Friday, April 10, 2015

The Premier's Word Salad Goes Nicely With English Bay Oil-Based Dressing.


The Premier has (finally) spoken and, according to the CBC, actually stated that she doesn't know if the closure of Kits Coast Guard base played a role in the (delayed) response time to the English Bay oil spill.




” …former Kits base commander Fred Moxey, who told (CKNW) that a special pollution response boat formerly stationed at the now shuttered Kitsilano Coast Guard base is sitting empty with no crew at Sea Island base in Richmond. According to Moxey, only a rubber boat from the Coast Guard responded to the English Bay oil spill last night. Moxey also told us the Osprey formerly stationed at Kits was dismantled and sold off then when the base was closed. Moxey says if Kits Base was still active today crews would have been on scene at the spill in six minutes with the equipment to deal with the situation...”


Didn't the good Ms. Clark used to 'work' for CKNW?

And no, this word salad-driven psycho-babble from our fine Premier is NOT a new thing.



Anonymous said...

So Christy Clark believes the duty of oil spill response & cleanup should be turned over to the Province.
And of course she will want a referendum to raise taxes to pay for it.

On another note Ross, I was truly amazed after reading the following story. When you think of all the trips our Liberal MLA's make to China, and we even have offices in Bejing and we are the closest connection to China... after all the talk.... Montreal in the French speaking Province of Quebec has been chosen to build a $1-billion commercial and residential Chinese centre. I really have to laugh at all the great MOU's and best relations ever that Christy talks about.... yet you missed out in what will no doubt be a multi-billion dollar venture. She is truly out to lunch.

Guy in Victoria

chuckstraight said...

I seem to remember Christy Clark having a big fundraiser in Calgary - and the oil companies pulled through big time.

We pretty well have the oil companies in charge of Canada-not a good thing. And in many ridings in BC the electorate will elect the Cons or BC Liberals again and again. We as a society are in big trouble.

Keep up the good work you do RossK. Much appreciate reading your blog. You make sense.

Anonymous said...

And dilbit would just sink to the bottom?
Vinegarvforvword salad coming from political finger pointing
Oh it's a learning experience?

Anonymous said...

dan said...

Clark and her leader, Professor Backwards himself, pee wee harper, will now have a pillow fight over this for the public to witness so it appears like they are actually doing something about the “woefully inadequate” response to 2700 liters of diesel.

And they want ships that carry 25,000,000 litres of crude oil in this area. 3 times the size of Exxon Valdez.

21 years after Exxon in The Death Marsh, Prince William Sound.

North Van's Grumps said...

Grain ship Marathassa's mishap of spilling bunker oil into English Bay, Burrard Inlet, and the North Shore (hopefully not the Capilano River salmon run) doesn't mean that a Kinder Morgan Crude Oil tanker would be safer just because it has a Double Hull as opposed to the single hull design of Grain ships.

What is clear is that the spill would have been far worse inside the Port with the tide movements shunting the bunker, or crude, through the First and Second Narrows.

Is there a plan afoot by Kinder Morgan and Port Metro Vancouver to have an AUTOMATIC boom run across Second Narrows at a push of the button in Ottawa?

Anonymous said...

Old Crusty is dumber than a door knob and takes all her orders from Herr Harper, probably even hides when he tells her too.

Two psycos we have and both treasons. running B.C. and Canada.

Anonymous said...

Site C 8.8 billion plus 800 million loss at start up so 9.6 billion dollars,decision bypased BCUC.
88 dollars a MW vs under 30 MW wholesale price currently.Local demand flat at 53/54 MW since 2006 in BC.Already overpaying for ipp/ror electricity 120 dollars a MW,cost to ratepayer 600 million a year?(43 min mark)
BC ratepayer will overpay 300 million per year for electricity,at current rates