Sunday, April 12, 2015

Just Who Owns That Kits Coast Guard Land Anyway?


Remember how, way back in the mists of time (i.e. two years ago) there was a bit of a kerfuffle of who owned the land that the now dismantled Kitsilano Coast Guard once sat on?

And remember how, for a short while at least a few proMedia figured the Feds owned it.

And then, in the end, it turned out be under Provincial/Clarklandian government title.


Given that the Clarklandians have been selling provincial land assets hand-over-fist to make their Corporate and Rich People's (never ending) Tax Holiday nut...

Who owns that land now?

And if we, the people of British Columbia still own it, what's to be done with it?

Funny, donch'a think that when the Premier started the word salad spinner spinning yesterday and began babbling on about how the lousy English Bay spill response was all the Feds fault 'for decades' she went out of her way to say she didn't know if the destruction of the base as a factor...You want my opinion?...The destruction of the base was never about the so-called $700K per annum in 'savings'...Instead, the LandSwapCondoJack fix has been in from the beginning....And if that's really the case, that will be the real reason why Mr. Trudeau will NOT rebuild the base as kinda/sorta promised yesterday.



Anonymous said...

Who owns Kitsilano? not CPR

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. said...

when the Kits station closed I questioned which one of their political friends wanted that land for a marina. Nice hotel and marina, would make a killing. Most likely some off shore investor.

The deal might well have been made several years ago between el gordo and stevie, you know during those Oly. fests.

My next guess for land sales will be Departure Bay to off shore investors. it serves only ferries going to HorseBay. those ferries can be re routed to through Duke Point. Once chruncie has her new bridge to Ladner, watch the b.c. lieberals sell Departure Bay. It can accommodate large ships, like those nice big yachts need.

Mainland Chinese investors have wanted to build a 20 story hotel in Nanaimo. then suddenly it was all off. My guess, they found a "better" spot, Departure Bay and they want a marina to go with it. Give it 10 years and it will be sold to off shore investors.

The communist party of China and its friends are long term planners. Canadian politicians not so much. Mainland Chinese corporations and the communist party of china and its friends are already purchasing land on Vancouver Island. They already own a lot of the lower mainland, watch Vancouver Is. go next.

The communist party of China has to decide where to send their increasing population, now that they have given the go ahead to some 2 child families. Canada and Africa are their choices. Neither have strong governments and have loose ownership rules, except for P.E.I.

Now of course all that oil floating in English Bay may have an impact on property values if it happens again, but we shall see. Some of us won't live long enough to see it all happen, which is just as well. Give it 40 yrs and all that will be left of Canada is Quebec.

North Van's Grumps said...


The one requirement that the Chinese investors insisted on for their hotel was to also build a school for Foreign students from China. In the students 'spare' time work at the hotel as .... TFW.

North Van's Grumps said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

simushir clark condos?

Lulymay said...

I have a relative living in Gibson on the Sunshine Coast. Story is there are busloads of Chinese coming to the Sunshine Coast looking to purchase. They never leave the bus, but purchase from the roadside for many properties with a "For Sale" sign at the road. Businesses are also coming under their scrutiny.
There seems to be no interest in living there but merely to "own".

More to come.

e.a.f. said...

Lulymay, must be the less well to do, taking a bus, usually its a helicopter.

They want to own their land so their money is out of China and secure. In case things go 'sideways' in China, they have a place to run to. they would come as "tourists" and then apply as refugees. Canada does not prohibit foreign ownership of land or restrict how much you can own. India does, but not Canada.

The people coming from Communist china are using our land as a safe investments and reaping the rewards while not paying any of the types of taxes people who live in Canada pay. yes they pay property taxes, but not things like taxes on every day things which fund our government. For a small fee, property taxes, they get our police, fire departments and inspectors to protect "their investment". If we are going to have these foreign investors buying up our land the least our governments could do is increase the property transfer tax for non resident citizens to 8% and collect a few extra dollars to pay for health and education. Nice source of income, with no back lash from voters.

Communist Chinese investors have also been buying in Victoria and are now buying in Nanaimo. Some in Nanaimo were wondering why new houses were sitting empty. Explained to them, "welcome to Vancouver".

its interesting though, here we have stevie wanting to build a monument to the "VICTIMs of communism" and he has signed a 30 yr agreement with COMMUNIST china and lets anyone from communist China buy a piece of Canada. Now where does stevie keep his brains.

scotty on denman said...

May you live in interesting times---pith from the ancient Middle Kingdom.

As to foreign ownership of land: colonial, then provincial governments have always used land to induce immigration, sometimes with a requisite intermediary tour of service, like all those veterans' grants around Merville (image some poor bloke shows up with a shovel and pick ready to farm, only to find 10-foot diameter Doug firs in the way---and the wife and kids are due to arrive in six months! Used to burn the trees down then use the branches to incinerate the huge logs into valuable potash---the trees were actually a liability.) Anyways, restriction on foreign ownership of land has always been fundamentally un-Canadian. Speculative real estate booms and busts, insider trading, and of course illegal confiscation from First Nations are indelibly central to Canadian history. How do you think Regina ended up on the bald prairie instead of in the valley, or BC's capital ended up in rocky, remote Victoria instead of verdant and strategically superior New Westminster? What about that E&N land grant that still, over a century and a half later, figures in shady tenure dealings? We could go on forever. As the Tsilhqot'in decision implies, we probably will---that is, there's plenty of room for real property law reform in the wastes of the Muskeg Kingdom. We do live in interesting times!

And yet all is supposed to be redeemable by virtue of the fact that all land is held from the Crown, and no one else has any specific right to own or dispose of land.

Interesting field of study, though---how and why different sovereignties developed their respective land-owning rights. I only know that many countries absolutely forbid land ownership to non-native-born people, while others have varying degrees of restriction. It seems the state in every case reserves the authority to seize its own sovereign land.
I wonder how much of this tradition Harper has dealt away on our behalf.