Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Keef Report...The Electric Kool-Aid Reaction (To The Budget) Test.


From the good Mr. Baldrey's Twitmachine feed...

Apparently, actual analysis is no longer required when you can use your insider access to elicit 'reactions' and/or hear things.

Or some such thing.


Meanwhile, if you want an actual analysis instead of proMedia sushi kabuki served raw, Mr. Willcocks has his up at the Tyee.

I also found Mr. Reese, the transit guy's, take insightful.

And, if you want to see how the old folks still tethered to their TeeVee's think, you can always read Harvey O.  However, to be fair, Mr. Oberfeld is willing to cede a number of points for the common good.



Anonymous said...

Read Harvey O's column this morning, thru the link in your site. He gave it a C+. Only negative in the entire column was that the MSP end wasn't happening until Jan 2020.

Man, what a hard marker! Wonder what he'd need to get it up to a B-. !!


RossK said...


Hard marker, indeed.

Clearly H.O. does not partake in grade inflation.


Hugh said...

New budget shows govt still maintains the delusion that GDP, debt etc. will keep growing forever on our limited planet.