Sunday, December 01, 2013

Mr. Black On Wright-Duffy...It's All The Corporal's Fault. And...Ummmm...Hitler.


Conrad Black, wrapping fish with the paper he used to own:

...(T)here is something very peculiar about a system that, as in the Duffy case, allows an RCMP corporal to publish such an inflammatory series of allegations against a distinguished figure of the private and public sector such as Nigel Wright. Corporals don't normally have such influence. (Contrary to malicious rumour, Napoleon was never a corporal; he was a cadet and then an officer. Hitler was a corporal, serving four years in combat in World War I and earning two Iron Crosses, but he had no authority at that point in his career except to carry messages under fire, go over the top into no man's land and charge enemy machine guns, and to defend his trench.)...


Supercilious codswallop is one thing.

But impugning the work, abilities and motives of a police officer purely because he is a lowly grunt who can't possibly have the gravitas (and/or the social standing) to know what is really going on is truly bizarre.

And then further impugning corporals everywhere by linking them to Hitler (the bad?), but not Napoleon (the good?), for no other reason than the fact that they have two stripes on their shoulder is, well, nothing short of bizarre times a billion.

Unless, of course, one really does think one is above it all.


Above it all, I mean.


Get me those boxes!



Kim said...

You know, I've been a Corporal(Leading Wren), been married to a Corporal and actually am a mother to a Corporal. I don't think there is any dishonour in that.

Having said that, I did wonder why a Corporal is heading such an investigation and what impact that might have on the outcome.

Possibly for different reasons as to why Mr. Black is concerned...

Anonymous said...

Conrad Black was a member of Harper's Northern Foundation of 1989.

If you remember? Harper had hired Wolfgang Droege nd his Heritage Front, security for Preston Manning.

Canada is no longer a democracy. Harper is a dictator and he has brought all of his old policies, right along with him.

Herr Harper hates the internet because, it exposes Harper, for exactly what he is. We know the BC Liberals work for Harper. The ditz Christy Clark, also hates being exposed. Harper has ordered her to, take the net away from us too.

Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Harper, have very similar personalities. That is why it is pathetically easy to see through Harper and his dictatorship. However, most people refuse to look past, the ends of their noses. Harper is your typical control freak.

Dave said...

Actually, it just shows how little Lord Tubby actually knows about the RCMP. The sensitive investigations branch has peace officers of all ranks and any one of them can be made the lead investigator.

Black can't stand that it isn't a fellow aristocrat taking down the aristocrats.

A lot of mouth coming from a convicted felon, doncha think?