Wednesday, November 22, 2017

#VanRE....Is 'R Bubble Fully Inflated Yet?


The answer to the question in the header is, clearly....


And have a really good look at where, exactly, that specific land assembly is located (click on image to embiggen).




Hugh said...

So Govt benefits from the RE bubble.

As well, deflating the bubble so that normal people can afford RE would mean the disappearance of $$ out of the economy.

Meaning the economy would shrink, which Govt would want to avoid.

Govt wants to see GDP growth, every year, forever.

Which is mathematically problematic.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Given the multistorification (a Gazetteerism if there ever was one) of (somewhat distant from East Van) Whalley it is predictable as the the setting of concrete that everything (EVERYTHING) will be developed beyond recognition in between (and then some). Determined community organizing, and what small bones they get thrown at their feet, be damned.

Armand Bourque said...

And,it's stupid. B.c. can't feed itself. Finding a place to live is hard enough ,we've got an unacknowledged food crisis already,and those we hire to administer these things have no interest. There are neighborhoods,strata buildings,etc where it is functionally illegal to grow food. As a culture and lifestyle,WERE NUTS.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg looks at Australia's housing boom and finds it on the edge... look at Canada's number in those charts and you'll see we are not far from the cusp.

Anonymous said...

How The Deep State Squeezed BC's Wealth.?