of lyrical fiddling to fit the situation on this one.

Track 2: Can't remember who pried it out of him...Maybe it was during his conversation with Maron (which, unfortunately, is a premium thing now)...Regardless, I agree with what was pried out in that this song really is one that could change someone's life...And if you managed to write something like that, even just once, well, that would be enough I think...What am I babbling out?....It's John Darnielle's 'You Were Cool'.

Track 3: Springsteen....Right in the middle...Looking forward and backward simultaneously, musically and thematically...Darkness.

Track 4: This is one you will not know...I do my best not to butcher it, a song of raw power from a kid named Lauren O'Connell...She's a true independent...You can get her stuff here...And you can help her produce more stuff here...She's part of what I like to call the 'Rochester Music Mafia'...The tune is called 'I Will Burn You Down'.

Track 5: It would appear that the Bard of Barking has produced as many different versions of this tune as is humanly possible...This is a straight up cover of the original....As Mr. Bragg might say, it still has all the power of that 'old time religion'...For atheist, progressive, humanist, non-ladder puller-uppers that is... It's 'Waiting For The Great Leap Forward'.

Track 6: Another much covered tune...Daniel Johnston's 'Devil Town'...And while I really dig the finger snapping version from Hansard and friends I'm almost ashamed to say that the one that hooked me is from some kind of reality TV show wonderkindish-type fellow....Regardless, the theme of the thing really is worth taking to heart if you live in Lotusland these days, I reckon.

As for the secret tune in the middle....Well....This.
And if you, like me, have a kid leaving for school this weekend you might want to read this.



Eleanor Gregory said...

What a lovely photo of your two Es. Lucky dad you are.

RossK said...


Very lucky, indeed.

Hope all is well with you and yours this weekend.


karen said...


RossK said...


Call out the phone gremlins!


scotty on denman said...

Great wrap for my week. Thanx

RossK said...

You're most welcome Scotty.

(and thank-you too)