Wednesday, December 07, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...What Do You Do With An Eight Figure Lemon?

Answer: You Make Photo-Ops.

And just what, exactly,  is the lemon this time?

Well, it's a barely functional website that has cost something on the order of $50,000,000 so far.

Blogger and tech guy Paul Ramsey has the story:

 Hey, good news zombie lovers, the project I’ve declared dead (or, at least, doomed) is not only still shambling around, it’s going to get the official political glad-handing treatment tomorrow (today):

"We are excited to share an important Natural Resource Permitting Project (NRPP) milestone....December 7—NRPP’s first service on the NRS Online Services website will be launched in Williams Lake at FrontCounter BC with Minister of State for Rural Economic Development Donna Barnett."

I always feel sad for the poor politician tasked with the “new website” announcement, because honestly, is there any announcement that feels like more of an empty gesture towards real action? “Yes, I understand you wanted $50M for addiction treatment, but… how about this new web site?”...


Put another way....

That wasted $50 million sure would pay for a lot of bus passes for the disabled (that we don't even have to pay for anyway).

Somehow I don't think that latter point will be lede on the 6 O'Clock fluffcast.



Anonymous said...

Pay to play software day?

North Van's Grumps said...

'in Williams Lake'?

RossK said...



If you were designing it for Pong on an Apple IIe.




The Minister of Ruralness 'N Stuff has to get her share of the local Fo-Op lucre somehow.


e.a.f. said...

another waste of tax payers dollars. another website? how is that going to help all those who have never had computers or those who can no longer afford internet service? Hey photo op queen how about a few more workers on the line to help the people of BC. instead more "screwed up" computer systems which provide more money for those who can pay to play. wonder who got that $50M? How many jobs did it create for good old B.C. residents/Canadian citizens?

450 mil for a computer website so they can lay off more staff? gee just thing how many de tox beds that would have paid for. remember all those people dying of fent. and who just might want to get off the stuff. oh, right they cant pay to play so Christy isn't too interested in them. she wore the white suite to Ottawa, had her photo ops and now its time to move on to a new coloured suite. Lets not go down this road of $50M websites that you could most likely get some techie teenagers to produce. can hardly wait for the website to crash, fail to respond and or ruin some one's computer god you gotta love that photo op queen, just keeps giving and giving. just not to you and me.

Crankypants said...

The last thing this government should be patting itself on the back for is anything related to computer initiatives. It seems that they all cost many arms and legs while failing to deliver as projected and promised.

RossK said...



And Paul Ramsey has charted it all.

His is a blog well worth watching.