Monday, December 12, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Lady In Grey Pajamas Says Mean Things About Site C.


And, as you might expect, those mean things/hard truths are not things that you will not find clearly enunciated in our local Lotuslandian proMedia.

Of course, in this case the lady in grey is not an idiot blogger but is instead the New York Times:

...In its 2014 report on Site C, a joint federal-provincial panel concluded that BC Hydro “has not fully demonstrated the need for the project on the timetable set forth,” and recommended that the project be reviewed by the province’s independent utility commission. But the cabinet of Christy Clark, the premier of British Columbia, blocked Site C from the commission’s review and has since poured billions of dollars into construction and contracts despite multiple lawsuits seeking to stop the project. 

“I will get it past the point of no return,” she vowed early this year...


Democratic processes and principles serially subverted in Clarkland for a cronified megaproject that the citizenry of British Columbia will be paying for for decades, and the local puffed-up pundittry just keeps on keepin' on?

Imagine that!

And, of course, a very different lady who is always colourful (and not just on her front page), Laila Yuile, has much, much more.
NYT piece, with meaningful non-house organ trumpet links and everything, was written by Dan Levin.



Hugh said...

So, BC Hydro supposedly 'needs' to spend $9 billion on Site C, supposedly to generate clean power for LNG plants located in BC.

Never mind that the natural gas that would have been burned to produce the LNG would get exported anyway, and burned elsewhere.

BC Hydro owns Burrard Thermal, a natural gas-powered generating plant it is not allowed to use, supposedly because it emits GHGs.

But some LNG exported from BC, once it makes the 7,000 km journey(on GHG-emitting ships) to Asia, would be burned in plants similar to Burrard Thermal.

Chuckstraight said...

Christy Clark`s government has little to do with democracy, unfortunately.

e.a.f. said...

Hugh, you make a very good point. Now just don't confuse the pro media with those facts. its a conflict for them.

Christy just loved to build an edifice to herself. They can name it the Christy Clark Dam or Dam Christy Clark. its a monument to herself and it rewards all her supporters who have contracts for the dam.

As to costing $9 billion. I'd suggest by the time that dam dam is finished it will be $16 billion and the first good shake, it collapses. The lawsuits will be horrendous.

there is no real reason to build Site C except Christy wants it built. the $8 billion originally slated for the project would have been better spent on educating doctors, nurses, health care professionals, building a hospital for children with addictions and some beds for detox, etc. but they don't count in the B.C. Lieberal world. The more people who die, it would appear the less the B.C. Lieberals care.

Just think of the photo ops for Christy when its "finished" all decked out in her flat top hair style, stripper heels and a new suit coat. ah, perhaps a new face lift also.

Anonymous said...

Stop voting for stupid people. Of course they are playing the game of politics for their "handlers, financial backers and cronies" They don't give a rats @#$% for the common taxpayer or voter. These clowns need to be removed from power, their policies laws and projects "torn up" and a wide scale corruption enquiry launched.
Start handing out orange jumpsuits, and maybe you'll fix the politics in this province. It is organized crime....
Do something about it!

Anonymous said...

Hugh said...

"My attention was drawn to a surveyor’s theodolite set alongside the road leading down to the temporary bridge linking the two sides of the river. The instrument has to be checked regularly because the road is slumping and may have to be shored up with pilings sooner or later."

cfvua said...

Good catch Hugh. Why worry about twinning the bridge when the one lane access to it(them) could be gone any minute. No safety issue there at all for buses at shift change and delivery people. Sounds like the same philosophy being used for the proposed Massey Tunnel bridge in that the congestion just moves to a different spot.