Thursday, September 28, 2017

This Just In...The VSun's Mr. Shaw Is Shocked...

...To Learn That The People Who Worked For Jed Bartlet Actually Worked For Jed Bartlet.


From Mr. Shaw's piece published earlier this week:

...The government’s ministerial assistant and communications jobs are littered with young New Democrats, former Alberta NDP staff, former federal NDP staff, 11 former NDP constituency assistants and at least six former Vision Vancouver staffers — including the party’s previous digital director and manager of youth engagement. Executive director Stepan Vdovine quit in August to work as an NDP assistant. Former Vision parks board chair Niki Sharma, a lawyer, was also hired to a similar job.

The new ministerial assistants also include Caelie Frampton, an NDP digital campaigner in the 2017 election; Sarena Talbot, an NDP field organizer; Lori Ann Winstanley, a veteran NDP campaigner who most recently worked at the MoveUp union; and Christian Romulo Avendano, a canvasser and fundraiser for the party during byelections in 2016. The salaries range between $72,000 and $94,500 for senior assistants...


Is it possible that the good Mr. Shaw actually thinks that all those HarperCons that were hired by the Wizards of Clarklandia were non-partisans?

Of course, Mr. Shaw's real angle is the hypocrisy.

There is a slight point there - but it was more often the upper management cronification that was the issue for the Dippers in Opposition rather than ministerial staffers, etc.

And as for the '27 percent' thing in Mr. Shaw's piece that Kathy Tomlinson of the Globe stepped in on the Twittmachine?...Well, that came not from Mr. Shaw himself, but instead, unchecked in the Postmedia prints, from the Truth Truck guy.



Lew said...

Juxtapose this nonsense by Mark Shaw with the current reporting by Sam Cooper on money laundering in BC.

President Gordon Fisher might ask himself which of his employee’s product is more likely to sell subscriptions, and then act accordingly.

Ed Seedhouse said...

I am shocked! Shocked I tells ya!

Who woulda' thunk that the NDP would fill the POLITICAL positions with people actually agree with their POLITICAL viewpoint? OMG, what next! Will the horror never end?

Scotty on Denman said...

What's obscured, as intended by critics of the new NDP government, is the public interest.

Premier John Horgan never complained that the defeated BC Liberal regime hired exclusively partisan executive and bureaucratic staff, as is almost always everywhere the case (one exception was Gordo's appointment of an NDP chair for travelling fish farm-related hearings, the findings of which he intended to use to identify his rival as anti-job---not pro-closed-pen farming, which was the commission's actual recommendation); rather, Horgan criticized BC Liberal appointees who were implementing policy plainly not in the public interest while on the public payroll.

Cronyism, in short, where neo-right ideological goals of busting public sector unions and public enterprises, paid various handsome dividends to insiders, not only by plumb patronage positions, awarded or rewarded, to a plethora of partisan perpetrators (how many overpaid VPs does the bogus "privatized" BC Ferries Services Inc---actually 100% publicly owned---actually have?), but also in preferred-bidding status for BC Liberal supporters, price-padding, kickback-like party-funding arrangements, and of course appalling parasitism as with crony IPPs which oblige Crown Corp BC Hydro to pay a princely premium price for power that can't compete with the price we the public can make it for ourselves.

There is no hypocrisy on Horgan's part, but the charge provides neo-right pundits opportunity to peddle piping hot poopy-pops to divert public attention away from effective breaches of public trust and smother other crony incriminating examples of perfidy perpetrated by his predecessors. The private enterprise punditry--- they like to say "free enterprise" even though it can't really qualify as that---doesn't want the electorate to equate right ideology with the horrible state of public finances it resulted in. Or to ponder that selling public enterprises as tokens of appreciation to preferred privateers, for whose benefit they were purposely bankrupted, was the real plan all along.

It's like the alt-right equating themselves with people protesting their racist paean, and labelling protestors inventively as the "alt-left" to simplify the terms of their spurious argument that the two are merely opposite sides of the same coin. It's like The Donald inventing the quantity "Fake News" to counterbalance---or 'cancel-out'--- newsmedia's questioning of his fake presidency, hoping none of his followers notice the difference in kind between the two.

The real question is whether the new government's appointees work in the public interest, or whether they do what BC Liberal appointees did. MSM pundits will be in full equivocation mode to obscure the contrast in terms of respective of performance, and especially in preparing excuses for indicting evidence left behind by the defeated BC Liberal regime, now being deciphered and revealed by the new government, that make the difference between the two parties' appointees unequivocally clear.

David E said...

I totally agree with Scotty on Denman.

"The real question is whether the new government's appointees work in the public interest, or whether they do what BC Liberal appointees did."

There must be dozens of government workers who can tell us what happened behind the scenes in the BC Rail scandal, the Health Ministry firings scandal Triple Delete instructions etc... but not one (except Tim Duncan in the transportation ministry) came forward and put the public interest ahead of the Liberal Party interest.

I hope these new appointees realize their duty is to the people of BC first.


Bruce mitchell said...

Horgan would be wise to not put a new porch on his house or john daly (with his astounding gut feeling senses) might turn up and give the MSM a fake news feeding frenzy, certainly don't give out any pocket knife gifts and keep all cancelled cheques... although they didn't really help glen c., you get the sense the captured MSM is waiting to pounce

Anonymous said...

and not shocked by SC article?

RossK said...


One can only wonder if, with the knowledge of Sam Cooper's blockbuster on the near horizon, certain editors didn't go looking for a wee bit of both sides are bad type codswallopanarianism to keep the rubes eyes off the real prize.

More on the Cooper story to come, with special attention to the actions of Mess'rs Coleman and deJong included as bonus tracks.


davemj said...

I don,t imagine Post media will be getting the same kind of revenue from this Govt as they did from the last Governing pile of crooks 'OUCH " must be hurting and Trodomania best not be giving them any loot that he will regret !!