Tuesday, November 05, 2013

This Afternoon In Snookland....Sparkle Pony Down!


Via the MoCo:

Canadian natural gas giant Encana says it will cut its workforce by 20 per cent and close its office in Plano, Texas.

At the end of the last fiscal year, Encana had 4,169 employees, so a 20 per cent reduction would work out to just over 800 people...

That is all (for the moment we will leave all this last minute/on-the-fly 'five things that are really only four' photo-op as 'framework' business with that Redford woman to Ron Obvious and friends [aka 'The Herd'] who initially got things way wrong but suddenly, apparently/allegedly, now have things way, way, wayer right...Or some such thing).

Tip O' the Toque to Koot for the heads-up in the comments way earlier...



Anonymous said...

When money always wins, or most of the time, it all gets so predictable.

There was never, ever, any expectation of blood on the walls was there?

Tween sleep-overs deliver more delicious drama.

My heart aches for the Dionysian days of the Colemanator . That halcyon time when the target was in such great relief to all that is right, and the human quality called decency was almost within grasp.

If, and when Ford goes, there will be a little less blood in the body politic...sigh

Less sang-froid, and more of this please:



Anonymous said...

I jumped the gun. All I read was 'five things that are really only four' and my fingers were on the keyboard...

Will watch for your framework crumbs


Hugh said...

Instead of 10 LNG plants, lets have 20. That will mean $2 Trillion in benefits! Weeehooo!